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  1. People Walk Funny Cronomi Records 1 - OOOD - Freon (First Time Lucky '98 mix) 2 - New Born - Purity 3 - K.O.B. - Go Cyborg! 4 - Jikkenteki - Automagic (Subra Remix) 5 - PortaMento - Sugar Shock 6 - Liquid Flow - Synergy 7 - Artifact303 - Levitation Device 8 - Amanians - Fireworks 9 - Artha - Sannjasin Mastering by Colin Bennun I am happy to present to you the new Cronomi Records compilation - People Walk Funny. As the name suggests, people do indeed walk funny. And while they're doing it, why not add some crazy psychedelic Goa Trance to it? If you want Goa which is dirty, psychedelic, fast and hard yet true to the sources of Goa Trance - you've come to the right place. Each track in here has something for both the mind and the body, starting with some night psychedelia and ending in morning mayhem. Be sure not to miss it! Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//inde...eCd&id=1848 Release date: 2009-03-27
  2. Ok for some reason the website works only in Firefox and not in IE, so until I figure out why it's happening, you can also get it here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/anakol...eyond-reach-ep/ working now.
  3. Zinzana Trance - editing and drum programming: Sh(?) Hayak Zinzana Trance recorded in "The Creator" Studios Thanks to Alit/Elit and Nadir Haguel In appreciation to Menash Levi and Dudi Azulai Some spelling mistakes in Hebrew. Zinzana = it's this police car used to transport prisoners.
  4. Anakoluth - Beyond Reach CRONOMI001EP 1. Analemma 2. Echolot 3. Patterns In The Chaos 4. Iapetus Roman Hunziker is by now famous for his trippy and minimal style and he has earned the respect of fans worldwide. After a few releases, including a track on Cronomi first compilation and a 4-track EP on Etoplazm, now it's time for yet another 4-track EP, this time on Cronomi Records. The tracks show maturity and an evolution in both sound production and musical arrangement. The tracks show a prominent goa and "old-school" touch to them while keeping the clean and technical style for which Anakoluth is known for. Mastering is done by Colin Bennun. This EP will soon be free to download as both an MP3 and a FLAC package from Cronomi Records. Stay tuned.
  5. Anakoluth EP is 99% ready, and actually I was too lazy to write a promo text so that's why it's not in this section yet. Second compilation is finished, waiting for artwork. Subra album might take some time since I just started my university studies, so don't count on it. Maybe an EP sometime in the future.
  6. Good to hear that Expect an Amanians track on the next Cronomi compil too, btw
  7. Title: Primordial - Various Artists Label: Biosine Records RELEASE DATE: 12-12-2008 Tracklist: 01. Bent Intent - All In 02. Autonomech - The Real Australia 03. Cause & Effect - Stoflck Stiflck 04. Sensient - Brown Chaps 05. Artifakt - 2nd Apocalypse 06. Mish-kah & Felis - Block the Stock 07. Minimal Criminal - Red Mongolian Deathworm 08. One Tasty Morsel - Sub Standard 09. Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble in the Jungle (Senient rmx) 10. Superfluous Nipple - Childhood Mastered by Matthew de Nobrega at Timecode Mastering Primordial is the hotly anticipated second compilation from Australian label, Biosine Records. After the success of their first release ‘Cloud Catcher’, label owners, foot-e and Jules searched long and hard for tracks that pleased their ears and minds. The result is Primordial which clearly defines the labels intent to release quality psychedelic minimal/progressive which leans towards the darker side. Devoid of cheese, the tracks go from eerie night time atmospheres with time and space to thumpin’ daytime chunk. With some surprise additions to the tracklist that include a minimal mind twister from the Artifakt, and an eerie, psychedelic moody stomper from Kluster’s side project with friend dj EgoT, Cause and Effect. Also included are some editions from prog heavyweights such as Sensient, Behind Blue Eyes, Minimal Criminal, Autonomech and keeping with Biosine’s ethic of releasing new and upcoming quality artists, monster tracks from Zenon's new find One Tasty Morsel and a tech-trance stomper from Israel’s Felis and Mish-kah, all sweetly topped and tailed by more down tempo from Bent Intent and Superfluous Nipple. With a minimal of fluff this release goes about it's business of bringing staunch minimal/progressive to the outdoor party dancefloor as well as providing a CD that can be enjoyed from start to finish. Primordial Cover artwork and design by Lewis Smart @ http://www.myspace.com/asylumseaker Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque Audio Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//inde...Itemid=99999999 http://www.myspace.com/biosinerecords
  8. skazi - hit n run puts you to sleep
  9. first thanks second - well not having to wear glasses for the rest of my life is worth it third - no worries
  10. :wub: yea true about new music from cronomi - there's a second anakoluth ep coming very soon. also a new compilation in very early 2009 - going to be a lot more uptempo than freshly cut tomato - featuring almost all of cronomi artists and a previously unreleased oldschool goa track. about my own music, i just had laser eye surgery yesterday so once i recover i'll start working on some stuff. i got a to-do list i need to go through np - kanye west - love lockdown
  11. oh, it's not bad in personal life. it's good in personal life. the change is that personal life exists now
  12. Hi all Thanks for the appreciation, it really makes me happy. As Pavel mentioned, I have some stuff in my personal life which takes away the time from my music. I promise I'll get back to it very soon An album is something I've thought about for a long time, but since I hardly have time for a single track - an album seems too far away. I will keep releasing tracks on compilations and free-for-downloads. Maybe there will be an album? Hopefully.
