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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Akshan Album: The Rise Of Atlantis Label: Altar Records Genre: Chillgressive, Psy-Chill, Progressive Psy-Chill The Rise Of Atlantis 3:24 Antinea's Secret 8:53 Shadows And Lights 10:20 Orichalcum 8:17 Gates Of Heaven 10:32 Journey To Persia 9:52 East West 9:27 Pillars Of Hercules 9:39 Calling The Ancients 9:08 It was with the coming of his first album “Tree of Life” that Akshan became one of the main reps of what we now call Progressive Psy-Chill and Chillgressive music. Even with GMO, Dense, Lemonchill, Alwoods and Solar Fields all categorized within this genre, Akshan filled a gap. From that floating feeling and morning melody vibe to the more introspective and expansive sensation of spirituality, everything that constitutes the Psy-Chill universe is present in his flow. In the same time, he gives us rolling beats mixed with aggressive bass lines and fast kicks evolving into a more structured climax, the kind that makes up the more progressive side of trance music. I was expecting a lot to come out of a second album because for me nothing better had been made under this genre. But I was wrong... “The Rise of Atlantis” showed up! Akshan has surely pushed the limits with his second album. He has showed us what we can do within the chill universe when we tune in and travel on the progressive level. Similar to the first album, Akshan presents beautifully unexpected shining tracks, those which leave us with a persistent sense of sunshine on the skin. Both albums use sacred chants, tribal drums and flute. These mixed elements create an organic, intuitive and spiritual feeling. Tribal ambiance dominates “Tree of Life”, which is then balanced out by overwhelming sensations of love, emotion, sacred intention and spiritual transcendence offered up by “The Rise of Atlantis”. Again, this is a truly awesome gathering of tunes created by Akshan. My favorite psychill album ever! Favorite Tracks The Rise Of Atlantis 3:24 of soundscapes that gently develop intense feelings of love, gratitude and beauty. The graceful flute notes lead the tune in as it slowly builds in intensity balanced by soft morning sounds and finally reaching a crescendo of profound female chants. This awesome album introduction is like the first brick laid at the ground level of a foundation. This introduction announces what will be offered by a whole album whose sacred and spiritual mood will guide the listener to experience the transcendental. Gates Of Heaven This is the most awesome track I have ever heard. This tune resume what we can call spiritual trance. It gives us that pure transcendental feeling. In this track we are held by a simple melody that is surrounded by many layers of bright sounds, tribal drums and sacred chants that paint a truly psychedelic texture. Everything is presented cohesively in this well made track rolling throughout well made ping – pong delay and gater effect. Journey To Persia Similar to “Gates of Heaven”, this track has a multiplicity of diverse arrangements which evolve from a simple melody into a complex universe of sounds. If,“Gates of Heaven” is more a YIN track than it can be said that “Journey to Persia” is certainly more YANG. The middle of the tune gives one the feeling of preparation to fight. Then comes the DROP! Here, the gentle and emotional violin melody meshes with waves of sound that pull the listener into a sphere of higher consciousness. East West If I said that the previous tracks are spiritual, sacred and intentional, than “East West” brings us mystic vibrations! The beginning to middle of this track is simplistic. There is nothing exceptional here to compare to the other tracks on the album. However, the latter part of the tune slowly progresses, albeit subtly, and brings you into an unexpectedly joyful mood. The highlight point is at 6:42 when the tone changes. Quickly, more and more layers of sound appear and then blast you with a little 10 second intone, afterwards ending as if nothing had happened. Nice feeling of... what the...? Pillars Of Hercule An awesome crystaline introduction rocked by a simple chant. A soft rolling bass kick develops the beginning of this track to allow the evolution of this tribal morning melody. The ending is supported by female and male incantations . This original track is one in which you will travel a lot! You can buy and listen to samples at : Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/atlantis.html Bandcamp: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/the-rise-of-atlantis-24bits YouTube Links : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9-mbQ921gk
