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Found 3 results

  1. Tracklist Enhanced Acid 8:32 Eternal Freedom 11:10 Himalayan Heights 9:30 Electric Outburst 9:54 The First Expedition 9:15 Lucid Feelings 9:24 Around The Stars 10:48 Reaching Sunrise 9:20 I think the artwork is colorful, warm and inviting, and retains the Suntrip tradition of cover artworks with a more organic feel to it. I'm not sure what the original medium is, but it reminds me of the appearance of sand mandalas made with small colored sand granules. Perhaps it's some type of fabric or a painting with mixed medium. It has atleast a digital retouch in photoshop, so either way it's a mixed medium of sorts. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-freedom Listening to Himalayan Heights, it's a 90's throwback for sure. It reminds me of the genre Dream Trance and fuses some beautiful and rather majestic chilled pads with the type of uplifting acidic 303 layers we've come to expect from Afgin. This track also have some clear inspiration found in the Hardtrance and Acid Trance genres. The feelings conveyed are those of pure nostalgia, and also indeed as marketed by warm sentiments which will teleport the listener to a nice sunny beach in the middle east. Nice track, only remarks I have is the panorama effect on the main 303 line. It's a bit dizzying, could have been toned down a bit. And the kick is a bit on the weaker side, I prefer the big Nitzho kicks but that's just a stylistic preference. The bass as pointed out is a bit low compared to the rest of the elements. However I'm not a fan of modern Psytrance either where the bass is the focal element of the tracks, to the point of becoming the lead element in a way. In classic Goa Trance, the bass played more of a supportive role to the rest of the elements. The melodies will always be at the center stage in Goa Trance IMO. That beeing said, maybe the mastering engineer could have boosted the bass a bit? On to the next track which is Around The Stars. I just pressed play on Suntrips youtube channel, so the track order isn't correct. This track starts of harder, the kick is more doof and deep, and the track gives of a more hypnotic Acid Trancey vibe in the first part than previous track. Around the 6 minute mark comes a nice surprise, it changes mood completely from the hypnotic and more monotone Acid Trance sentiments, to a much more elevated and indeed euphoric pad-driven sensation. Providing a cathartic final part to the song, which is a successful concept. Amazing track favourite track so far. The best way I can describe this track for comparison, is that it sounds a bit like the kind of euphoric Goa Trance that Artifact303 makes, but through a 90s Dream Trance/Acid Trance prism. It's more scaled back, not so much focus on intricate layers, but instead on pure emotions and clarity to hear those sounds which truly matters the most. Which are the harmonies themselves, and the 303 lines. I think this track might provide more insight into how Afgin have chosen to interpret the 90's Acid Trance/Dream Trance aesthetics. Since in the Acid genre and its related offshoots, the TB-303 often played the simultaneous role of bass and acid line/main motif. So to put the 303 at center stage as in the good old days of those genres, the actual synth bass might've been toned down. Next track I randomly chose is the closing number Reaching Sunrise. The intro reminds me of type of clubby music Antiloop or Richi-M made in the 90's. Besides the intro the track is more is firmly achored in the Israeli Goa tradition established by MFG and Astral Projection around their early albums. (That beeing said, Richi-M had some rather oriental/Goa sounding tunes as well.) There is a very spiralling and sparkling sensation to the first of this track, the main lead is surrounded by carefully sculpted 303 layers. It sounds fresh and uplifting, and there are some unexpected bass keychanges thrown in for good measure. Overall it's a simpler approach however than the early Goa Trance made by Astral Projection and MFG. As the sound image is not as densely layered with regards to psychedelic background sounds, as those albums. Which I think fits this more Trancey take on Goa trance. What's here however really counts, and you'll be delighted to hear this fresh take on a genre which according some might've stagnated in the last couple of years. Re-threading some familiar formulas, Afgin is however not afraid to experiment and go back in time for inspiration among the heroes of yesteryear. The big 2 minute break in the middle of the track is excellent, and and evokes some rather interesting cinematic scenery. A purely epical reality-escape courtesy of these light-laden grandiose pads. This is something I would welcome more into the Goa Trance genre, I love this aspect of regular Trance. And indeed in modern Techno, which as become fused with Trance elements these days. When I think of it, this album might have some influences from early Yahel and Eyal Barkan tracks as well. The main climactic part which comes after the break, gives me a huge flashback, I'm not sure to exactly what track. It just feels familiar in the way it changes keys. A very nostalgic and euphoric track. I like this one even more than Around The Stars, which I think is a very solid track. When I think about it some more, the style reminds me a lot of an old group a couple of friends of mine had in the 90s here in Sweden. Atomic Troop/PL-Prophecy, they were quite big on mp3.com. But I don't think Afgin heard them? They and many other artists/groups of this era often did these types of key changes in the bass and the melodies. https://goatrance.xyz/music/atomictroop/ https://ia800504.us.archive.org/25/items/iuma-atomictroop/AtomicTroop_-_Infinite_Arousal.mp3 (Melodic Acid Trance/Hardtrance) https://ia600504.us.archive.org/25/items/iuma-atomictroop/AtomicTroop_-_Im_in_love.mp3 (Acid Trance) https://ia600504.us.archive.org/25/items/iuma-atomictroop/AtomicTroop_-_Paralyzed_By_Trance.mp3 (Goa Trance) Real euphoric 303 Wizards of yesteryear. So I'm really happy to hear Afgin reviving these type of styles. It's actually uncanny to hear how close Afgin managed to get these older styles in terms of how they mixed back then, the bass was not in your face back then. Overall I think on this album Afgin appears to be less constrained by expectations on the style. He here shows a maturation of his artistic repertoire, and provides a rich interpretation of styles. In the process creating something new. This album doesn't seem to be as honed in on recreating the Astral Projection sound as his debut album at times was. Which is great, and makes me curious as to what paths Afgin choses to take in the future. I hope it's an illuminated path full of light, my best wishes!
