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  1. Most (all?) of these tracks appeared on CDs, like what happened to the ECT album which was then digitally releaed in 2011. Nonetheless sent email for order.
  2. Am afraid that if I mention Ingmar Veeck topic climax is soon reached.
  3. Interesting topic. Blue Room released quite a variety of eclectic stuff after 1998, and ironically I like that period more than the early years for the variety, not for track by track quality comparison. Same reasoning goes for Matsuri. Agreed with Brainman on TIP and most seem to agree on that from what I've read during the years But we all make mistakes, don't we? Flying Rhino also put some stinkers but at least was after the true Goa period was long over. Am sure will come up with some proper examples.
  4. On discogs there's a copy of Boyd in the Void for 16€. Not a terrible price; however I assume you already checked that.
  5. Right, if I see it available at a good price will let you know.
  6. Alright, just thought BPC would still be available on the DAT shop
  7. I had it a decade ago and traded it off, I found it at good price and re-purchased (actually they had 2 at that price but left there 1;)
  8. No, merely a ruthless record hunter refreshing various 'wishlists' online pages frequently. I cannot disclose my treasure trove
  9. Very little actually, and (likely) for a few seconds I missed the Paradise Connection CD.
  10. Blue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint For Survival - isn't that still easily available at normal new CD price?
  11. Man - Know Thyself Very very good, very very ancient.
  12. Of course as already mentioned Elysium and if you like Elysium try tracks from this rare CD: https://www.discogs.com/Bodh-Gaya-Ayahuasca-The-Trip-To-The-Fountain-Of-Culture/release/238542 (see youtube links since I don't remember the tracks which have percussion right now but there should be some)
  13. If you are almost 40 like me, cassettes are obviously nostalgia. First songs taped off radio, not downloaded from torrents etc Still I have lots of tracks I taped I want to identify, just haven't moved my lazy ass to do that.
  14. Still remember first time I heard this, November 99, CD was just released. I was blown away by this new sound. All artists on here heard them first time on here. Age s I dont listen to it, will dig it again soon.
  15. A DJ mix on a C90 tape with released tracks, upcoming tracks on labels and possibly tracks from personal DATs (the latter whether licensed or not - it's a mixtape like the old days after all) would be a great idea. A tape is a tape - can be written and recorded in decent quality in how much copies you want even at home. Just imagine DATTAPE001 or SUNTAPE01
  16. on amazon there is a stash for £1.98 from zoverstocks aka music_magpie or something like that.
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