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  1. In Anjuna all the parties seem to be at beachside places so if you stay somewhere near the beach then you can't go wrong. Southside of the beach near Curlies is best I reckon based on my 1 day's experience
  2. So it is my second day in Goa, staying in Anjuna right now. I went to a place called Shiva Valley last night, the music was just my cup of tea (full on into dark full on) so had a great time and met some nice people as well. I'm going to check out Vagator tomorrow and see if it is worth staying there for a few days. Thanks guys for the advices
  3. Long time lurker and finally made an account I'm heading to Goa on 22nd Feb for approximately 10 days, what do you think is the best hostel/hotel or general area to stay in? I'm mainly going for the beaches and psytrance parties although open to checking out markets, yoga studios and anything else of interest - any suggestions? Also if you know anywhere that's particularly great for a party then please let me know. I'll be going to Shalom festival between 26th-28th Feb. Ta muchly =)
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