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  1. I hate stupidly placed hidden tracks with more gap than the allowable margin to get your nerves on, for example like first Hallucinogen album; or the 2008 Delta album. As for those Blue Room CDs, no matter how 'cool' it is, they are stupid; unless we take it with a pinch of salt and understand title means a purpose, 'Access Denied' I might have played it on an old 'discman', otherwise no way you can play it on PC and most CD systems even from the 90's.
  2. Indeed, very sad, for those in this forum who never listened the track,
  3. Radi Gaga has an acid sound towards the end, or so they say.
  4. Assuming he's the one who claims to be, the guy acts quite sparodically, you might not see him back for quite some time. No one sent him money I guess.
  5. Virtuart is one of those underestimated and not much known artists due to lesser output and his music was not much distributed as desired. A double CD by him is just delicious.
  6. Maybe he just forgot password again
  7. I might be doing anything from cooking to lying on sofa to talking with my partner (with volume lowered while she's frowning at the speakers)
  8. I definately remember long ripps, so don't worry guys
  9. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/163472?ev=rb $16 for BITV https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/52215?ev=rb €16 for UX Those are quite fair prices IMHO and quite sure in the honest opinion of many. They are no rarity. If you want them at lower price keep looking charity and junk shops especially; you can't get them much lower from the hands of the owner directly. About the Darshan album this is not a rarity either but something which keeps up price high. Keep checking amazon every day; it's not rare that i see it for £15-£20.
  10. Meanwhile just ordered the CD version.
  11. Making a final bump. A CD won't cost more than €5 to post to Malta from France; so will cost at most €16. Of course all expenses to whomever, if ever he will be, will be covered by PayPal in full, no-one will go short
  12. I want to buy a CD from priceminister.com but they don't deliver to my country. No big sums involved, the CD merely costs 11€ delivered to France. Anyone willing to do me a favour? Thanks!
  13. Well, good luck, I mean really needs a lot of lucky luck. Some time ago another oldschool artist made an indigogo campaign, sadly name is escaping me right now. It didn't happen. DAT records has released the Etnica on vinyl, in 100 copies for each colour if I remember well.
  14. It works right now...buy at your own risk.
  15. Mind Rewind 3 is has an 83 minutes long disc. Maybe the style won't fit in the flow on 2nd disc.
  16. Just read that it will be released on double CD, CD1 the digital (which is 85 mins long) and CD2 with retro tracks/unreleased/remasters.
  17. Definately no, I soon received a confirmation in english.
  18. Collection Value Range Minimum: €10,150.21 Median: €17,895.24 Maximum: €31,219.59
  19. The invoice I received is in Japanese, 3 emails actually Nonetheless, managed to pay.
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