  2. Artist: VA Album: Summer Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive Psy-Chill, Psy-Chill, Downtempo, Ambiant 1.Sacral Reason - Journey Through the Minds 7:09 2.Suduaya – Over the Edge 8:03 3.Elea – Yãtrã 8:02 4.E-Mantra – Dance of the Firefly 6:15 5.Merlin – Immortality 6:28 6.Alwoods – Blue Horizon 11:28 7.Astropilot -Stellar Night 10:26 8.Abiogenesis (CJ Catalizer & Manmara) - Sun Birds Dance 7:13 9.Asura – Always ''LS Vintage Edit'' 5:08 After the delicious album ''Spring'' released last year, Altar Records is now proposing ''Summer'', the second adventure to its new compilation series celebrating the seasons. This time, the owner of Altar Record, DJ Zen, asked nine of the most talented PsyChill artists to produce an exclusively imaginative album, one track for each of the artists to inspire the energy of the summer. Well-known names like Suduaya, Astropilot, Elea, E-Mantra and Alwoods share the soundscape with surprising composers such as Merlin, Sacral Reason and the original duo project of CJ Catalizer & Manmara known as Abiogenesis. This gathering offers a kaleiodscope of colors blowed by a warm wind of textures and vibrations. The energy is high! Whether it's under the zenith of the sun, or embraced by the touch of the moon, the music whispers the desire to fly in the sky. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - - - ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sacral Reason – Journey Through the Mind Upon his first meditative album ''Soul Splinter'' released in 2010, Anton Bakhtin, a.k.a Sacral Reason, always created enchanted melodies juggling raw instruments and electronic texture. With ''Journey Through the Mind'', he brings alive a sacred space of beauty. An airy introduction lead by a enigmatic chant that slowly develops in a complex psychill structure, seated on a moving bass line. Suduaya – Over the Edge As usual, Suduaya offers a pure masterpiece. Heavenly melody and spacey floating texture accompany by sparks of light, supported by deep massive vibrations. It feels so intense and so gentle at the same time : the encounter of the moon and the sun. Elea – Yãtrã With more than 650 live-acts around the world with 3 live formulas (Prog and Psytrance, Chillout and Ambient, Meditative and Healing), 5 albums, 4 maxi vinyls, 10 EP’s, more than 30 compilations … Elea does not need more introduction. This artist is recognized to propose shanti sound in an original fusion of dance culture and ancestral vibrations. With Yãtrã one is brought into a deep trance journey lead by hypnotical sitar lines and multi-layer of psychedelic notes. E-Mantra – Dance of the Fireflies ''Dance of the Fireflies'' continues the personal and unique signature of E-Mantra : a spatial environnement where simple but efficient notes, connecting the cell of our brain with the orbiting planets around our solar system. Merlin – Immortality After a surprising remix of the track ''Sun Trap'' from Alwoods, Merlin is now releasing his first original tune : ''Immortality''. Strongly inspired by the Alwoods universe, this track infuses an introspective feeling while keeping a rolling kick that puts the dance floor on fire. Beautiful! Alwoods – Blue Horizon Offering a strong kick structure, ''Blue Horizon'' plays with the infra-layer of our counsciousness. In a pure goa trance influence, it's a shamanic travel that Alwoods proposes to the listener. Gloomy vibes intertwines with squelchy sounds of insect and traditional native voices ... a dance floor killer. Astropilot – Stellar Night In the same vein from the tracks of his previous album ''Iriy'', Astropilot offers a crystalline ambiance grounded in a warm bass spectrum. A beautiful luminous melody that develops in chapters of variety, while keeping a homogenous and cohesive feelling of light and transcendence. A real orgasm that take its time to embrace the space. Abiogenesis (Cj Catalizer and Manmara) – Sun Birds Dance Shining layers of micro-melodies envelopped by simple but efficient psychedelic notes. Awesome introduction that prepares the listener to a heart-warming journey through an organic trancy country. Asura – Always ''LS Vintage Edit'' ''Always'' is an atmospeheric adventure that propose an epic melody filled with hope. In the same feeling of the tune ''Everlasting'', released on the Altar Records compilation ''Ether'', ''Always'' gives the desire to be lulled by the charm of the wind and slowly smile to the universe. You can buy and listen to samples at: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/summer YouTube links : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hHk0IdKi3M
  3. Elios

    ॐ VA-Spring ॐ

    Artist: Various (lovingly compiled by Dj Zen) Album: Spring Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive Psy-chill, Psy-chill, Downtempo 1.Reasonandu and Adrian Enescu - Peaceful Heart 6:02 2.Dense Moonflower 8:38 3.Suduaya Unity 8:02 4.Astropilot Dziva 9:34 5.Cabeiri - Lost Knowledge 10:39 6.Lab's Cloud Serankua 8:28 7.Asura Le Souffle du Vent 6:03 8.Akshan Solar Cycle 24 9:58 9.Sangeet A Touch by Wind 8:49 ''Spring'' is the ignition of the new complilation concept from Altar Records. After the beautiful ''Elements'' series, in which each artist was asked to produce tracks representing different elements Earth, Air, Water, et cetera - the label started a new cycle to offer unrealesed tracks from the most talented psy-chill, ambiant and downtempo artists. Each selected artist was asked to produce a track that represents the album's topic, the season spring. Selected with care by Dj Zen, ''Spring'' is an astounding collection of tunes gathering brand new music from well-known names like Asura, Suduaya, Cabeiri, Astropilot, Dense, Akshan, Lab's Cloud, Sangeet and a heart-touching track made in collaboration between Reasonandu and Adrian Enescu. Presenting mainly progessive psy-chill tracks, the result is a refreshing album that leaves a taste of renewal and future growth and blooming with more and more chill progressive albums to come from Altar Records. Peaceful Heart A heart-warming track awesomely made in a collaboration between Reasonandu and Adrian Enescu (a former member of the worldwide acclaimed and award-winning act ''Enigma''). Beautiful chants, organic mood and