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  1. Check the samples on psydb.net. You can find loads of tracks.
  2. N-Joi

    Audio-x ?

    i think it is a remix of "whatever the customer wants", with a very bad audio quality. same samples.
  3. it escaped my notice mate, thanks by the way, there are other songs that i can't remember now which used turkish samples, if anyone can recognise i would be appreciated.
  4. Here is a list that i made. Hope someone are interested and i am looking forward to get some contributions. 1995 elysium - master of the rainforest 02.07 : huner coskuner - deli gonul 2009 itp - the silk road 03.31: ibrahim tatlises - canim dediklerim 2001 shpongle - around the world in a tea daze 06:43 : donulmez aksamın ufkundayız (voices of istanbul sampler, asura also overused this cd in the songs lost eden, raindust and the battle of devas) 2011 Saragema - transcendence 03:30 ; ogul giderem van'a dogru (folk song by an unknown singer) 2005 Bigbacterials - etnologic 02:53 ; sari yazma yakismaz mi guzele ( folk song by an unknown singer) Eat Static used some Bulent Ersoy samples in their songs forgotten rites, dionysiac, more than flesh) Also irina mikhailova song some songs for star sound orchestra and toires. (Technically not sample)
  5. Uncomfirmed nn4 cosmic navigators - the first tour Dat 9 nn 6 dark Activate morlack - dog on acid Dat 4 unknown pay track 8 Weirdo beardo - vs. Skippy Dat 2 Goa 6 Comet - illuminated
  6. It's a shame that this one never got released and have forgotten. Thnx for the info.
  7. the song from 06:50 to 10:50 is pandemicus - out of space according to shazam
  8. The opening track is an excellent remix of SUN Project- Space Dwarfs that i have never heard before. Does anyone have any information about this? Is it an unreleased Olli?
  9. that's an unreleased one, confirmed by the artist. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=250575241638022&id=114568371941684&comment_id=3647303&offset=0&total_comments=7
  10. This video is ripped from https://www.youtube.com/all_comments?lc=0L2nopVNocDGgYZfm9wuWOr2O0JaJIhQWDT2CS8dBPk&v=M1YQEiKlk2Uby holy antaro Check the link, i believe most of the tracks were identified
  11. 48:41 Psychaos - Perception of Reality found by "Unidentified Goa" on youtube. Amazing track. .
  12. 34:00 - Etnica - Fingers 37:05 - Power Source - Everest
  13. i started to get bored what they called "nitzhogoa" and its orientalist view. but this is not like them, this is huge. a truely outstanding album from start to finnish. origin of life reminded me macroscopic view, what a song. good job bro.
  14. his sound is just amazing. this is going to be album of the year for me.
  15. i was thinking the same thing , this topic surprised me. i like his catchy melodies a lot.
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