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  1. About the mastering: I must say that the mastering here is really amazing. Colin did quite an excellent job. antic, I'm sorry to say that you're thinking this way but maybe because you're comparing this to pre 2000 goa which is under-compressed so it sounds to different and hard to get used to. If you listen to this album on it's own - you will realize how crisp it sounds, yet not being sterile (like most of the modern music). Besides - Colin only made the final touches, after all, most of the sound production is Artha's. Other than that, I'm happy to see that the album is well received. Some said a "label war". Well, I must say that I am actually happy to the positive response for this release (and also our other releases), but this is different than what the other labels release. It can't be compared to the nitzhonot of Sita and it can't be compared to the morning music of Suntrip - so it can't be better than any of it. Also saying that what we release is "dark" is a bit misleading. Again, it's "darker" than the uber melodic nitzhonot and uber happy morning - but you still need to remember that we are not releasing Kox Box and Psyko Disko. I think that only Anakoluth and half of Freshly Cut Tomato can be considered as pure dark goa. But then again, who am I to define. Anyway, stay tuned as more stuff is coming ahead.
  2. So the guy might be doing a clip for one of Artha's unreleased tracks. Stay tuned
  3. +1 on that. Lots of oldschool going on in Israel. Unfortunately, no new school. Organizers should book more (which is currently 0) new school artists. I've done some "lobbying", for my own artists from Cronomi and other artists, with no success. reyu - pointless I meant of course from a business point of view. Like Basilisk said, a good option would be to just release it as CC for free, and if they want money then a digital download would also be ok.
  4. Since there is a glitch in track 3 (Chaos) on the album, we have decided to offer a fixed version of the track free for download. The story and a download link: http://cronomi.com/?p=180
  5. No point in making a re-release. Pressing 500 copies is quite pointless, if only some goa-freaks are going to buy it. The solution in my opinion, is to put all of the older releases as digital downloads.
  6. Seems like there is a problem with 1:13 @ track 3. Amazing how after listening to something so much you miss the little things. Anyway, don't worry. The rest of the album is perfect and the music is more than amazing. We will upload a fixed version of track 3 soon.
  7. Yes indeed, it is out! Available here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8400 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/crm/crm1cd003.html http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5602 http://www.play.com/Music/CD/-/8/33/-/13953237/Influencing-Dreams/Product.html http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=3792 Also available directly from Cronomi Records (useful if you live in either Israel or Belgium). Maybe in the far future. Not anytime soon, anyway.
  8. We're trying very hard. Thanks for the support.
  9. Hi everyone! Some updates about what's going on in Cronomi Records. Artha album was supposed to be released today but there were some delays so it will be out only in one week. The first track on the album (Dubber Nubber) which is truly an amazing track had to be shortened a bit to fit on the album (that's more than 78 minutes of music, after shortening!). The longer version is even more mind blowing and we are having a brainstorm here at Cronomi labs pondering what we should do with it. DJ Inada is working on a compilation which is getting near to completion. It will feature tracks by Cronomi artists (Artha, PortaMento, M-Run) and some other tracks by well respected artists in the scene. This compilation will be in the kickass-energetic-seriouslyfun style of goa trance. Some tracks are even plain funny and amusing (but don't blame me if it isn't). Should be released in late 2010 I think - but again, Artha was supposed to be out in late 2009. Seems like we have a curse on the label. PortaMento is very close to the completion of his album, and what an album this is going to be! Dark yet melodic yet powerful yet mind-bending goa trance. You heard one track from him on People Walk Funny, and you will also hear from him on Inada's compilation. He isn't too well known since he doesn't write enough to spread around his music like most people nowadays, but it is well worth the wait. M-Run, our newest addition is slowly working to get some tracks together for a release on Cronomi. If I'll have to describe his music in one word - it would be fun. Quite different from the style of music you hear today in the goa scene. As for myself, Subra, in the next few months I will be moving together with my studio, so I will eventually have the possibility to write new music (since none has been written in the past 2 years or so) so you should expect a Subra EP sometime in 2010. The Cronomi website has been updated with content (and soon more sound samples). Pay a visit: http://cronomi.com You can also follow Cronomi on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cronomi-Records/168409805329 and on Twitter: http://twitter.com/cronomi That's it so far. Have an amazing spring! np: Vibrasphere - Manzanilla
  10. I'm serious. People are all about support and peace and love and marking "like" on your posts on Facebook, but when it comes to actually paying money for the cd they suddenly don't have money. Of course they do have money for the equivalent of 10 cds per month, but for drugs.
