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    Ive got myself involved in a argument on FB where most people on the thread are supporting the mother against the online trolling berating her for irresponsible parenting that lead to the cold blooded murder of a gorilla ,mainly human apologists claiming human life is way superior to animal life , some going to the extent of saying how they would save a Donald Trump by killing the gorilla if he made it into the enclosure . I cannot see how the blame can be pinned on anyone other than the zoo and the parents , more so the mother whose job and responsibility is to protect her offspring.. I would curse the mother too . Even if Harambe was dragging the child was it posing enough threat to harm the child ? was it really justified to shoot him dead ? I feel the zoo could have explored certain man animal conflict prevention management techniques like a trained negotiator to cater to a situation life especially in a zoo which wasn't breach proof .. Its us who have lifted these animals from their natural habitat and the onus is on us to be more responsible than them . What would you have done as the zoo keeper ?
  2. If given an option to move out of your current location , keeping all factors in mind mostly quality of life and job security in these difficult times, where would you go ? ease of immigration would also be an important factor while considering ..
  3. exotic

    EURO 2016

    Italy fan here that is when Argentina isnt playing !
  4. And i thought its psytrance's same thing over and over that the masses cant stand because they cant tell the subtleties and the slight nuances in the music . When i attended my first rave , on my way back from the party i kept saying to the driver , i want lyrics , i want words , everything sounds the same . Little did i realize then it was going to be my initiation into appreciating what goes on in between the "everything sounds the same " parts.
  5. I play this album to remind myself that psytrance can be awesome and not to lose faith . Detune is by far my favourite track ever . Nothing nothing comes close
  6. Saw Civil war in the theatre last night . Much better than BvS . Even if you havent watched the prequels or read the comic books you should be able to follow . Zack synder ruins everything . Wonder how he managed to make a movie like watchmen
  7. Yeah creating social success was such a good album . I guess most of them dropped out because making psytrance just isnt a lucrative career option !
  8. Hindu goa ? Thats a new one! you mean the music that comes with shiva on the cover and om namah shivay samples ?
  9. exotic

    RIP Nemo

    BOFH is no more !! another psynewser gone after sideffect !! RIP dude
  10. Just got back from Goa and the scene is kicking .. went for Shpongle , Hallucinogen and Xdream. Delta at hilltop. good times with Marcus , what an amazing down to earth person There is a 3 day festival at the same venue , this weekend , not sure if simon will be playing there. Just head to Vagator and you will feel at home , plenty of places to stay and good folks all around Have fun!
  11. guess who i bumped into at bamboo forest in Goa
  12. Well cant disagree with what you said but the feeling i got from the what the author was saying that most western people wearing bindis would not know the significance of it which is a sort of desecration of the motif. And what he says about playing dijridoos and bongos at parties coupled with the use of OM and shiva and buddha being nothing but a nod to eastern culture by the westerners for all the oppression / subjugation of the colonial era might not necessarily be objectively true but isnt something that you could out-rightly deny or claim as rubbish either . Its an interesting point of view if one were to consider colonialism and its effects from a cultural anthropological standpoint where the oppressors had to recognize the significance of the local customs and traditions of the oppressed in a post colonial era as a sort of reparation for the injustice meted out. It might not be something those who appropriate are consciously aware but this payback is happening more at subliminal subconscious karmic level.
  13. http://cultured-vultures.tumblr.com/post/137218676877/why-psytrance-hippies-are-the-absolute-worst-want He got a couple of things wrong . Still would you agree about the culture appropriation part and that the white people are trying to make up for decades of colonial oppression ? there seems to be some degree of truth IMO
  14. Two years back . It was a semi outdoor - indoor party . could spot some old faces from the psy scene and i think everyone just stuck around hoping they'll play something wicked , but that never ended up happening. I find it strange how GMS turned from being a really good full on spy act to the kind of pop psy act they are now, pretty much rings true for all artists who were making fabulous music between 2001-2004 that are still playing now.
  15. with neuromotor freddy .. had a very good time dancing to this crazy guys tunes
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