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    I'm a huge fan of Autechre, but that's really the only IDM I listen to... everything else I hear just sounds lame in comparison (I would love to be proved wrong about this... is there anything I should check out?). If you want to get into Autechre's IDM stuff I would suggest getting Chiastic slide and Cichlisuite first.
  2. Just my two cents... I don't know exactly what Raja contributed to Shpongle or 1200 mics, but to my ears they both sound a hell of a lot better than what Posford/GMS could have done on their own. And as for his flute playing, I myself played flute for 10 years, and it sounds pretty good to me. Incidentally... "But I've seen on this forum that Simon is Godford and Raja ram is just Goa Gil..." I don't understand why the Goa Gil comparison is supposed to be derogatory. Goa Gil is awesome!
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but can someone explain the difference between forest and dark? The first time I heard people using the word forest to describe psytrance referred to Derango's album, which as far as I can tell is dark psy with a picture of a forest on the cover
  4. Agreed. I thought his tracks "Kalashari" and "Mandragor" on Vibraspirit 23 were awesome; on his album he seemed to be trying too hard to put as many ideas into each song as possible, and none of the ideas were that good. I liked "the moon" though.
  5. Yeah I've been looking out for them too, but nothing. Does anyone have any info on them?
  6. I love this album... strangely for an album with an average bpm of 152, I don't think it's so much an album to dance to as one to listen to while lying down in the dark with one's head between the speakers. Top stuff, there isn't a single weak track.
  7. I'm rather partial to Buggy G. Riphead's cover for Lifeforms by FSOL: Also TDR's cover for Autechre's Amber, which someone posted earlier. Fave Psytrance covers are probably these:
  8. Don't believe we've had this:
  9. Point taken. I guess if enough people feel that more old school needs to be made then some of them will start making it. PS Nice avatar
  10. Can't comment on much old school stuff, being something of a psynoob (first heard psytrance in 2003), but no matter how good it was there doesn't seem to be much point making old school music all over again, especially as long as people are still throwing old school parties... all genres have to evolve or they might as well stop making new music altogether
  11. Am I the only person here who actually likes the dark style you're all bitching about? Sure, there's probably too much of it being produced that sounds similar, but I'd much rather go to a party and hear loads of samey dark stuff than loads of samey fullon, or worse, cheesy Israeli shit with IM-style vocals over the top. By the way I got the new Devil's Mind comp. "Durdom" the other day and if you do like dark stuff you should get it while it's still in stock, it's great. Why the hell do labels feel the need to make cds limited edition?
  12. Yeah, I like it. I think it's more "backgroundey" than Shpongle, but that isn't a criticism... good music to listen to while drinking chai in the sun. Booklet's great too.
  13. Sorry that this has nothing to do with psytrance, but while we're posting links to artists' work, may I draw your attention to the art nouveau book illustrator Sidney H. Sime? He was pretty famous in his day but unknown to most nowadays, check out the galleries here: Sidney Sime Page
  14. Big fan of Autechre myself, Amber and Chiastic Slide are my favourite albums of theirs. Also somewhat partial to Shostakovich.
  15. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but on the subject of covers I'm thinking of writing a review of the Highcosmos album (if I don't get round to it, the album is great), and I wondered, are there any legal issues with ripping a picture of the cover of psyshop or suchlike?
  16. Kindzadza... even though everyone except me hates his album
  17. I don't understand why everyone hates the Technodrome cover so much. I love it! Album is great too, they do stuff that's been done a load of times before, but damn it they just do it so well.
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