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  1. Agreed. Sounds totally different though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVyrfxc0AOE Come to think of it, why the hell didn't I post this in the good covers thread?
  2. Not sure how you got that from anyone's post?
  3. It's worth bearing in mind that quite a few vaporwave artists are actually the same person.
  4. I haven't got it myself yet. Do you know whether it's still possible to buy physical copies?
  5. I have finally bowed to peer pressure and bought an AP album.
  6. Sorry for the slow reply, I've only just got round to listening to the album you posted. I actually really like it, but it sounds nothing like the rest of the vaporwave I've heard. Generally the genre involves sampling bland music from the 80's and 90's - easy-listening, shopping mall muzak, incidental music from infomercials and other commercial detritus - and "recontextualising" it (which in practice usually means pitching it down and adding delays and loops, and not much else). This gets justified by pretentious guff written by the kind of bellends who unironically use the term "late capitalism". Basically it's the musical equivalent of Lichtenstein, except somehow worse. This is the most famous example, and it's pretty representative of what I've heard of the genre as a whole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcsYSJwewWk
  7. I know the OP asked for no videos, but personally the samples I like best are not necessarily the ones with the most interesting message, but the ones that are used to best effect musically. So just posting transcriptions wouldn't achieve much. Anyway, here are three tracks that spring immediately to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jNYEbD5NDI Charlie Chaplin's speech (starting at 5:20 and again at 6:37) really adds to the climax of this tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t0f0hGPBRs I love the rhythmically chopped McKenna sample that brings us out of the 12/8 section at 4:27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96QM3lk0UR4 This whole album is full of great samples.
  8. Very nice. It could be a bit longer though, the ending is pretty abrupt.
  9. ^ Wow. That's some next-level Sonic fandom.
  10. I don't understand the question, really. For a genre like psytrance where sound design is such an important element, how does one draw the lines between composition and production and mixing? I could give some names but it would probably just end up looking like a list of my favourite tracks.
  11. Go to your favourite search engine Image search "[your given name] the hedgehog" Post result Lose faith in humanity I'll start: Behold Philip The Hedgehog:
  12. No silly topics, AP? Guess I'll have to start one myself. e: there you go
  13. For real? I know it's a bad idea to write off entire genres but vaporwave just seems like the worst shit in the world to me. What's the appeal?
  14. I agree for the most part but when it comes to the attitude I don't think you can tar the whole genre with the same brush.
  15. Rotwang

    Kindzadza - Nano Ninja

    Cella Fella is my favourite off this album.
  16. We used to have a lot of that kind of stuff in the old Off Topic forum. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes stuff got closed (not always with good reason IMO). You're welcome to try starting such topics here if you want, though the OT forum doesn't have as much activity these days.
  17. So what you're saying is that you think those people have no place in the Goa trance scene, but that you don't judge them? Glad we've cleared that up. Remember when you told me to open a dictionary before I criticise? This is one of those times when you should take your own advice: They aren't you. I'm sorry to keep harping on about this dictionary thing, but this is another one of those times. Huh. My posts must really have offended you.
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