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  1. https://lost8found.bandcamp.com/track/black-rainbow Lost & Found - Black Rainbow (B-Side from the album "Consumed" only available on Bandcamp)
  2. Download link here: http://psymedia.co.za/consumed/ Lost & Found - Consumed 1) Consumed 2) Drone (feat Z3RO) 3) Mental Wealth 4) Nitro (feat CPU) 5) Other Side 6) Subterranean (feat Deliriant) 7) Eraser 8) Wing In The Sand 9) Trails 10) Decay Lost & Found returns with his new full-length album 'Consumed'. Released for free in collaboration with the dynamic online publication Psymedia in order to break down the barriers for music to reach the listeners as efficiently as possible. Old music-delivery systems have become ineffective and obsolete, with negative consequences for both the artist and the listener. The way we consume music and information has changed forever. We are entering a new phase where chaos rules. There is no right or wrong. While his last album 'Decoder' seeked cold perfection, 'Consumed' aims to capture the vibe as it was when it was being made in the studio. By directly providing the same audio files he uses in his live sets directly into the hands of the audience, a sense of connection and relief is restored in this age of information overload. This text is probably being read while you are immersed in social media, You are most likely doing many things at once. Maybe you are in the company of friends while you read this on your phone. It's possible that your attention span stopped you from reading this far. If you are still here, your neural pathways might still be intact. Is this text actually you addressing yourself in the second person? Press the download button. Reprogram yourself. 1010101. Revolution begins with changes in the individual. End of message. 20/11/2014
  3. I think dub versions are great Check this one for instance: The Delta - As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub Mix)
  4. They seem to have stopped after their last release in 2006 on Jester records. Neither of the 2 members have anything listed on their Discogs after that, except for a remix by X-Noise in 2010.
  5. Download here: https://soundcloud.com/lostandfound/thing-remake
  6. https://soundcloud.com/lostandfound/end-2013-mix 1) Zeitgeber - Closely Related 2) Ectima - Insufferable User (Opsy rmx) 3) The Delta - Thing (Lost & Found rmx) 4) Domestic vs Insomnia - Raal 5) Deviant Species vs Scorb - Return to Balojax 6) Rubix Qube vs Tantrum - Zero Point 7) Artifakt - Male 8) Barby - Eclipse 9) Orca - Reduced to Dust 10) Prana - Boundless (2013 Edit) 11) Rubix Qube - Dark Continent 12) Painkiller vs Lost & Found - Serious One (Lost & Found rmx) 13) Earthling - Lost in Trance Nation (Materia rmx) 14) Antispin - Cropped Circles 15) Deedrah - Journey to the Crossroads 16) Chemical Brothers - Studio K 17) Koxbox - Crunchy Moles (Logic Bomb rmx)
  7. As far as I know, they had to move to a new premises,,,they had to close down their distribution. All the stock of the cd's they printed had to either be claimed back by the labels or would have to be destroyed. This is why they had a clearance sale recently. So they probably just don't have the space anymore for all those cd's. They are hopefully just in the process of moving, business should be back to normal soon...
  8. Free Download >> https://soundcloud.com/lostandfound/new-old-unreleased Here's a mix I did with a unreleased L&F track, unreleased edits of L&F tracks, alongside some of my all time favourite tracks from artists like Wizzy Noise, Absolum, Koxbox, Synthetic, Shift, Insomnia and Hallucinogen ,,,,,, Enjoy and please share
  9. ...And the cd edition is released http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/dv3/dv31cd035.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8799 http://www.amazon.com/Decoder-Lost-Found/dp/B00556K87Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1308832111&sr=8-1 http://www.beatspace.com/6394/3D+Vision/LOST+and+FOUND/Decoder+/detail.aspx
  10. LOST & FOUND - DECODER (3D VISION RECORDINGS) 3DVCD035CD http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=2250&Itemid=99999999 Decoder is the long awaited and highly anticipated debut album from South African producer Lost & Found. Several years in the making Lost& Found presents an album that is darker, more complex, more rythmicallly driven and intense than his previous works. His sound has continuously evolved during his career while always staying true tohis roots and has now been extended and refined. Decoder bristles with a distinctive maximal energy, setting the barfor peaktime dancefloor madness. Masterfully produced, the album isunique in it's uncompromised creative freedom and innovation. Eachtrack utilizes found sounds and themes from his greatest life longinfluences that he compulsively lists in the accompanying artwork andcan almost be used as a tool to make sense of it all. Extensively roadtested and refined, every listen will reveal a layer not noticedbefore. Unlike most psytrance albums today each of Decoder's 10 tracks form a seamless step by step descent beyond the infinite and back again. One must wonder whether the world will ever look the same again. Tracklist: 1) Futurising 2) Chasing Radium 3) Disconnected 4) In Kontrol 5) Surface To air (Feat Ex-Gen) 6) Advance 7) Decoder 8) Perc5 9) Cutting Edge Science rmx (Feat Azax Syndrom) 10) Division Release date: JUNE 24 2011
  11. Vibes from the other side is one of the nastiest tracks ever. Paps,,where are youuuu?
  12. Lost & Found - Octane Adoration live mix [FREE DOWNLOAD] Click here: http://soundcloud.com/lostandfound/lost-found-octane-adoration ; )
  13. Koxbox @ Sola Luna 2001, Samothraki Halucinogen @ South Africa 2000 (Starting the millenium with Mi-loony-um) Synthetic @ Psygate, Stratford Rex 2001 Those were the best sets evargh
  14. Fresh Part 2 (Selected by Absolum) 3d Vision 1) Shift- Kamidogu (Lost & Found remix) 2) Synergy- Organic Laugh 3) Ex-Gen vs Smashed- Complex Theoreme Out now on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/home/detail/1/beatport#app=1c92&a486-index=4
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