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  1. He obviously made alot more money from his live appearances as Shpongle, Younger Brother etc. I mean, even my sister listens to shpongle, even tho almost everything else she listens to I consider a pile of crap (sorry sis!). So if I play her a tracklist of oldskool goa/psy she doesn't like it at all, but shpongle she can take. And then they say how "psychedellic" shpongle is.. . That's world/synthpop music to me.
  2. What is this site about? Other then a collection of your favourite links?
  3. I was browsing around youtube and found some nice interviews, so I thought why not make a topic with a collection of links to video interviews from various psy or similar oriented musicians. But I'd like to include some ambient acts aswell.. since there's quite a few ambient lovers on this site, right? Oh and, please do try to keep it English. Or at least videos with english subtitles? Here's something for starters: Aphex Twin NL Interview - This is in English after the first 10 seconds. - Not an interview but still funny to watch. Ulrich Schnauss 2005 Interview | Part 2 |
  4. I don't know about DVD's, but check out this video: Lol those guys.. Omg this is getting hillarious "cosmic cosmic cosmic cosmic divine cosmic.."
  5. Less whine and more youtube clippies, cmon!
  6. Hmm.. Oki. Let's see if I can find some vids on youbute, i mean youtube: Astral Projection - Flying Into A Star Man With No Name - Paint A Picture (Featuring Hannah) Man With No Name - Seratonin Sunrise (MVO Mix) - Sadly there is no youtube vid of this track, only the original. Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Man With No Name Remix) Etnica - Tribute - Pwnz the shit out of every other track imo. (I SAID IN MY OPINION! ) There's loads more but I can't be arsed to find youtube's of em atm. This is just a nice short list. I do hate the quality on youtube tho.. the tracks just sound too dool unless you know them allready. Edit: Btw thx for the topic. There's a few tracks I haven't heard from the initial post aswell.
  7. What's so hard to understand? They've completely moved to progressive, and to many fans this kind of style doesn't appeal to them.
  8. Yeah, I know the feeling. But you know, the artists (well most of them) record everything to a hard drive in the first place. So I don't see much of a difference except that "sentimental" value.
  9. I'm sure they'll be offering wav's and not just mp3s. You do realize a cd is just a medium that stores digital data? It doesn't matter if it spins off plastic or your hard drive platters or your ssd memmory. It's digital, ones and zeroes. And you can allways burn it on your own cd if you need to 'hold' it. Unless you want an original cd purely out of sentimental value that is.
  10. I'll have to agree with this one. I've noticed allready from exploring the tributaries that they started commercializing. Altho it had a few gems there, but just as much fillers and old tracks re-released. This one tho.. Well there's a few good tracks, the Dewdrops (Vibrasphere & Ticon) is nice. Other then that.. really seems like a filler album to me. I'll have to give it a few more listens. Maybe it will grow on me, highly doubt it tho.
  11. Also if you haven't watched this exclusive Tiesto interview: DJ Tiesto Explains It All
  12. It aint? Must be confusing him with somebody then. It's been a while since I listened to that album.. must be a few years now. But isn't that album like some kind of horror-style psytrance? Isn't that in any way darkpsy or what?
  13. No, I just found out. It was Artifakt.. how could have I forgot? Artifakt was really one of the first artists that made me start to notice the depths of darkpsy.
  14. Aphex Twin - Powerpill Pacman :posford:
  15. He does it for the fun. He's just makin fun of the genre. You can't really think he's serious? Have you heard some of those tracks?
  16. Ok just who is this 'We' you speak of? Do you represent someone here? And what goa trance releases, there were only a handful. 'We' don't do a best of [goa trance] of each year but a collection of releases in different genres that relate to psy in one way or another for that particular year. edit: i'm sorry. it's december. you joined a month ago. You don't consider yourself new tho huh?
  17. And this is true for (almost) any hifi headphones. But especially for the K701's. Trying to use them without an amp is like trying to drive a ferrari on diesel.
  18. I see your point, but that's a bit of an offtopic area here. He wants to invest in those headphones allready, but without an amplifier to drive them they will sound the same (well not really but you get my drift) as using cheap sony's. Now to your point; It really depends on what the musician is trying to accomplish here. Is he making music just for the people, or is he making music because he loves making music? Personally, I do it for myself. I'd sure want the best monitors out there but I can't afford them really. I like to play with all sorts of frequencies that in a normal environment (aka mainstream speakers) would hardly even be heard. But that's not my concern. If the artist wants to dumb down his production to suite only the mainstream population that's his/her choice. As for dumbing down, everyone is jumping on the mp3 bandwagon these days, even mastering technicians are doing their jobs in a way to make the master as good as sounding on an mp3 as on a .wav. Instead of just converting that mastered .wav file into an .mp3, they're actually dumbing down the whole process so the mp3 sounds just as good as a .wav does. That's why you have so many people out there who will swear that an mp3 sounds just as good as a .wav file - even on an ultra-expensive setup. This is because the mastering was done deliberately this way. Since online music has started selling really good, the fastest way to satisfy an online customer is to transfer mp3's instead of wav's (since mp3's are way smaller then wav's and take less time to download, not to mention you can put alot more of that stuff on your iPod). It's pretty much a "master it for mp3" & when it's done "convert it to wav" process. That way they can force the mp3 as a new standard in music (since virtually that .wav file would musically be no different than that mp3). I am speaking of course about pop music, not neccesarily about psytrance. But since psytrance has become so mainstream I'm sure it's following the same steps of pop music.
  19. It was scary because the cover associated to my memmories of my first listen to that album.
  20. Yeah, wish they'd at least let the Spiritual/tech in read-only mode. It wouldn't hurt..
  21. Did your sarcasm-detector crash or something?
  22. Like Isao said, preamp no, but headphones amp definately. Without a dedicated headphone amp with the Audiophile you will need to set your software mixer's volume to it's max, and it won't be a pretty sight. There's alot of dynamics missing, not to mention the bass by using the 701's that way. I'd either go for something that Isao suggested or get some extra money for the amp. They're not that expensive really (the amps I mean mind you )
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