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  1. Solid Snake - Return to the Source (2016, Tribal Vision) Abyss Pt. 1 Moments of... Violet Experience Banananalogue Badgers Song O Vivid Red Ribbon Abyss Pt. 2 A New Beginning Omar Chelly & Anders Rosengren are Solid Snake. Back in 2009 they've started their path with Tribal Vision Rec. The label seems to be home for the project. When it was started their music was labeled as progressive trance/house and it was rather fashionable for psytrance scene that time. But time has passed and today project is working in different various directions of trance, techno and hou
  2. great album indeed! one of the best from this artist for sure. not dull, trippy enough, light and warm. besides solid snake's release it is the best hypnotice progressive release of the year!
  3. image: https://www.discogs.com/Koan-Condemned/release/9438656#images/25889248 Koan - Condemned, 2016 (Blue Tunes Chillout) The Devil's Confession 8:50 One Day All Will Become Clear 9:29 Darkness in the Box (Condemned Mix) 8:37 Through the Looking Glass 8:07 From Nowhere to Nowhere (Condemned Mix) 7:10 Pleasant Punishment (Condemned Mix) 7:23 Blind Theolatry (Condemned Mix Part.1) 4:43 Broken Crown (Condemned Mix) 6:41 Resistant Men (Condemned Mix) 6:44 Conscious Delusion (Condemned Mix) 7:36 Intruder (Condemned Mix) 5:37 He's Here (Condemned Mix) 2:44 Blind Th
  4. hi. this is my latest thematic mixture of greatest tribal ethnic style psytracks of the last 20 years. beware: packed in a trip. https://soundcloud.com/voice-of-all/freakafrika tracks by (in alpabetic order): 1200 mics abracadabra absolum astrix chemical brothers gms interactive noise koan loud middle mode mumbo jumbo seroxat skazi z-man
  5. i was waiting for it since 2004 Colours! It was one of my favorite psy albums for years... but this one is dissapointment ( it sounds more as minilogue project then son kite realy. first track is good enough but right after it there is nothing to catch my ear... very sad.
  6. The first track is masterpiece! Just wonderful! 7 and 8 also not bad at all. The rest is just standart yahel stuff. But plz notice that standart yahel stuff is much better then most other projects on a scene )
  7. nice one for sure! 1, 3 and 7 are great!
  8. its simply brilliant! OMG I've never liked Loud realy before this release. There were couple of tracks here & there that I consider as not bad and even rather good but this album is mind-blowing. First of all it is an ALBUM! I mean it is real psychedelic story that develops more then hour and its whole trip. Second. It is evolving and involving! It is very catchy and hypnotic! Third. It is very accurate and has nothing exessive. Just organic! One of the best this year and surely classic for many years ahead! THANX LOUD!
  9. realy both tracks are far not so bad no metter what is remixing and by who. they are not perfect hits at all but personally i consider possibility to play them in a certain style mix. Shpongle's one more interesting as it is but Mad Tribe's is rather good as dancefloor filler so both can be used successfuly. should i wish smth better? probably! is this release sucks? no way!
  10. i've voted 4/5 and it is bit higher then real grade. Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are worth checking but realy just 4 is must have and 6 is close to this point.
  11. album is great actually. after all time of dealing with more proggy stuff Astrix returned to dynamic and bold sound wich is surely essential for him. this style was and still remaining the music that he is king of. im very fond of this release. especially 1-3 and 7-9 tracks. highly recomended to all who likes super high quality dancefloor stuff with best melodic and engine solutions.
  12. Hi guyz! The summer is going to its end but festival season still blasts. Every year there are many new acts, releases & other fun things appears in the scene. Some for a long time and some for a moment. Just as years before psy scene nowadays seethes and bubbles to deliver new sound impressions to all of us. It is morphing and changing to bring new forms & trends just to leave them back again and keep moving on. One of the best & significant prog&psy label of last years - Blue Tunes Records - has started its chillout division about one year ago. After almost 10 years
  13. Label: Blue Tunes Recordings, BTRCD049 Format: CD, Album Country: Germany Released: 03 Apr 2014 Genre: Electronic Style: Downtempo, Ambient The new disc of Koan*, released one of the German psytrance majors Blue Tunes Recordings, reveals to us the wonderful world of North American Indians. Epic paintings, one after another just blown speakers by melodic, polyphonic flow with an incredible instrumental richness. You did not hear this from Koan, you have not heard of this anywhere. For sure! ----------------------------------- * the review was written May 2014. I've lost ac
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