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  1. Solid Snake - Return to the Source (2016, Tribal Vision) Abyss Pt. 1 Moments of... Violet Experience Banananalogue Badgers Song O Vivid Red Ribbon Abyss Pt. 2 A New Beginning Omar Chelly & Anders Rosengren are Solid Snake. Back in 2009 they've started their path with Tribal Vision Rec. The label seems to be home for the project. When it was started their music was labeled as progressive trance/house and it was rather fashionable for psytrance scene that time. But time has passed and today project is working in different various directions of trance, techno and house. Tribal Vision has only 3 releases on 2016. And only Solid Snake's one is labeled fully as psy-trance. It is realy a good example of psychedelic progressive trance where the psy element achived not by twisted weird sounds and synths but by special sound atmosphere, hypnoyic beats and and tracks evolution. This album is very well done. It is taking you on a deep trip on a slow 130-135 bpm. It is very catching and hypnotic. Has very nice melodic moves and smooth arpegios here and there. Its great for hometripping and has very good progressive flow with pair of surprises inside. And one of them is that fact that you face "A new beginning" right in the end of story ) My favs are: Abyss (both parts), Violet expirience and Vivid red ribbon. But you really should consider whole release as one full story that takes you back in time to middle 2000th where Son Kite's "Colours" was on a rise. recomend!
  2. great album indeed! one of the best from this artist for sure. not dull, trippy enough, light and warm. besides solid snake's release it is the best hypnotice progressive release of the year!
  3. image: https://www.discogs.com/Koan-Condemned/release/9438656#images/25889248 Koan - Condemned, 2016 (Blue Tunes Chillout) The Devil's Confession 8:50 One Day All Will Become Clear 9:29 Darkness in the Box (Condemned Mix) 8:37 Through the Looking Glass 8:07 From Nowhere to Nowhere (Condemned Mix) 7:10 Pleasant Punishment (Condemned Mix) 7:23 Blind Theolatry (Condemned Mix Part.1) 4:43 Broken Crown (Condemned Mix) 6:41 Resistant Men (Condemned Mix) 6:44 Conscious Delusion (Condemned Mix) 7:36 Intruder (Condemned Mix) 5:37 He's Here (Condemned Mix) 2:44 Blind Theolatry (Condemned Mix Part.2) 4:42 Fallen (Condemned Mix) 8:08 Penance (Condemned Mix) 5:47 Link: https://bluetuneschillout.lnk.to/condemned Country: Russia Label: Blue Tunes Chillout ‎– BTCDR046 Format: File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, Album Released: 01 Dec 2016 Koan is one of the brightest brands in contemporary downtempo scene. There is no need to introduce it any special way. Everyone who are involved with this music genre familiar with its own unique sound and impressed by huge amount of releases. It is eleventh one in lats two years! We can discuss what is a reason for this fertility or how it is really needed for best self-representation on the scene... But lets leave it out of this review. The main thing is that music is certainly has high quality production and tends to be different. Two previous years passed for Koan in some experiments with styles. Releases varied in wide range from totaly slow beatless weird ambient to progressive romantic trance. Series of full length albums were dedicated to different moods and genres so fans were overloaded by tons of tracks. Almost of all those albums appeared more as collection of tracks then as real stories or trips. Now in Condemned everything has changed back. Here we have an epic story with great cinematic effect. For me it is a return to the format of the best masterpieces of the project as Two Moon Butterflies (2006), When The Silence Is Speaking (2009) and The Way Of One (2014) were. It seems like years of experiements were not wasted by composer and all of the gained expirience collected in this new great album. The realese contains of three parts. The first is slow bold ambient of rather epic atmosphere. It is lasts first five tracks. It is not dull at all cause it is morphing all the way bringing different features of contemporary electronic music. The mood is changing too. It is waddling on the edges of more dusk and more light spirits. Great evolution has its top at on From Nowhere to Nowhere (Condemned Mix). Here is the end of the suppositive first part. The the second one (6 to 12 tracks) is a cascade of many different genres and moves from breaks and dub to jazz fusion. Track by track it changes again and again presenting very great development and showing outstanding music purview of the composer. All the practice of last 2 years of other releases is here packed in 6 brilliant tracks that blow your mind with great composition and highest quality sound design. The third part is second climax and summary of the whole release. These two tracks repeated the mood of the middle of tracklist to deliver great conclusion to the album. It is rather long album (102 min of 15 tracks in total) not usual for todays scene. It is not a collection of tracks to bring you section of genre hits. It is not a set of pieces to mix. It is really impressive tale with overture, climax and a plot. Chapter by chapter it is unfolds to you in slow but very diversified way. Sure it is one of the best downtempo trips I've ever heard. It is one of the best downtempo albums. And maybe it the best of Koan. I think it should be cheked by every fan of the music alike.
