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  1. Paul Jackson’s Voodoo People album in the old style around ’95 would be great. But unfortunately it’s only a wish.
  2. Hux Flux or Logic Bomb has that “some bouncy scando” sound. This is more structured on the ground IMO. Some of the stuff may sound “similar”, but anyway that is just my opinion of all this. Anyway I’m open for new tips.
  3. Edit: - Kind of unique is also Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-R Module on Nephilim Rec.
  4. Can someone help to identify this track?
  5. And what about the Slinky Wizard’s album that was in the making. I remember before the party that took place in Skopje on 01 March 2002 Dominic mentioned this. For sure there is some material which hasn’t seen the light of day.
  6. Does anyone have an idea which track this might be? http://rghost.net/59492455 If anyone knows I would really appreciate it if the info about the artist and the track will be shared with me. Thank you for your time! Cheers!!!
  7. Does anyone noticed the “problem” with the cover? The scan on Discogs is looking bluer to me (dark blue to be more precise) than the actual strong purple color on the print. Discogs Scan - Personal photos - w/ flash w.out/ flash
  8. On the 1st song (Part A: The Call) around the end of the 3rd minute there is (to be more precise at 3:45) a chant/song which is used as a sample. I am trying to identify it, but I cannot find some reliable source on the world wide web. Namely, we have the same pattern used in Macedonian Pop Song. (It is on 01m:18s) Thanks! btw... Great album!
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