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  1. Haven't used either, but this thread might be worth reading. The last few pages especially have some people debating their relative merits.
  2. Don't get the Pleiadians comparisons myself, I actually enjoy this album more than what I've heard of those guys.
  3. In the "Manage Topic Poll" dialog, there's a checkbox next to "Poll Title" that says "Make votes public?". Note that you can't change it after anyone has voted, though.
  4. No, but you can ask mods to do it. Do you want post #4 deleted?
  5. Even if the source is public displays of affection? :^)
  6. Well I'm a quant so usually my job involves doing a fair bit of mathematics and programming, which I enjoy. But since the other quants left I've had to drop the low-priority fun stuff and spend all my time doing the urgent boring stuff that used to be spread between us.
  7. Also, people who unironically use this emoticon: :^)
  8. +1 (Although it's debatable whether there's anything irrational about this.)
  9. Pretty happy with where I am, but if I did move I'd like to go to somewhere like Switzerland or the Netherlands.
  10. It's not hard, no. It's just boring.
  11. No, it involves spreadsheets. A lot of fucking spreadsheets.
  12. The two other people in my department at work recently left so I'm running the show now. Barely had time to check Psynews, this is the first time I've been to Off-Topic in weeks.
  13. The audiophile snake oil rabbit hole goes pretty deep
  14. Autechre have just released 4 hours of new music, after I've listened to less than half of the 9 hours of live recordings they released a few months ago. fuck
  15. I've been meaning to write reviews for Forest Thunder and Krafted Friends for a while (and VA - Political Violence, which isn't on your list). But my time is very short at the moment owing to work. (Short versions: Forest Thunder - good, Political Violence - great, Krafted Friends - bloody great)
  16. Was just going to suggest their album. It's not much like Reach Escape Velocity (it doesn't have the same Goa influence) but I'd definitely recommend it nonetheless.
  17. I really like your metallic sounds. But I think the track would benefit from more layers - maybe some pads or something?
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