  4. hi. this is my latest thematic mixture of greatest tribal ethnic style psytracks of the last 20 years. beware: packed in a trip. https://soundcloud.com/voice-of-all/freakafrika tracks by (in alpabetic order): 1200 mics abracadabra absolum astrix chemical brothers gms interactive noise koan loud middle mode mumbo jumbo seroxat skazi z-man
  5. i was waiting for it since 2004 Colours! It was one of my favorite psy albums for years... but this one is dissapointment ( it sounds more as minilogue project then son kite realy. first track is good enough but right after it there is nothing to catch my ear... very sad.
  6. The first track is masterpiece! Just wonderful! 7 and 8 also not bad at all. The rest is just standart yahel stuff. But plz notice that standart yahel stuff is much better then most other projects on a scene )
  7. nice one for sure! 1, 3 and 7 are great!
  8. its simply brilliant! OMG I've never liked Loud realy before this release. There were couple of tracks here & there that I consider as not bad and even rather good but this album is mind-blowing. First of all it is an ALBUM! I mean it is real psychedelic story that develops more then hour and its whole trip. Second. It is evolving and involving! It is very catchy and hypnotic! Third. It is very accurate and has nothing exessive. Just organic! One of the best this year and surely classic for many years ahead! THANX LOUD!
  9. realy both tracks are far not so bad no metter what is remixing and by who. they are not perfect hits at all but personally i consider possibility to play them in a certain style mix. Shpongle's one more interesting as it is but Mad Tribe's is rather good as dancefloor filler so both can be used successfuly. should i wish smth better? probably! is this release sucks? no way!
  10. i've voted 4/5 and it is bit higher then real grade. Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are worth checking but realy just 4 is must have and 6 is close to this point.
  11. album is great actually. after all time of dealing with more proggy stuff Astrix returned to dynamic and bold sound wich is surely essential for him. this style was and still remaining the music that he is king of. im very fond of this release. especially 1-3 and 7-9 tracks. highly recomended to all who likes super high quality dancefloor stuff with best melodic and engine solutions.
  12. Hi guyz! The summer is going to its end but festival season still blasts. Every year there are many new acts, releases & other fun things appears in the scene. Some for a long time and some for a moment. Just as years before psy scene nowadays seethes and bubbles to deliver new sound impressions to all of us. It is morphing and changing to bring new forms & trends just to leave them back again and keep moving on. One of the best & significant prog&psy label of last years - Blue Tunes Records - has started its chillout division about one year ago. After almost 10 years of building their very special main team and unique sound. Blue Tunes chillout has been started from the only project - far-famed Koan - that used to be resident of Blue Tunes Records since epic & all-time-classic "When The Silence Is Speaking" was released in 2009. Everybody knows the older we get the better we are. Apparently the venerable age and extensive experience of music management pushed Sirko & Co. to expand their vision of today's scene needs. No need to expalain how it is risky to found new line of product especially if it is slow & intelligent sound. And we definetely should say thank you Blue Tunes just for attempt. The year that gone is not true index of what has realy happend and nothing is too clear now but there are some tracks & artists that worth reviewing and measuring. For every head that is in this kind of music it is rather important to have a glance of what is going on at one of the most demanded labels in the scene. So I've tried to listen to several releases that were out recentely to have a chance to catch the main idea and direction of the new source of contemporary chillout & downtempo. I must confess that I was realy impressed of Beatport's page of the label. Almost 30 releases mostly by newcomers in less then one year is very strong result. It seems like label team has started with a massive rush. Artist list contains of both newcomers (the majority) and already well-known artists. Among them such names as Baba Ghnome, Astropilot, Feuerhake, Blue Lunar Monkey and Koan. Also One Arc Degree was very intersting for me as project that sounds perspective. I dont claim to have my review too impersonal and comprehensive enough. I've tried to describe briefly several releases in order of my sympathy. To be true & relevant I've included few releases that I didnt like too much but that I was expected to be rather good. Lets start! Eyescream - Melting Point EP Date: 29 Dec 2015 Code: BTCDR009 1 Phillrider 5:16 2 Laroxyl 4:43 3 Dextro 5:42 4 Nystagma 4:47 The first place in the list is for russian project of Andrey Novikov from Saint-Petersburg. I havent heard of him before this release and was very surprised that it is his 4th release. Howerer almost all of them were out at sort of netlebels so it is