  2. Artist: Symbiote Title: Symbiote EP Label: DAT Records Date: April, 2014 1. Phantasmagoria 2. Tiara 3. Abstraktd Draeke (Federico if you're nasty) is the head of DAT Records and has played an integral role in today's goa trance most notably in making the old new again. The results have been nothing more than spectacular with releases from old school masters like Blue Planet Corporation, Crop Circles, and the massive Etnica double CD. He's like the six million dollar man making old music better. Stronger. More awesome. Every conversation I've ever had with him has been polite and enjoyable. He seems to really enjoy what he does and is probably having the time of his life. If I lived in Europe and didn't have these anchors known as children perhaps we'd travel the highways together in a van solving mysteries. We would make money by him playing festivals and I of course would play robin hood, taking advantage of the burgeoning organ black market by swiping kidneys from criminals and rich a**holes to give to poor orphans. Ah, but that's a story for another time. Symbiote is Samuel Cote from Quebec in the state north of my country that doesn't realize it's only a matter of time before it becomes assimilated into the borg. Originally made in 97 (I smell classic) Draeke gave it the DAT treatment and voila we have another EP in the arsenal. And another withdrawl from my bank account. So did he strike gold again and become the 50 ft tall jewel encrusted golden giant? Well, yes and no. Phantasmagoria is everything you could hope for. Ridiculous layers, absurd length fostering the creation of said layers, and the whole thing crackles with an intense energy that sears everything it touches. It's insanely driving music that I have never heard before. It reminds me of this one off track. Delicious! Tiara is even longer, but lacks the intensity of the first track. It's veeeeery repetitive and has more in common with dream trance than goa. Nowhere near as interesting. Which brings me to Abstraktd. The final track that drones on for almost 15 minutes at a slower speed increasing in volume to an almost abrasive level. My least favorite here. So for me this wasn't up the usual DAT standards. But hey Michael Jordan never met a shot he didn't like, but that didn't stop him from taking them. And we all know how that turned out. I don't know if he is still making music, but it would be interesting to hear what he could do with improved technology. Even though I didn't care for this EP, Phantasmagoria is a track that you should hear. Nay...a track that you must hear. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: I Have A Dream Label: Melodia Records Date: 1996 1. Power Source - Eye Land 2. Zed - Tubular Bells 3. G.B.A. feat. Liat - Dream On Peace 4. Kosowski - Breakfast 5. Power Source - Heaven On Earth 6. G.B.A. - Sweet Dream 7. Power Source - Oxygene 8. G.B.A. - Piano Fantasy 9. Zed - Zedream 10. G.B.A. - Symphony of Love 11. G.B.A. - Flashdance (Love Theme) What I am about to say is likely to offend people. This is the gayest sh*t I've ever heard. No that's an insult to gay people. I have nothing against gay people. What's gayer than gay people? If you're not hearing In the Navy or Macho Man or really any Village People song at this point you really need to get on board. This couldn't be farther from psytrance if Kenny G had a solo on it. Think Robert Miles Children taken to it's cheesiest degree. The melodies are so f*cking sweet it's like having a cupcake in between cotton candy buns (no pun intended). Every song has the piano lead melody in a truly horrid dream pop way. I've had this on my computer for a couple of years and now the origin of computer herpes has been solved. I would take you through all the tracks but a) there isn't enough F-word, and they all sound the same. Originally downloaded for the Power Source tracks I have to wonder what happened to them. Goaway? Closer to Take My Breath Away by Berlin. Thank God it was a download cause if I woulda paid for this I'd be sending rockets with babies into the Holy Land. If you see this stay as far away as f*cking possible lest you catch the gay. Mdk
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