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  1. Hi everyone, This is my new project that I've finally decided to make public recently. It is not genre specific but I decided to make sure my first official release will be a Downtempo track. Also, it's worth mentioning that I composed this music to video, so you can argue that it is somewhat cinematic as well. As some of you may know, I stopped producing Goa trance some 2-3 years ago and was devoted to exploring other genres since (predominately hybrid orchestral and symphonic music). If you'd love to stay in touch or follow for more music down the line, I kindly i
  2. Bon voyage! :-)
  3. The first time people mentioned "Rasputin" to me I was like what song is that? I had no idea that Boney-M used that melody for his song. And yes, you're right, my inspiration came from both the original sevdalinka called "Anadolka" and the cover version performed by Afion in the link provided. It's just a Goa take on a traditional melody, I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last artist to use a traditional melody and covers it in Goa Trance. There's dozens and dozens of Goa tracks out there that use live recorded samples from bands playing traditional melodies of India, Kashmir, Tibet, Middle E
  4. I'll give you a whole dollar! :-) This project deserves some more promotion, that's for sure.
  5. Hivemind is amazing, especially the second part, this goes on my fav list in soundcloud :-)
  6. Thanks a lot! It's a complete rework of Europa Universalis soundtrack, composed one of the biggest game music composers, Andreas Waldetoft. The original theme is composed by him, but I made a unique rework, trying to develop my skills in this genre as of late. Can we hear some of your work now?
  7. When it comes to music, I'm all over the place :-) Here's one of my symphonic adventures.
  8. I am a Muslim, grew up in a multi-cultural society and I really appreciate the diversity that my country offers. There are still Jewish, Orthodox and Catholic temples standing right next to mosques in our capital city, and while there were turbulent times in the past (mainly because of dirty dirty politics), religious people are still very helpful to each other, regardless of their creed. I'm sure that the world would be a great place if all people (regardless of their beliefs) worked on tangible things together. The world is developing into a multi-cultural place, one day the whole planet wil
  9. Definitely a fresh sound, an evolution so to say. I like the atmosphere of the UX is still there. Looking forward to hear some more samples and hopefully a full release soon :-)
  10. Thanks guys, there is an anecdote regarding that track. While I was composing the main melody, there was a huge thunderstorm in the city I was living in, and at some point a huge lightning struck a tall electric pylon on the hill like half a kilometer away from my apartment. It was such a powerful feeling, to literally see the lightning strike an object from a safe distance So, that's how the track got its name.
  11. I'm not sure if this part was addressed to my music or to my work directly, or were you talking in general, but I will answer from my personal point of view, like I did in the previous comment. The sound quality of CTR (the first version) was pretty muddy due to a lack of proper monitors in my improvised home studio. As I know this shouldn't be an excuse, it was a technical aspect that made CTR sound pretty muddy and too much on the low frequency side, and I only realized that after the mastering by Stryder emphasized some of the mistakes that were made in the mix. That's why I insisted o
  12. This release is gonna be one of those that mark a decade, judging by the samples everything sounds and feels amazing. I love the organic sound it gives. Morphic Resonance is one of the most original projects nowadays, despite some people blaming him for "stealing" Pleiadians sounds etc... Also, when it comes to tutorials, I think no tutorial can teach you to make epic music, it has to be felt, played from the heart, or head or whatever organ people use to squeeze music out of them :-D My opinion is that when people only stick to technicalities, that can only limit their emotional attachme
  13. Nice, Paul is making the music while you perform around. "Kill two flies with one smash" is a good attitude. Anyway, safe travels. And don't forget to send a postcard or two to your former music makers
  14. Space Elves? :-) Interesting. Last time I checked, we were disbanded.
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