little excuse for my ignorance. The album presents 4 tracks of one nice style. It is neat downtempo european progressive style with plain beat and smooth melodies. The mood is elegiac but not too melancholic. It is not so original but very good composed and performed. All sounds are at their places nothing excessive and not too minimal. This kind of music is good to open progressive club party with. In the early evening when people still gathering to the place. The mood and composition reminds older tracks of Abakus and Vibrasphere. The first and the last tracks are more peculiar and the pair in the middle is more mainstream. Altogether they sounds very nice! I also think that this style of downtempo fits the style of main label very nice. Laroxyl is my favorite piece but i need to say that there are no weak tracks in the list in my ears. Maluns - Emmas Dream EP Date: 14 Jan 2016 Code: BTCDR011 1 Dream 1 6:30 2 Dream 2 7:01 Maluns has erlier releases at Cosmicleaf Records and Plusquam Records. It is Swiss artist who prefer to hide his real name so lets pretend we dont want to know it ) This sound is about dynamic psychill. It has cinematic stories inside and very diverse flow. Many different instruments and tunes are intertwined in two impressive suites. Artist definetely has his own style and musical testiness. Each track has good development and sounds original and catching enough. I think it is important for psychill music to have some action and changing in the story the song tells. And Maluns do it just right! Both tracks are in one style but dont sounds dull together. Jule Grasz - Higher Love EP Date: 17 Mar 2016 Code: BTCDR021 1 Full of Stars 6:17 2 Gaia's Rise 6:35 3 Painted Moon 6:40 4 Higher Love 7:55 Jule Grasz has been noticed 4 years ago at unhappy Beats & Pieces Records that was reanimated for 2 years and then fell down again. This year 2 new releases out at Blue Tunes chillout show that this artist is good enough to move out from dead studio and bring her sound to the world. Here I'll review EP but I have listened to album too. The style is ambient. There is almost no beat with exception of rare drums that are mostly parts of composition moves. Sound is burly and low and stories are epic. Atmosphere reminds fabled worlds of mythic lands & times. It has some taste of medieval I think. The highest point is number 2: Gaia's Rise. Great song with chorus effects and heroic mood. Although it is usually not my cup of a style Jule Grasz sounds very impressive. Yarn - Cryptic Entity EP Date: 07 Jan 2016 Code: BTCDR010 1 Entry Level 11:17 2 Deep in Highness 7:03 3 Pille 9:47 4 Innocence 6:42 Ferenc Majercsik, Nandor Horvath are from Hungary. Their magic music will hit many chillout areas soon for sure. Its very danceable and handsome psychill with openwork melodies and velvet beatbase. I think it is very useful at the party when you dont realy want people to fall asleep during your set in chillout. Guys have baked very talented release here and you also can check their album that presents the same style but twice as much. Personally I sure that this style of Yarn is required at psyparties that wants to preserve the spirit of real magic psychedlic event. In a scorching heat of main dancefloor there are moments when you need a place to escape to. And this place should run its own atmosphere that is opposite to the rough night rhythmes. It should be melodic and warm but it still needs engine to keep things running through your mind. Yarn are as close to this goal as it is possible today. My favorite track is Pille but the rest is high quality too. Pay your attention to this release folks. Brian Grassfield - Decades EP Date: 28 Jul 2016 Code: BTCDR030 1 Decades 5:40 2 Quinta 5:52 3 To the Mars 5:57 Brian Grassfield is from Hungary too. And he also presents the division of psychill sound on Blue Tunes. Distinct thread of beat and sophisticated arpeggios of melodies are combined to give us rich taste of wonderland. My favorite Qiunta is morphing a lot and summs up about 3-4 nice tunes that are whirling around each other through the track. I think that while the author have enough imagination to continue this way he will definetely reach a success. Heliocentrism - XIX Date: 19 May 2016 Code: BTCDR025 1 Proportions 3:50 2 Arkanoid 6:18 3 Symbol 7:17 4 Patchwork 8:40 5 Ace 4:21 6 Waves 5:15 7 XIX 6:55 Helioctntrism sound is example of dusk and minimal music. It have a taste of techno & urban soundscape. Tracks are slow heavy and bit depressed. Gloomy atmosphere of the whole album is picturesque and stylish. It is very unusal mood that personaly me likes not so much usually. But this release is much attractive because of its wholeness. My favorites are 2 tracks in the middle - Patchwork and Ace. There are not so many projects in the scene came from Poland but those that we know are rather interesting and unusual. Lets track further progress of this one together. Koan - Why? EP Date: 03 Sep 2015 Code: BTCDR001 Miracle For One 9:28 The Appearance Of Unicorn 9:18 Envoy (White Mix) 10:24 Destination (White Mix) 6:42 Why? 10:28 Koan is headliner of the whole label and probably most known act from the team. Their releases were out at Blue