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  1. Mmmm aggressive sounds. These hard-bassline and kick are somehow good and nice. I liked the snare too. Minimalistic is for sure. Thanks for sharing SeaWasp!
  2. Colin OOOD - OOOD-Voice of Cod-Unconscious Collective etc Releases Mix.mp3
  3. DP,Sideffect,rino,Jon Cocco great reviews dudes! All the tracks has something special to offer you. Hearing the samples again, I want to share my favorites tracks of this compilation on my favorite music forum: 4,5,6,7,8,9. Thank you!
  4. Thank you dude Dogst@r for sharing with us here.
  5. Very good news you have for us Bagginz! Cosmosis clap Cosmosis clap
  6. +50 to Oopie please, for being sincere!
  7. +1 to Oopie please for being sincere. Thank you
  8. +1 to unikos please. Thank you dude for your help, I will check it out!
  9. Interesting mix to make some free space in my mp3 player and have a trip. Highlights? Etnica - Vimana Cosmosis - Alien Disco Lost Buddha - Lost In Paradise Electric Universe - One Love Etnica - Starship 101 Alpha Circuit - Lunar Circle (Although the title remids me something else) MFG - Magnetic Activity And of course Tandu! Good job dude sfx! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I'll make anything possible to be there Antiwold Team.
  11. Wow!Pow! Energetik,Breaks,Horse Bassline,Clear Sound,Chants,Absolutely funky! Dance baby dance.
  12. Playin the energetic and aggressive Cybernetika's - No Communication. So nice and harmonic.
  13. Again and again and again guys! Suntrip Records leads us to morning dance psychedelia. I have heard the samples and what can I say?Excellent compilation! Thank you Suntrip Records and all the people that make it possible to be released, artists/producers/sound engineers/etc...!
  14. This was my second deal with Martin. Cd arrived today,everything went very smooth as expected. Thank you Martin.
  15. Bush II Bush - Jungle Love Hanging On Mix Yeah this is Progressive House!
  16. The_Temptations_&_Paul_Riser_-_Papa_Was_A_Rollin_Stone
  17. And now Men At Work - Down Under dedicated to my friend technosomy.
  18. And now winamp plays Eurythmics - Here Comes the rain again N.P. Sheila & B. Devotion - Spacer. N.P. Maxi Priest - Close to You.
  19. N.P. Sting & The Police - Message In The Bottle So much Respect dudes!
  20. If I am not mistaken a very cool party is going to take place from the Tribe Of Frogs. At the end of March which I will be there to hear the wizard Cosmosis rocking on the place! See you there Froggies!
  21. +1 to Reznik please! Insert coin.Let's play.
  22. Shpongle - Nothing Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost album.
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