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  1. Perhaps you could tell me whether the following are, or aren't, examples of real harm, and why? touching a stranger's ass as one walks past her in a crowd installing a hidden camera in a women's shower and uploading the photos to the internet installing a hidden camera in a women's shower and not uploading the photos to the internet playing loud noise music outside your house in the middle of the night when you have exams the next day putting up billboards with photos of dismembered corpses by the road on which you drive your children to school It doesn't.
  2. Appropriately enough, it's Irreversible.
  3. Not that I know of. Not sure why you would be logged out - what browser are you using?
  4. I have no way of evaluating this statement unless you tell me what it means to affect someone in a real (or "real") way. I don't see how to extrapolate from these two examples to the myriad of other possible actions that affect people. What do you consider actual harm? Yes, that's what I already do, as I said before.
  5. Both good tracks, but they could do with proper endings IMO.
  6. What does it mean to affect someone "in a real way"?
  7. Public displays of affection annoy me. I get really angry when I notice couples kissing or caressing each other on the train, and looking away doesn't solve it. Just knowing that it's still happening in my vicinity pisses me off, and I find myself periodically glancing back in their direction to see if it's stopped. If I can I'll move to another part of the train.
  8. I gather you know more about this than I so correct me if the following is wrong... It's worth adding that, most of the time, error correction will not change the signal even if there are errors. That's because of coding schemes that can be used to reconstruct the original signal if there are fewer than a certain number of errors per block. See here for an example of how this works.
  9. Same here. Hostel is one of only two movies I've seen that I wish I could unsee.
  10. I just don't have a lot of time these days. Maybe I'll try to write one this weekend though. I agree with Abasio that review threads would be better with more discussion, by the way.
  11. Both samples are from Brass Eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX02I3uD5t4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIAJemmO-bg (Kinda surprised that the drugs episode isn't sampled by psytrance artists more often, it's an absolute goldmine.)
  12. How much money are we talking, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Yes. That's good to hear, thanks. Odd, listening through both my headphones and monitors (albeit with no room treatment) the k/b both sound OK. Here's a version with the kick and bass 50% louder than before, I'd be interested to know how you (and anyone else who can face listening twice) think it compares.
  14. ⬇⬇ GET A LOAD OF THIS CRAP ⬇⬇ https://soundcloud.com/incompetron/the-black-classroom
  15. Great track, love it. The first half reminds me of this sadly underrated album.
  16. It's a good question and I don't know the answer. I don't know who coined the term or why but I would guess it's because some of the early artists making the noisier psy/goa that would influence darkpsy did use horror themes in their work (e.g. Xenomorph).
  17. Hello Abasio. Congratulations on the daughter.
  18. This. IMO it's an annoyingly persistent misconception that darkpsy is supposed to sound evil or scary - to me, and I assume to most other people who like it, it sounds psychedelic, abstract, alien, sci-fi, but not in the slightest bit scary.
  19. We did do that in a previous year but I don't think we get enough votes to warrant splitting the categories any further these days.
  20. So it's come to our attention that the forum is no longer sending out validation emails. Until this is fixed I will be manually sending out emails to new members. However, the forum automatically deletes accounts that don't respond to the validation email after a few days, and since the validation emails weren't being sent for a couple of weeks before we noticed, some new accounts have already been deleted. If you've tried to create an account recently and haven't received an email from me (don't forget to check your spam folder), that probably means yours is one of them. So please try re-registering and hopefully it'll be sorted soon.
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