Tunes motherlabel since 2009 and there were many tracks that shake the genre very much. Why? is another one in the long row and presents 5 tracks of saturated and highly melodic and dynamic psychill. Nowaday project is experimenting in many different moods. From dusk ambient to melancholic progressive. But this release is the trademark sound and if you're familiar with Koan's music this one will fit your demands well. My favorite track is Envoy that blasting all the way with great melody and vivid surrounding. All other tracks also very well made and will surely satisfy any psychill lover. J.P. Illusion - When Night Falls EP Date: 05 May 2016 Code: BTCDR024 1 When Night Falls 5:38 2 Wind Full of Voices 7:13 John Panagoulias, Athens, Greece has couple of releases at local label Harmonia Rec. since 2010. His music is very nice example of quality psychill. He shows up as mature artist with great sense of psychdelic composing. When The Night Falls is full of magic sequences that develops very nice together to born out realy great atmosphere of psy chill-out. The second track is bit repetitive and so bright but has also some nice moves that works well. I hope these two tracks are just begining of creative path of the artist that sounds very perspective. Unusual Cosmic Process - Living Earth Date: 10 Mar 2016 Code: BTCDR019 1 Another Beautiful Morning 7:28 2 Salar De Uyuni 6:52 3 Silent Kerguelen 8:22 4 EveRest 8:35 5 Frozen Svalbard 9:04 6 New Zealand 9:22 7 Antarctica 8:26 8 Paints Of Danakil 9:06 9 World Of Tomorrow 8:09 Armen Akopov from Nikolaev, Ukraine is known as founder of many different projects. Unusual Cosmic Process is his psyambient alter-ego. It is expirienced artist whose albums were released at Ovnimoon Rec., Microcosmos Rec. and other studios. I think this album isnt bad at all and the project definetely worth attention. All of you who likes ambient sound and seek some additional inspiration of this kind of music are welcome to try this release. It has some fresh moves and presents its rather special taste. It has some deversity but mostly it is slow cosmic ambient to seduce you. Personaly I didnt like it much but it is more about my personal predilections. My favorite is Frozen Svalbard. One Arc Degree - The Ocean Palace Date: 31 Mar 2016 Code: BTCDR023 1 Through This Haze 7:50 2 The Ocean Palace - Part I 5:30 3 The Ocean Palace - Part II 5:22 4 Saturn Rising 6:28 5 Kraken Mare 6:53 6 Methane Tears 6:02 7 Crossing Belet 6:40 8 Hydrogen Times Pi 6:36 9 Memories of Earth 5:31 One Arc Degree is ambient music producers Ioannis Konstantios & Vasilis Kesalidis from Greece. Couple of earlier previews at soundcloud were very exciting for me and I was waiting the release with impatience. Notwithstanding its not exactely what I was waiting for the album has some nice features that worth to be checked if you are in this kind of music. It is atmospheric and melodic kind of beatless music that nothing to do with psychedlic actually. AstroPilot - Solar Walk IV. YOUniverse Date: 04 Feb 2016 Code: BTCDR014 1 Our Second Sun 7:58 2 Balance 7:46 3 Desolate Spaces 7:41 4 Permanent Impermanence 6:54 5 Immersion (Space Symphony Version) 6:18 6 YOUniverse 6:52 7 Attraction 6:43 8 Through The Veil 8:29 9 Shots Of Awe 6:37 10 Frozen Time 9:39 AstroPilot's album was most anticipated by me among these bunch of releases. I have to say that my expectations were way too high. I dont gonna say that release is awful but I should say that it is not show any development. In both inner and outer meanings. It has no any perceptible development inside - all tracks are so uniform and even... And it seems like all of them just trying to repeat previous releases of the artist. I didnt found any idea that connected them in one suite. It seems like release starts from one uncertain point and then ends in another that uncertain even more. Ambient style is very demanding to the skill of compilation of the release. Slow, almost immobile music wants to be packed in the long stories and should impress listener with imperceptible micro changes all the way to substitute more colorful design of more upbeat music. This release sounds more as compilation of similar beatless tracks then true ambient story as were albums by Cell, Solar Fields or Healer and so on. However the production is still hi-level and up-to-date. Looking forward to find out great creative progress by this artist in next releases. As we see the label now at the time of team's building. They are trying out different artists and styles. Many of them are very interesting and perspective. Personally I prefer psychill & chilgressive styles better then too dull ambient and in my eyes there are too much beatless releases. Also I hope to see more dub/psydub/dubstep acts in the list. But it is up to label's owner to gather artist's pool. All in all I can say that Blue Tunes Chillout team have done great job! Many cool releases and new names are definetely badly needed in the scene today. In the era of digital production there are too many projects borns and dies without a trace at all. Sublabel of mighty Blue Tunes Records is a great chance for newcomers to draw attention and then blast with a masterpiece.
