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  1. I just noticed this thread is still alive. Thanks to all for the comments. To be honest I'm a bit baffled by the response to these old tracks, but nonetheless happy to hear that it's of value to a few people. No, despite it's many appealing features, I never gave Buzz a shot. Most of these tracks are produced using Impulse Tracker, Rebirth, Dreamstation, Soundforge and Acid Music (for sequencing). Back then I usually created a lot of different loops and elements in IT, Rebirth and Dreamstation, used Soundforge for some basic manipulation and tweaking, and then assembled everything in Acid. It sounds tedious, but in reality it wasn't. I was so familiar with those tools that everything just flowed along nicely - notwithstanding IT's tendency to calculate BPM in a totally unique and inconvenient way. :-) Hehe, I'll tell you what would do me good: if I somehow had all the time in the world! But these days a party sounds like a reasonable compromise. Thanks again everyone, and sorry about bumping the thread. Just felt the need to express my gratitude.
  2. @Antares - Glad you're enjoying it! @mak & anub1s - I deliberately excluded those tracks from the album, because I feel they aren't up to the same standard as the rest of the tracks. I'm sure if you google those tracks you'll be able to find them. I'll consider throwing them in with the rest, though. Wave files to a few of the tracks are in the pipeline. I'll update the original post with some additional links once they're ready.
  3. A zip file with 192kbps versions of all the tracks can be found here: http://rapidshare.com/files/153017536/Psyl...i_1997-2003.zip @mak & AlieNed - I lost the sourcefiles to many of these tracks years ago in a harddrive crash. All I was left with were backed up mp3 versions of the tracks. I still have a couple of the tracks as wavefiles and I'll see about throwing those up on rapidshare as a either wave or flac. @N-Joi & Anub1s - Thanks for listening! @Cosmogenesis - Thanks a bunch for the words of encouragement! They are a source of inspiration!
  4. @Anoebis - That's great to hear Anoebis. Someone told me once that they've heard a track of mine in a set you made available online. I thought that was very cool. Thanks! I'll definitely keep you in mind if I ever get around to making some goatrance again. I have several stranded tracks which I've never been able to see through due to lack of time or other projects with a higher priority. Perhaps it's time to review my priorities. @Gargouille - Thanks! @Isao - Apparently Last.fm converted the files I uploaded to 128kbps. They used to be 192kbps which sort of makes a difference. Most of the tracks, however, are recovered from old and dusty mp3s, so the soundquality sucks to begin with. I'll see about uploading a zipfile with the 192kbps versions one of these days. That is, if you're interested?
  5. @ Agneton & U.F.Orb - Good to hear it's worth a listen after all those years. Thanks!
  6. To whomever it may be of interest, I recently uploaded a free album entitled 1997-2003 to Last.fm. It's a collection of some of my old tracks under the alias Psylent Buddhi. A few of the tracks have never been released before, but mostly it's just old tracks stemming from the traxinspace.com days of the late nineties. A word of caution: A lot of the tracks were recovered from ancient and noisy mp3s, so the soundquality lacks in a lot of places. If you're interested, please read the associated blog post and the 'About this album" wiki entry on the Last.fm album page, which contain some trivia concerning this album. All tracks stored on one (or possibly more) of Last.fm's undoubtedly many servers. Links galore: 1. Sonorush 2. Lunar Core 3. Moksha 4. Neura 5. Convergent Images 6. Secrets of The Atom 7. Metalucid 8. Retrocede 9. In The Stream 10. Winter Tickle If the downloads don't work, try visiting the Last.fm album page and download from there. From there you can also preview and stream the tracks to find out whether or not this is worth the time and effort to download. If possible, enjoy!
  7. Hmm, the downloads should work! Have you tried the ones from Last.FM? They link directly to the mp3.
  8. um, hi, i be the first to post here, thanks.

  9. Thanks a million everyone! I'm excited to see that this album fares well. I really wasn't expecting that.
  10. Hehe, don't worry. They won't disappear in the near future. It's virtually all done in Reason (version 3 and 4), apart from some loops that were extracted, chopped and manipulated in Recycle and Soundforge.
  11. Thanks for the tip, Bahamut. Perhaps I should do that. I'm actually familiar with the forum. I used to go by the name kawera on the old forum, and incidentally also on the new forum. @ strydr, wavs can be found on rapidshare.com in 16bit 44.1kHz quality. All files compressed using Winrar. Skyward Dreams Silver Satellite Peripheral System Stars Wobbling... ...Life's Bubbling Illimitable
  12. Wow, thank you very much for your kind words, Bahamut! I am unsigned (you may have heard a track or two by my psytrance moniker Psylent Buddhi) and will probably stay that way, as I'm much too unrealiable in terms of my output. I'm happy to hear you like Life's Bubbling. That's my own personal favorite! As for your criticism, I totally agree. This album does indeed have a mundane ambient/spacemusic quality to it. But I just love the genre too much to venture outside the conventions.
  13. Hey there everybody, Just finished this ambient/spacemusic album. If you're into Steve Roach, Vir Unis or Saul Stokes, you might find this vaguely interesting. The album is modelled after albums like Blood Machine and Thermal Transfer (only not that great by a long shot), so it's a mixture of beatless ambient and rapid, electronic percussion with pads on top. Tracklist with download options: 1. Proton Kinoun - Skyward Dreams @ 192kbps & 12 megs (my server) (Last.FM) (TraxInSpace.com - doesn't link straight to the mp3) 2. Proton Kinoun - Silver Satellite @ 192kbps & 17 megs (my server) (Last.FM) (TraxInSpace.com - doesn't link straight to the mp3 3. Proton Kinoun - Peripheral System @ 192kbps & 8 megs (my server) (Last.FM) (TraxInSpace.com - doesn't link straight to the mp3) 4. Proton Kinoun - Stars Wobbling... @ 192kbps & 12,5 megs (my server) (Last.FM (TraxInSpace.com - doesn't link straight to the mp3) 5. Proton Kinoun - ...Life's Bubbling @ 192kbps & 15 megs (my server) (Last.FM) (TraxInSpace.com - doesn't link straight to the mp3) 6. Proton Kinoun - Illimitable @ 192kbps & 21 megs (my server) (Last.FM) (TraxInSpace.com - doesn't link straight to the mp3) Hope it's enjoyable
  14. Right now: I Love Pan American. Dark, sad and beautiful... if that's at all possible...
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