  11. Mars said it. One way you can help the labels is to actually buy the cds. Some people think "oh well, I wouldn't buy this one but someone else will so it's ok". The problem is that the "some" is actually 100 people which is worth quite a lot of money to the label.
  12. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Subconscious/release/339534 real dub, if it's of any interest
  13. Only a few more days until Artha - Influencing Dreams is released! Longer samples and ordering info: http://cronomi.com/?p=164
  14. Seemed like I missed those results. Saw it only now. Good to see a Cronomi release at the top
  15. Ormion said most of it. I'll add my 2 cents. Most of the music released today can be categorized into 3 categories: 1. Nitzhonot which I personally dislike, but it does seem to have a very solid and enthusiastic fanbase. 2. Wavy happy smiley melodic morning chilloutish goa trance (Suntrip leading it mostly), an extreme example would be Ra album. 3. "Generic" melodic goa trance which is the rest, released by everyone else (including Cronomi actually). Nice melodies, but slightly forgettable. A personal favorite is Liquid Flow which manages to actually make it very good and I still hum his tracks once in a while. The problem about music other than that, which is the "more sophisticated darker" goa music, is that it doesn't exist. The music that does exist, is very rare and\or just not good enough. In Cronomi records I try to find those tracks, and it's damn hard. In Freshly Cut Tomato I had to put a mix of all styles, and the darker tracks (first half mostly) were simply not as good as the latter half, because that's the best there was at the time. It got a little better with People Walk Funny, but then again - there are very few tracks like that. Artists that are writing the "other" style of goa (I wouldn't say darker because it's not always this dark) which pop right off my head are Artha (who has an album coming out next week), PortaMento (who is working very slow), Anakoluth (again - slow, studies and stuff), and even myself (and I didn't write a single track in about 2 years, again university etc). New Born is another one, but he is working very slow. Sometimes it's easy to blame the labels for releasing crap stuff (especially if it's fullon), but as a label - I'm telling you that music like this is really hard to find. And I'm willing to pay for such music. Now for some positive stuff: I think that the newschool goa (which has been around for 6 years or so) is quite amazing. First of all, the sound is much better than it was way back then. Listen to the biggest classics. The fatness of the sound pales in comparison to today's top productions. There is also quite a lot more music, since production is much more accessible to everyone. You don't need lots of real instruments (and don't give me that crap about analog sound = good). You have to realize though, that most of the artists now are taking their first steps in writing music. Before you write a masterpiece, you need to master the simpler stuff. Anyway, I see a bright future for the music. It will all be ok, eventually.
  16. Send your stuff to us at Cronomi
  17. I'm guessing that it's not available anymore?
  18. Since Ektoplazm is spreading 99999.99999% of the free psytrance releases today, it's ok since everything over there is Creative Commons. But I still think it's a bit stupid - it's already free to download on Ektoplazm and usually on the label's or artist's website. But hey, if we're not making any money for the EP anyway then at least the recognition and possible booking will do the trick.
  19. +1 I remember once watching some porn clips with Hallucinogen playing. That was so amazing I think Zohan has some psytrance, no?
  20. Just to add my 2 cents, there are some artists writing the darker less-melodic goa. I wouldn't say non-melodic, because goa can't be non melodic at all. It wouldn't be goa. First of all, there is Anakoluth - which isn't writing at the moment because he is busy with studying, but he has some darker than dark music. And even he has some melodies inside. Now there's PortaMento which is finalizing his album - this is also dark and psychedelic goa. His track on People Walk Funny was just about the most melodic track he has ever written. If what you think of as "Melodic goa" is the stuff that Suntrip releases, which is the "wave your hands in the air happy happy" type of goa - then you might also want to check out Artha - which is so much different from everything else you hear. Hmm.. Seems like I accidentally wrote a promotional post for Cronomi Anyway - the reason that melodic goa is so much common than the darker goa is because of some reasons: It's much more popular, with Suntrip leading the way. It's easier to write - just put on a few melodies and you got 8 minutes of a track. It's easier to listen to - same reasons. After all, most music (not just trance) is melodic. There are artists writing the darker unmelodic stuff, you just need to look for them. Most of those artists are somewhat older and more mature (being careful here not to say that the rest are just kids), and they are not in a hurry to release every single half-track they make, so you don't hear about them much.
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