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  1. looks fun too bad it's not open air, you have so much beautiful places in turkey
  2. It's a ratio, not a constant. Something has to be 1.618 times bigger than another thing.
  3. damn.. i put this in my mp3 player and started listening on the bus to work, but then i feel asleep and ran out of battery LOL try again today Cronomi is a bit busy for the next few months
  4. discogs died the moment they made it wiki i only use it for the marketplace
  5. Yea, those are the "Breslavim". Orthodox religious guy following this dude: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachman_of_Breslov A lot of them are actually Trance fans which took too many drugs and got closer to religion
  6. Am I the only one getting forwarded to http://scanner.antivirus-2009-pro.com/scan...;campaign=50500 from here?
  7. 1. stuff like the progressive zenon records release. no cheese, just psychedelic stuff. 2. psychedelic trance which is not fullon. stuff like the last artifakt, sienis album. not fullon! and not suomi stuff as well. could be older stuff. i dont mind having gems from a few years ago that i missed. this is actually why i opened this thread. doesn't have to be new stuff.
  8. I must say that Bay Hall Magic is brilliant. Purely amazing. Sames goes for the Filteria Remix. Those 2 tracks alone worth the entire CD.
  9. Yea. And I'm loving every moment of it.
  10. a. loudness button isn't a compressor, it's an eq - boosting bass and trebles. b. i am an uneducated idiot.
  11. Yes. A whisper will still sound as a whisper, even if it's compressed. I'm not talking about the overcompression such as the Metapsychic stuff, but compressed stuff is good. Again, I don't want to turn the volume knob because there's a whisper. Right. Since when do mp3 players have limiters?
  12. No. I don't want to constantly change the volume while listening to music.
  13. what's wrong with super-maximised and compressed music? sounds better. more bass, crisper sound. it's not like uncompressed music where every track has different volume, forcing you to adjust the level on whatever you're playing it at. if you're comparing it to the dynamicness of opera, well i have heard some opera recorded songs and they are awful. it's all so silent, then suddenly screaming and stuff. maybe it works for the theater, but not for home listening. i want my music balanced and compressed. fuck dynamics.
  14. Triangle II freeware version of Pentagon, sounds even better in some cases
  15. here's one: http://www.loool.pl/Artha_-_Live%20_at_(L)...18-04-2008).mp3
  16. +12324812734618237461892346!!!!!!!! yes it's like a whole new world it's like masturbating for the very first time it's like tasting sweet and sour sauce on chicken it's amazing
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