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  1. Speaking of that Artifact303 track, you might want to look at the CD it was released on: http://cronomi.com/?page_id=36
  2. Artha - Fluori Dolby CRONOMI002EP 1. Signs 2. Astral Body 3. DNA 4. Sannjasin (Remix) Download links: MP3 FLAC Artha has been around for a few years, performing extensively in his homeland Poland and spreading his recorded live sets on the internet. Slowly but surely he gained in reputation as a brilliant producer, composing original music which redefines psychedelic goa trance. As a teaser for his upcoming album, Influencing Dreams, Cronomi Records is releasing a free-to-download EP. The tracks on this EP are a preview of Artha's exquisite music, showing some new tunes together with remakes of old and known tracks. Mastering by Colin Bennun, artwork by Insidelamp.
  3. First of all, it's a He, not They And don't take my word for it. If he starts writing again don't blame me for saying he stopped
  4. Well, right now I'm a geology student + geology lab assistant + helper in chemistry for first year students, so that basically leaves me 0 time to work on music. I have't even touched Cubase in a year. Hopefully next semester this is going to be a bit easier since I will have less courses, so I might start making music again. Making a full album has been a dream for a long time, and it will come true, some day. But in the meanwhile, I'm running Cronomi, so if you're not getting music made by me - you can at least get music in my taste.
  5. Well, you can just wait until Joske comes online and ask him
  6. Well, that FTP server sucks. Anyway - first track on the set is Artha - Controlled. A much better mix of that track is going to be released on his album. I don't recognize the second track. It's not Artha.
  7. You are way too fast, it was listed there only yesterday I think
  8. Hello, I'm the owner of Cronomi Records. Here is the stuff that I can say: Artha will release an album in the near future on our label. It will be accompanied by a free to download EP as well as a bit of a promo before. I'm not saying it because I want to sell more or hype it, but I honestly thing that this will probably be the best thing that happened to goa trance in the last years. Seriously. New Born is working very slowly, whenever he makes tracks or an album there's a good chance that it will be released on Cronomi Records as well. Artifact303 still has time for his album as well, you can wait. No idea about labels or anything yet. Amanians as far as I know stopped writing music (but I could be wrong). btw - if you want more stuff from some of the artists you mentioned, be sure to check out releases from our label: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_label.asp?label_id=1059 enjoy!
  9. You know the Talamasca and friends album? He made a track with Skazi. This was the only good track on that album.
  10. Just added 3 tracks to the download section. The first one is Break Out Series – my attept at electro prog. Turned out preety well I think. Second is a live remix to Unknowledged Knowledge (Original on Ektoplazm). Unfortunately the live performance never materialized, but the mix is ready nonetheless. Better than the original, IMHO. Third is a remix to Psilodump’s excellent Rethought7. Direct download links: http://felis.co.il/?p=59
  11. I'm hoping it's going to have a proper master now
  12. Artha album will be hopefully released before this year is over. Michal is working on it, and I can promise you it's going to be amazing Before the album, we will release a free-to-download ep with 4 tracks (Anakoluth style) to make you drool a bit before the real album is out. I can speak for myself (and Cronomi actually) that this is a big issue. After all, everything has to be paid for. This is coming from my own hard-worked-for money (physical work at summer 40c in the dead sea) because the label is making zero profit. I didn't even pay all of the artists unfortunately, although I hope to sort this out soon. The good thing is that People Walk Funny sold in the first 2 months since the release the same amount of all-time sales of Freshly Cut Tomato. It's still not a lot though. Maybe some more reviews for this compilation could help, since it's impact on the internet is almost non-existing (and that's not something I can control myself - it's the fans). I really hope that with the Artha release I will finally start earning some money from this little adventure I took upon myself, because I really need the money for life instead of paying for mastering and stuff. As a side note - if you still didn't buy any Cronomi releases - now is a good time . It will really help getting both Artha and PortaMento releases out to the world. Another thing - personally in the last year I have been so out of the scene, having started my university studies so I can barely keep myself updated on what's happening. I'll check out some of the names here and get it from Beatspace, to have something to listen to while working out those equations.
  13. Never heard of it before seeing this thread. The name for Freshly Cut Tomato popped in my head while making a salad and pondering whether or not I should start the adventure of having a label.
  14. Mike A

    V/A People walk funny

    Thanks for the review It was fun reading it. First of all, about the cover it is indeed hand drawn by a talented guy (and some help from mars in the post-processing) which I hope will also do the Artha cover. Speaking of, we are working on getting Artha album out as well, mostly filtering tracks to keep only the best in (and it's a hard job). About the last track, it's a habit of me to put a pointless "bonus" track in the end. It really amuses me (and I hope other people as well) .
  15. don't send this to suntrip, or any other label for that matter keep on working though
  16. Mike A


    good stuff there
  17. http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Side-Earth-Robe...9609&sr=8-6 this
  18. CD is now released! Here are a bunch of links to places where you can get it: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/crm/crm1cd002.html http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4832 http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7839 http://www.neptunwave.de/product_info.php?...products_id=862 http://www.techno.to/detail/?cat_no=CRONOMI002 http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=2996
  19. Samples now available: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//inde...eCd&id=1848 I hope it will make you drool a bit
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