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  1. This album is a total success. Ten out of ten. One hundred percent. The melodies are very original and are taken to the extreme. Only the best bands can do this, Etnica, Mfg, Astral Projection.
  2. avogadro

    RA - Unearthly

    I believe that there is no competitors nowadays to make better or amount ! Every song on this record is a work of silversmith. I recommend the cd version : the sound is there enormous.
  3. Je trouve que les arrangements sont très bons. Il y'a aussi de très bons sons et effets qui rendent plaisant l'écoute. C'est très "pro".
  4. avogadro

    Koxbox - Dragon Tales

    Masterpiece. With really good little/simple mélodies.
  5. Merci beaucoup ! ( A Tromesa French fan )
  6. TET (Travailleur En Trance), LP "Ultima Ratio Interception" 2007 : Song n° 7 : Damn Body Deception http://www.deezer.com/fr/music/tet-travailleur-en-trance/ultima-ratio-interception-288498#music/tet-travailleur-en-trance/ultima-ratio-interception-288498 Really good melody for Goa/PsyTrance
  7. avogadro

    RA - 9th

    I read on the suntrip website : "CD Copies pressed : 1000" Only 1000 copies for this Masterpiece ? It's a joke ?
  8. Excellent track ! Incredible track !
  9. 8. INFINITE DIMENSIONS - FAR BEYOND THE STARS ... This song is incredible !
  10. http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=6_M3bXjlfKY&...feature=related You can cry if you need ... i don't watch you and none is watching you !
  11. avogadro

    RA - 9th

    That's it ! RAAAAAAAAAA forever !
  12. i've got it in CD, buy in 1994. don't love it in 1994 ... i love it now : i ear it at very loud level on a big soundsystem and in the darkness : thats the way to love it !
  13. yès ! the best solo synth i've ever eard !
  14. "animatrix" (from infinitism lp) and "eden vales" (from the new album ... i buy it yesterday !)
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