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  1. A few people in the old thread (before the original OT forum was closed).
  2. What makes you say that? It seemed like an uncontroversial observation to me.
  3. Yes. Yes, those people have as much right to be in the scene as the various acid burnouts, chemtrail loons and people who think avocados can cure cancer. They weren't the people responsible for the horrors of the Soviet Union though, or Maoism. Perhaps you shouldn't be judging entire groups of people by the crimes of their worst members - especially since you've already made an anti-Semitic comment earlier in this thread (perhaps you can think of some bad things that anti-Semites have done?). Also, regarding your statement that "only conservative people get offended": you may be surprised to learn that the people complaining about "microagressions" and trying to make universities into "safe spaces" are not actually conservatives. ...provided those free-minded people have the same political views as all the other free-minded people, right? Don't patronise me you tit, I'm a native English speaker.
  4. The whole romanticising primitive cultures thing annoys me and I think that James Cameron writes terrible dialogue and one-dimensional characters, so I expected to hate it. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, though - the visuals and good direction made up for its shortcomings IMO.
  5. My experience with the internet is that it's not just a Psynews phenomenon, men outnumber women most places on the web.
  6. Androcell - Efflorescence Khooman - Is a Flexible Liquid Orbit Constructions - Androneda VA - Oxycanta
  7. I've been super busy for various reasons over the past few weeks. I should be back to my usual rate of shitposting from now on though. Anyway, thanks for your concern.
  8. Some of it has, and some of it hasn't. Obviously there are still plenty of underground events playing psytrance.
  9. ^ Looks nice, did you like it?
  10. Good work as always. I felt that it lost momentum a bit towards the end, maybe it could have some more development?
  11. Of the five people who've voted so far almost two of you managed to follow the instructions in the OP. Great job guys!
  12. It's time to vote for your favourite uptempo and downtempo psy albums of 2015. You can vote for up to 10 releases (including albums, compilations, EP's and singles) in each category; your first will be awarded 10 points, your second 9, and so on. Cast your vote by replying to this thread with your votes written in the following format (the label is optional, but if you can be bothered to put it in it will make counting votes easier): Uptempo: 1: Artist - Title (label) 2: Artist - Title (label) 3: Artist - Title (label) 4: Artist - Title (label) 5: Artist - Title (label) 6: Artist - Title (label) 7: Artist - Title (label) 8: Artist - Title (label) 9: Artist - Title (label) 10: Artist - Title (label) Downtempo: 1: Artist - Title (label) 2: Artist - Title (label) 3: Artist - Title (label) 4: Artist - Title (label) 5: Artist - Title (label) 6: Artist - Title (label) 7: Artist - Title (label) 8: Artist - Title (label) 9: Artist - Title (label) 10: Artist - Title (label) The voting will be open until the end of March (more precisely, until the earliest point in April when I have time to lock the thread and start counting). If you change your mind after voting, don't make a new post - just edit your existing post. Also, if you reply to a post in this thread then please remove any votes from the quoted material (I will be copying and pasting the thread into an automatic vote-counting doohickey, so if votes appear twice they may be counted twice).
  13. Psytrance is just as great as ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH5Au3qTR-0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jNYEbD5NDI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH2Ob1otEmE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1chZLe2kw0
  14. Nice work. Moments of greatness but could do with some editing IMO.
  15. Best band in the history of the universe, evargh. Pure aural architecture. Seven years later this is pretty much still my opinion.
  16. +1 for Azymuth. Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlQBYZClWXs
  17. Not sure whether I'll have found time to listen to all of my 2015 purchases by then.
  18. Some mod merged these threads, and now my post makes no sense. Thanks, mod.
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