gentle beats offered within melodic texture and crystalines sounds. This track just makes me want to dance alone, eye closed, and smile to the universe. Moonflower Well-known for his implication in the German online radio ''Chromanova'' as the presenter of the programme named ''Chill-on'', Dense is recognized to produce warm and positive energetic tracks while always offering a relaxed mood. ''Moonflower'' does not make a exception! Unity An agressive chill-out tune built around a 90 beat per minute psy-trance kick. Agressive I said, but at the same time presenting a luminous progression of a sunny background melody. A perfect union between a shining downtempo ambiance and a progressive trance construction. Dziva As usual, Astropilot presents a complex and mature track juggling diverse intensity, instruments and feeling. Between the earth and the sky, remodeling the Yin and the Yang, Dziva presents a floating spiritual journey that leads into an introspective shamanic adventure. Lost Knowledge With ''Lost Knowledge'', one is brought into a darker mood while going deeper and deeper into the unknown vistas of consciousness. A well made tune built with the loving subtlety Cabeiri is known to offer. Serankua Lab's Cloud is not known to make progressive psychill 4/4 time tunes. With ''Serankua'', be ready to groove. A simple melody evolving through sunny and atmospheric sound within a deep and uptlifting structure. An awesome tune in a soft and sensual ambiance that gives the desire to move and laugh. Le Souffle du Vent Le Souffle du Vent....in english: The Wind's Blowing. A perfect name for this non-stop uplifting track in which the listener experiences a continous build up of intensity and beauty. The wind blows hard, and it keep going and going with an energetic, positive texture of sounds until the very end. Solar Cycle 24 An intense and fast progressive trance track. As usual, Akshan proposes a marvelous refreshing track in a tribal and spiritual vein; complex beat structure, surprising evolution and an astounding conclusion. A chill dynamic track supported by tribal drums, flutes and chants within a perfect blend of sacred feeling that's energeticly mind blowing. A Touch by Wind Between a classic progressive house structure, upliting trance and chill ambiance, Sangeet built an original track that will put the dance floor on fire. You can buy and listen to samples at: Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/spring.html BandCamp :http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/spring Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/alr/alr1cd034.html YouTube links:
  4. Artist: GMO vs. Dense Album: Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo Label: Altar Records Looking Out Of The Pouch 7:46 The First Steps 7:50 Passing Storm 11:21 Sounds And Smells 8:22 The Great Puzzle 9:44 The Termination Of Life? 9:07 Bouncing Around 7:03 The Law Of God 9:33 Another View 7:57 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ॐ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ''Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo'' is the second chillgressive album on Altar Records by Olaf Gretzmacher (GMO) and Christian Schoeps (Dense). Within nine tracks, they are offering us a chill universe evolving within progressive beats and textures. Throughout a continuous down tempo ambiance, the album presents more intensity and rhythm from tune to tune, slowly developing in much passionate sonority. This album is particularly chill given its progressive style. In comparison with others down tempo records such as ''Tree of life'' by Akshan, ''Aeolian Mode'' by Alwoods (both released on Altar records) or even to their previous album entitled "Through Other Glasses", it is a bit less uplifting as we're used to hear in the small and intimate world of progressive psychill. Except for a few tracks, most of the album remains deep and rarely leaves the downtempo shore of psychill land. On the other hand, GMO and DENSE completely succeed in offering us a chillgressive album which evolves and keeps a mellow and profound background. Favorites Tracks Looking Out Of The Pouch With a sweet and relaxing introduction, this track develops into a beautiful and simple progressive melody with birds sounds and chill organic guitar sonorities within a 80 bpm universe. Beautiful tune! Bouncing Around A two section tune presenting an growing chill introduction and rapidly progressing with a beautiful shining melody. A smooth and fancy appetizer after indulging a satisfying and fulfilling main course. 8.The Law Of God A similar progression structure of “Bouncing around''. Very nice guitar melodies which develops into several layers of sound creating an harmonious whole. A larger smile appears on my face as my favorite track spins on. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ॐ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Very beautiful album. More chill than uplifting, yet another epic chillgressive adventure given by GMO and DENSE on Altar Records. Links: ❁ http://www.altar-records.com/tales.html ❁ http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-yellow-kangaroo Also available in 24Bits.:http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-the-yellow-kangaroo-24-bits ❁ On a side note, DENSE is coming up with his first solo album this summer: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/exhale Youtube links:
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