  13. Label: Blue Tunes Recordings, BTRCD049 Format: CD, Album Country: Germany Released: 03 Apr 2014 Genre: Electronic Style: Downtempo, Ambient The new disc of Koan*, released one of the German psytrance majors Blue Tunes Recordings, reveals to us the wonderful world of North American Indians. Epic paintings, one after another just blown speakers by melodic, polyphonic flow with an incredible instrumental richness. You did not hear this from Koan, you have not heard of this anywhere. For sure! ----------------------------------- * the review was written May 2014. I've lost access to it together with my notebook. 1 Alone In Canoe 1:32 2 Eagle's Tale 8:47 3 Tears Of Thunder Spirit (Blue Mix) 7:50 4 Hanblicheya (Blue Mix) 8:52 5 Fighting With Unchegila 8:29 6 Dreamers Of Black Hills (Blue Mix) 8:00 7 Vision Of Star Woman (Big Deeper Mix) 9:10 8 Tribute For Hiawatha 9:56 9 Uenuku (Blue Mix) 9:40 10 Peta-Owi Hankeshni! 2:06 "The Way of One" - is undoubtedly the best thing released by project of its whole history. This is not surprising - every next album Koan produces really, honestly, every time performing incredible - endlessly adding in skill. This album shows how close electronic sounds can come to the best orchestral works. On the basis of the most progressive chill-out basement composer writes a stunning complexity and touching melodic thread. They are also extremely accurately immerse the listener in some fantastic (does not really exists), but very historic, past of an entire civilization. To be honest, I'm not used to hear so much saturation, so much drive in the chill-out music, which usually draws the atmosphere with much more minimalist tools. Here in the album a myriad of sounds and dozens of synths, connecting and decay, creating a truly extraterrestrial dynamics. Every single moment with terrible force involves the listener into magical Koan universe. Do not even know what to say about the technical performance. The level is so strong that no words of comparison, and it makes no sense to compare. One thing you can be sure with is anyone who considers himself a fan of chill-out and ethno-music simply must hear this. At least to be aware of how it happens. The unique style of the project again revived after the recent experiments with more dark sound. Unbridled melodic magic just grabs you from the first to the last track. The authors have learned to do well their albums diverse. Here in the album many different moods have taken their places. There is a place for the stunning touching sagas as Eagle's Tale and Tears of Thunder Spirit. There is also a place for anxiety, tension, almost experimental sound of Tribute to Hiawatha and Uenuku, and for heroic anthem Fighting with Unchegila. Crazy craftsmanship of tracks complemented talent compilation of CD. It always gives a huge plus to any disk of any project. Koan is the sort of music, I always expect a lot. Because Koan is a brand and design, musical phenomenon and a pioneer of domestic chill-out scene. For more than 20 years of domestic and foreign listeners have the pleasure of hearing works of project. Each disc again shows the progress of sound, melodies, ideas and styles. Koan is a large-scale cross-cultural phenomenon. Together with Koan we have already visited China and Japan, Turkey and the Arabian sands, in Peru and Mexico. Koan discography is a whole music encyclopedia of ethno-music lover traveler, made with love and awe to the listener with respect to different cultures. Today's world has unique properties that are revealed to us directly in real time. Yesterdays individual trends are gone. We are waiting for brand new global creative arts for global world! This masterpiece was made of three branches. Back in 2003 Americas TV was exploded by DreamKeeper the movie that became sort of impression basis for the album. CD cover also joins here some real art power. It is created by one of the Russian most impressive & famous landscapers. To finish this review I have to recommend all of you The Way Of One by Koan. It is really original sound along with very strong production. Musical wealth and level of talent are too personal feelings for every person but if you want my opinion I will say that this album is great and original enough to place it on top of your wishlist. Todays chillout departments of large events & fests are full of smashing live-performances but if youre party dj and want to mix up some psychill pearls you should try your luck with this one. Everyone who consider himself as psychill & downtempo lounge lover must have this one for sure.
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