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  1. Hello guys hope you doing well! Like most of you, I'm really struggling to get attention on SoundCloud and music platforms of any kind. HERE IS THE DEAL I've created a TELEGRAM GROUP where I hope we can build a community where we can support each other reposting or commenting on our releases and maybe create some new connections to get more traction from the world out there. I mean we really do our best on producing, you deserve more attention! If you are interested DM me with your number! Have a nice psy road! (Hope not breaking the rules btw)
  2. Have a look There is the yt version too
  3. Dude it's a nice song, the only thing that is missing is the bass.. I think that you have done too much of lowpass filter
  4. Hey guyss there is my last project. Ive done the master by my self with Ozone 8. I will apreciate any tips !
  5. Helloo my friends, the last 4 months I was in army that changed my production state from "no time" to "absolutely no time". But I'm back and here is my last track! Hope you enjoy and please give me a hand sharing if you like!
  6. Awesome production!! I usually don't like this kind but this track have a really nice energy and groovyness ;)
  7. Hey guys, hope you're all fine! The past months I've had not so much time to produce. But, unfortunately the last two weeks I wasn't so fine so I had to stay home, and what to do with all this free time? Well this is the result, I've tried to do a home made mastering with Ozone, hope you enjoy and give me a feedback! Byee!! ps: Sorry for my badass english
  8. Hello everybody! This is "Downtown", the first release with the "Valhar 7" project. I apreciate if you spread with me your opinion, and if you like stay tuned for updates! Enjoy!
  9. Hey guyz! I'm here again to spread with you this remix i've made using an awesme orchestral track found in youtube. I hope you enjoy ! ps: I'm not so sure but I think that soundcloud is shitting on my kick some times https://soundcloud.com/realbee/ashraf-el-ziftawi-mountain-of-gods-realbee-remix-2 and this is the original track:
  10. Thanks bro I'm going to do som stuff wit the intro for shure
  11. Thanks dude, I appreciate! the whole mix you think it's ok?
  12. I don't know what happned with this track, but this is the resoult hahah Feel free say what you think about it https://soundcloud.com/realbee/strange-cloud
  13. Hey dude I've apreciated so much that you spent some time to listen and comment my work! Yess I think that the laptop's speaker aren't super high qualitative :'D
  14. Hey dude, I hope that you enjoy my music, if you like it you can follow me on facebook to be always the first to hear my new tracks! https://www.facebook.com/RealBeeOfficial/

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