  13. Blaming the loudness war on the lousy work of one mastering engineer isn't too smart, you know.
  14. Yea I know what you're talking about, I heard it. It's the same in the Human Hyperactivation compilation from Metapsychic. In those cases it's not loudness and maximizing, it's just an example of how not to master music. This has nothing to do with loudness war, just plain awful sound.
  15. You will not be disappointed
  16. The thing which is lost is volume. The idea behind compression is reducing the loud parts in a track, so you can increase the loudness in the entire track. So all that you're losing is the differences in loudness, and nothing else. Not notes, frequencies, sounds, whatever. Take this as a good thing - you will know that you will not be surprised by any loud peaks causing possible hearing damage. There is an effect on overall sound quality, of course since after all it does change the sound. But if the artist made a good mix, mastering will only make it sound better.
  17. So you know better than the mastering engineer, just by looking at the waveform of a track? (no offence meant, if taken) Seriously, there is not much you can know about sound and what to do with it by just looking at it. And even if there is something, it's very limited. You're also making the assumption, that if it looks loud then it would sound better a bit less loud, since you were probably brainwashed by vids like the one I mentioned earlier, and by the very name of "loudness war" which has bad connotations. IMHO, those who are against the loudness war are just like the people who can't realize that cds actually sound better than vinyls. There are used to something specific, and now that it's changing, it's bad according to their opinion. And let me say another thing - back in the years of fool-on domination (like 2002-2005) all psytrance had to sound very specific to be considered "well produced". The GMS-Astrix-whatever type of sound was the industry standard, and if you couldn't get there then your music was automatically labeled as "crap" by the mainstream scene. I even remember the reviews Talpa album was getting at the time - people complaining it sounded like crap. Looking back now, it sounds a whole lot better that that other music. Things changed now, there is much more open-mindness towards different sounds and you should be thankful for that, instead of complaining (or wondering) about that nonsense called "loudness war".
  18. Being one of the people this is addressed to, I will try to give you an answer, also from the point of view of an artist (which I'm one). First of all, let me start by saying that I think the the thing you call "loudness war", and I just call "maximizing volume" is a good thing. I don't see why the fuck is everyone saying that this is a bad thing. Why? because of that vid on Youtube where they show how it hurts the dynamics? Maximizing has very little to do with the actual sound quality. That sound quality is mostly determined by the mixing the artist did on the track. And this is before the maximizing part. The maximizing (part of the mastering process) is mostly done to eliminate loudness level differences between tracks on an album, and compared to the rest of the tracks released at the time in the scene. Why is this good? Why does it all have to be equal? Because most of this music will be heard on portable mp3 players, and on home systems, and cars and usually they are not top notch. Dynamics is bad in those cases, because you will not hear the silent parts in tracks. I'm telling you this because I've been listening to music in a lot of different enviroments in my life and I know what I'm talking about. If you wanna hear unmastered stuff where it actually matters - go to a live set of your favorite artists. That's raw music, without any maximizing (mostly). Besides, today's goa is still far far away from let's say other genres of psytrance, mostly prog where the sound quality (and the loudness) shines. To be honest, most of today's goa - even though it sounds much better than oldschool - sounds like crap most of the time. You have to thank the mastering engineers for doing such a great job on the tracks to make them sound like that. I heard the tracks on Freshly Cut before the mastering, and after - and I can tell you, it's not just loudness. It's everything. I'm sure the Suntrippers will agree with me on that concerning their releases. Bottom line - loud is good, not bad.
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