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  1. wait another month then. about a year ago it took them like 3 months to accept a submission..
  2. if mine are rejected there it always a reason, I make a resubmit and then it's accepted. dunno what's wrong with you people
  3. They accept my submissions fast. Maybe because I'm a veteran discogser?
  4. wtf you nerds the party starts at like 1:30 am!! or that's only in israel?
  5. their first album had indeed some goa spirit in it. only some. their first album was also one of the best full-on album ever made, if you ignore all those retarded drug&cheese samples. what became of them next is just a joke
  7. C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\Mike A - Alabaster Angel (5min draft).mp3 killargh
  8. colin, use it in a track just for fun then if people ask you what do you use for music, tell them "microsoft excel" how cool is that?
  9. Does it work?... Couldn't get it running with openoffice
  10. Hommega! Phonokol!!!!!!!! dude, open your own label.
  11. lol S-Word anyway, Infected Mushroom - None of this is real like duh?
  12. don't be afraid of bombs in israel. what you see in the news is not where all the action is.
  13. mfg and astral are so much different mfg is the psychedelic bizarre stuff and astral is the emotional put-your-hands-in-the-air stuff both are great, but if i'd have to choose... mfg
  14. well, mfg of that time (97 98 99) was indeed THE full on for that period.
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