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  1. Where did you get the name from? Asking because it means 'You' in my language.
  2. I forgot about this. Up to 'some' time ago; the original was hard and expensive to buy; then it was reissued and it became cheap.
  3. This compilation is very typical of the time - it showcases all sorts of 'psychedelic' trance anno 2k. Don't listen to this expecting a good flow, this is not made for tripping off with the flow but merely a snapshot of all kinds of 'trance' from then.
  4. Cheers, very likely I'm the only holder in Malta
  5. [/url]">http://http://s1094.photobucket.com/user/SpeakerFreaker/media/CD%20pictures/CIMG4832_zpse1sa6ia4.jpg.html'>
  6. Great quote! Likely a lot of these rarities are rare because they were trashed.
  7. Maybe originally it was supposed to be a 2CD, then they decided it will be 3 and eventually even 4 - but webpage not uupdated.
  8. I like this one because some parts of it sound very ancient; which is a good thing to me; and for the reasons draeke mentioned.
  9. As you say, it's a matter of taste. The original is one of my favourite tracks ever and IMO one of the classiest tunes. The Caspar Pond remix is epic; sometimes it tries to be a bit too much pretentious as you say, but still remarkable if you ask me. The FLA mix is the weakest but it's not bad if you ask me either. But then again I'm a stinky oldschooler
  10. When it's Hypnotic, you should already know the score
  11. Heading said all sorts of acid
  12. Welcome aboard! Vibrasphere albums are nowadays rare and expensive, it's not that you go to the last few remaining record shops and find them. The net is your best friend, though you have to pay for them; otherwise comb all 2nd hand, charity, bazaar and junk shops you can see.
  13. Goa-Head

    DNA - Virtual Jungle

    Does mean or doesn't mean? I can't see artist's input.
  14. Interesting, although downtempo is normally not my music style this would likely be a purchase if it materialises. Haven't followed thoroughly the thread but I seemed to have read prints will be CDs not CDrs but correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Meanwhile I subscribed, I'm not promising I'll be a contributor, but for what it's worth looks promising and ambitious. Good luck and hope to see this unfold soon.
  16. I will buy this; even though like most new CDs I buy (which has become extremely rare these days) will soon forget it since I always go back to the 90's
  17. Hamrun, Malta Surprised that after more than 20,000 posts between both you didn't know abasio is British; draeke I think his first name is like mine.
  18. I'm sure neither disc nor your CD player are flawed - it's a matter of some, only some, likely old CD players will read it, and most will not. As to which ones will succeed playing it's very random. The Spectral CD has a manufacturing defect; confirmed also on discogs. Luckily my only 1 and unique copy I have is fine; played it lot of times without problems.
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