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  1. Skream

    result of boredom

    Hey guys, hope you're all fine! The past months I've had not so much time to produce. But, unfortunately the last two weeks I wasn't so fine so I had to stay home, and what to do with all this free time? Well this is the result, I've tried to do a home made mastering with Ozone, hope you enjoy and give me a feedback! Byee!! ps: Sorry for my badass english
  2. Hello everybody! This is "Downtown", the first release with the "Valhar 7" project. I apreciate if you spread with me your opinion, and if you like stay tuned for updates! Enjoy!
  3. Hey guyz! I'm here again to spread with you this remix i've made using an awesme orchestral track found in youtube. I hope you enjoy ! ps: I'm not so sure but I think that soundcloud is shitting on my kick some times https://soundcloud.com/realbee/ashraf-el-ziftawi-mountain-of-gods-realbee-remix-2 and this is the original track:
  4. Thanks bro I'm going to do som stuff wit the intro for shure
  5. Thanks dude, I appreciate! the whole mix you think it's ok?
  6. I don't know what happned with this track, but this is the resoult hahah Feel free say what you think about it https://soundcloud.com/realbee/strange-cloud
  7. Hey dude I've apreciated so much that you spent some time to listen and comment my work! Yess I think that the laptop's speaker aren't super high qualitative :'D
  8. Hey dude, I hope that you enjoy my music, if you like it you can follow me on facebook to be always the first to hear my new tracks! https://www.facebook.com/RealBeeOfficial/

  9. Tips and comments are welcome! RealBee https://soundcloud.com/realbee/realbee-way-to-ozram
  10. Hello guyzz ! Yesterday I finished this track, but I don't know what kind of genre it is. I think that the first part is progressive trance and the second part more trance. https://soundcloud.com/realbee/everything-changing
  11. Skream

    138 BPM psytrance

    Hey guyzz whatsuppp ?? Here is my last track N2O Beam, hope you enjoy and of course if you don't please leave a comment so I can do better next time ! https://soundcloud.com/realbee/n2o-beam
  12. Yess I've tried to do somthing unusual making it shorter than normal. I think I will do any changes on this project cause I have other projects on mind ! Thanks for your reply!
  13. Hello guyzz!! I'm very happy to share with you my last track ? THE MOON JUMPER! ? I cant wait to hear what you think about it! Bye! and a happy new year! https://soundcloud.com/realbee/the-moon-jumper
  14. Skream

    Progressive Psy Trance 144 Bpm

    I never tried Diva so I don't know if they are similar, but with a quick research I can see that serum is more visual. I'm going to try it anyway! Well, I wait to hear some of your future work with serum!
  15. Skream

    Progressive Psy Trance 144 Bpm

    Thank you for your quick response! I will post here the new project before to publish it so can i remake it with your tips I LOVE Serum cause you really see what sound is doing, his mechanisms are so easy to learn... Try it it's awesome. In this track I've made with serum all the main synths, with massive there is only some closed hats! (I'm sorry for my bad english)