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  1. Just to clarify - Inside the Voice Inside was actually originally released in 2002, pre-dating Orchid-Star's Birth by 6 years. We'd be the first ones to admit the production standards don't reach that of Birth - all the tracks were produced very quickly for DJ sets but they were a vital part of Pete's journey towards Birth. (They were also all produced, like it's follow-up Aria, before anyone introduced Pete to psy-chill and he realized what the competition was like!)
  2. Pete Ardron Unexpected Pleasures with Teresa Gabriel, Psibindi, Onyx Ashanti, Sayak Mitra, Myo, Samantha Ray, Harmony Yemanya & Helen Francis Pink Hampster Recordings PHCD12 Audio album taster: https://soundcloud.com/peteardron/unexpected-pleasures-taster-mix Video album taster Pete Ardron (of Orchid-Star) releases his 10th solo album (with guests) on Nov 4th 2016. Call it Psybient/Psychill/Psydub/Ethno-chill/World-fusion or whatever, this shows the usual signs of Pete’s main influences - psychedelic, classical (from the turn of the 20th century), and world music
  3. It's now available from iTunes, Google plus Amazon and just about anywhere but Spotify or Deezer, who we didn't want to have it And from today you can also get the CD online from major retailers like Amazon and psy and other music sites or (at least order it) from your local music shop It's also available from certain specialist Kundalini or new age outlets such as spiritvoyage.com You can still buy the CD and now also download the album directly from us at Pinkhampster - we're also offering the album as a free download for anyone who buys the CD Check out a taster mix here
  4. Orchid-Star's Pete Ardron has come together with singer, snake and fire dancer and Kundalini instructor Kwali Kumara to produce an album which wears 2 hats equally comfortably. Each track is built round an 11 minute repeated mantra delivered in such a way that they can be used easily in a Kundalini meditation context but put aside whatever preconceptions that might give you - anybody familiar with Pete's other work will see the same ecstatic blend of psychedelic, world and classical, electronic and acoustic, in these six beautiful, intense musical journeys - this is most definitely also music
  5. To celebrate the impending arrival of Spring a we have the perfect Orchid-Star freebie for you: Lotus Bloom - Sand Ra & Pete Ardron Remix Download from: www.orchidstar.info/freebies.php www.pinkhampster.com/html/freebies.php www.soundcloud.com/orchidstar
  6. To mark the 5th anniversary of Orchid-Star's first album Birth's release on Liquid Sound, we have another FREE treat for you. A remix of our traditional set-closer by the brilliant Squazoid. Download the Polynectar Remix of Wildflower here: www.orchidstar.info/freebies.php
  7. A Happy New Year present from Orchid-Star Trancient Dreams's wonderful new downtempo dubby remix of Puja from Faster FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.orchidstar.info/music_puja-trancient_dreams.php
  8. Pete Ardron and Samantha Ray of Orchid-Star release their first collaborative album outside the band. Using only the voice as a sound source they have created two beautiful, ethereal, meditative, ambient-electronic soundscapes. Serenity is like being underwater in summer's lake in a breeze, an essentially static environment but with ripples of movement, warm and enveloping shallows and cooler depths. Originally produced in 2003 it was used in 2005 as the musical core to Simon Rogers' exhibition Water Feature and in 2010 as the soundtrack to Collision Course by Carmelo Musca of CM Films
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