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  1. I know this guy, he lives nearby.
  2. Are you all stupid? Read the post: I bet Simon was thinking "ok I'll just say yes to whatever he is telling me because he is annoying me and I can't stand him anymore". This has NOTHING to do with Simon! So why the fuck are you calling him an ego maniac coke user? How retarded can you be?
  3. This just can't be real. No fucking way.
  4. Diaks, I am with you on most of the subject. I disagree about hardware synths, as they are not important for sound generation and equal if not better results can be achieved with software synthesizers. Someone who knows his hardware synths well will make something good out of them, and someone who knows his soft synths well will also succeed. It is true that most producers do not have proper monitoring environments and you can definitely hear it in the music, with productions being simply not good. This is purely a financial problem, which can't be blamed on the artists. My heart goes to them And yes, lately there is an inflation of "free Goa Trance releases lately with more or less undeveloped tracks", as you call it. The thing is, that a few years ago if you are a new artist and you wanted to get exposure then your only possibility was to release something on a label. The label would have to spend money on the release, so it had to choose the tracks very carefully and ensure that everything is top notch and well produced. Today it's different - there are platforms for distribution of music without getting a single cent spent on just about nothing. Because it is risk free - labels don't care about quality and focus on quantity, as told to me by an individual from one of those labels - as bizarre as it sounds. They have zero quality control and release just about everything. This floods the market with countless (literally) free releases which would never be released by any self-respecting label. So what happens? Some guy sees this article in Computer Music Magazine, and googles for goa trance. They end up downloading those releases because that's the easiest type of goa trance to download at the moment, they hear it and decide they don't like it. So they move on. By this, those free releasing labels are actually damaging the scene. The "free music revolution" is a welcome one, as long as quality is being maintained. Quality is definitely not being maintained. This is all very frustrating to be honest, since I am also a label owner which is working very hard on putting out quality releases, and constantly telling my artists "this is not good enough! work more!". And then the reputation of this genre which me and other hard working labels in this scene are developing, gets shattered to pieces by the low quality releases which are widely circulated. I'm afraid that this scene is going to the same thing that happened to full on - the few excellent releases were eclipsed by many crap releases and gave the genre a really bad reputation of being just not good. End of rant.
  5. 150? Exaggerating a bit no? Maybe yes if you count everyone who started making music 2 months ago and found an artist name. How many of those are truly professional?
  6. I liked the movie. I think it was great! btw - I used to have the book somewhere, but lost it.
  7. What about Cakewalk Sonar? Its native plugins include Rapture, Dimension Pro, Z3ta, Pentagon and Session Drummer.
  8. Hook it up with a Kaossilator for pure compact fun
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gipB2dDX4GM
  10. If to ignore Cronomi's artists (Artha, New Born, Anakoluth, PortaMento etc) and myself (Subra), I would say Alienapia, Radical Distortion, Filteria, Artifact303.
  11. better use? Those pitch bends and gates make it absolutely amazing!
  12. He isn't active anymore. He is one of those Israeli talents I wanted for Cronomi Records, but he is focusing on his studies of marine biology instead. I do hope that he will return to writing music in the future.
  13. Hey. Did anyone managed syncing Traktor to external hardware? Basically I want to control the BPM on Traktor with the "Tempo" knob on my Novation Remote. I managed to do it the other way around - controlling the BPM on the Novation with Traktor, but other than having the light blinking in sync with the BPM it's quite useless. They are obviously communicating though - which is nice to begin with. Anyway, the Traktor manual mentions a MIDI Setup preferences page where I choose sync stuff - but that page doesn't exist. There is only a MIDI Clock page with output options (that's how I got it controlling the Novation), but no input options. So how do I make it work?
  14. I have an unsent package with Freshly Cut Tomato and People Walk Funny inside, mint unopened. Instead of ruining the package and opening it to put it back on my stock, I decided to sell it for 9 euros including shipping, worldwide. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Freshly-Cut-Tomato/release/1390986 http://www.discogs.com/Various-People-Walk-Funny/release/1671912 Send a message if you're interested.
  15. Just went over my collection, and put up some new items. Full list at: http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?seller=anenburg
  16. Just making sure that everyone realizes that the older tracks in here are remixed versions of the original tracks, reedited, remixed and remastered.
  17. Wow, this album is amazing. The first time I heard it, various feelings have risen from inside. The same feelings when I was listening to old MFG, Pleiadians and AP from cassette tapes when I was a kid. This album is very energetic, delivering really good vibes and feelings in a somewhat darker themed goa trance. Even though it is very fast and very melodic, it deviates from the so common neo-nitzhonot style of these days, which is actually a positive thing because this is an order of magnitute better than the rest. The sound production is interesting - every track has a signature sound, being somewhat raw and unpolished yet still managing to sound very good. The fact that there are basically only 5 tracks doesn't bother me too much since I only own one of the mentioned compilations. On that matter, I would love to hear a full version of the first track since it is so much mind blowing. To sum it up, this is how goa trance should sound. A top competitor for the best album of 2010 in goa trance.
  18. No, but I really want one. One of the best albums ever made in the history of mankind.
  19. The distributor is Arabesque, not us. I'll check what's up with that. If you do manage to cancel your order, you can order from us. From me actually, since shipping from Israel is cheaper than shipping from Belgium I think.
  20. Artha's genre is so different from old Koxbox and Kino Oko, no point in comparing. It's like saying that Shpongle is better than the Beatles, or something. No point in comparison. There is no conspiracy - in that specific genre, Artha really tops everything else.
  21. Really? http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/13953237/Influencing-Dreams/Product.html It doesn't mention here that it's out of stock. Anyway, you can order from here as well (uk based also): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Influencing-Dreams-Artha/dp/B003DW6BVO/
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