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  1. knowing that if i work hard enough, in a few years my music will be better than "half decent mediocre"
  2. Nothing to align with? Remixing Dreamfish or something?
  3. I think I'm done with buying stuff... http://felis.co.il/?page_id=45&g2_itemId=68 Now it's time to write music
  4. I'm saying that because specs mean nothing in speakers. Absolutely nothing. You can't just a speaker by the specs.
  5. k so the first track sounded like a lousy ticon imitation, but the second track kicks ass excellent work!
  6. ooh you touch my tra la la :posford:
  7. ok so it's like that i ordered sennheiser hd-25 bought two 22" lcd monitors bought a laptop fun
  8. And I have 0 of those on cd, so this is actually a good purchase for me
  9. I once had a friend (he still is actually) who kept insistnig what WAV sound better than FLAC. No matter how much I tried to explain it to him, WAV was better. According to him, FLAC was compressed, thus less quality.
  10. I say it again - your soundcard has 0 effect on mixdown quality when making an export/mixdown/bounce offline Don't believe it? Turn off your onboard ac97 and unplug your fw - it will still mixdown, even though there is no sound card present on the system. It's all math done by the CPU. Of course a better soundcard will help you mix better - but we were not talking about it. Colin - you mean if I have a poco or uad or something I must make it online? Offline will not work?
  11. actually the sound card has 0 effect on mixdown quality..
  12. when using my own mastering - dither it and export as 16/44.1, when someone else is mastering - 24/44.1 (or 32, depends what they want). no point in using anything over 44.1. too long to explain why, just take my word for it
  13. If you wait patiently enough, you'll hear some on Cronomi Records
  14. new mix http://felis.co.il/Subra-InextricableConfusion.mp3 tracklist and info: http://felis.co.il/?p=43
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