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  1. You're just disappointed that there isn't any Anakoluth in there
  2. Mike A


    Unfortunately, that's the only reason to release CDs these days.
  3. Don't count on Cronomi releases in 2010. Maybe samples for the compilation
  4. I'd recommend stuff from my own label - Cronomi. http://soundcloud.com/cronomi <- for listening samples.
  5. they're playing in a party in israel soon
  6. I would say mint condition. One wee tiny scratch near the edge of the cd. Playback is ok. Since I have no idea how much I should take for it, I'm taking offers. Shipping would probably be expensive too, I think I should send this insured or something, too valuable.
  7. What's the big thing? Poster or something?
  8. They got a track called wool fields which is amazing.
  9. Yes indeed. That's what I use now. But I still think it would be so much easier to do it with a midi sent directly to the gate and not making up a ghost synth just so it will gate.
  10. It's all in the head. If someone makes a track today which is so much better than all of the old goa, it will still be considered by people as "not like the old days", strictly by the fact that it wasn't made in the old days, without any relation to the track quality. All in the head.
  11. Took care of that: http://soundcloud.com/subra/short-dj-mix
  12. 99.9% of what you hear is equal temprament tuning, using the usual 12 notes. The thing that makes it sound "indian" or "egyptian" are the different scales. Take a look here: http://www.looknohands.com/chordhouse/piano/
  13. No reason to be excited here imo. I want new tracks from those artists, not old tracks!
  14. Golden Vibes is ok, I have a track there On all 3 of them actually.
  15. Mike A


    The other tracks are not trance. They're still good though
  16. I opened a SoundCloud account for Cronomi: http://soundcloud.com/cronomi In the meanwhile just some released tracks, but more surprises will be upload to there, so stay tuned!
  17. Then you obviously don't know what mastering is. Mastering is taking the whole track after the mixdown/export/render whatever and applying stuff over the entire thing. If the mix (that is, everything done before) isn't good, it will just not sound good. It doesn't depend on how good the mastering enginner is, it will just not happen. fact.
  18. You are probably looking for this. http://www.di.fm/psychill/
  19. Basilisk blogged about it some days ago: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/psytrance-mastering-directory On a personal note, I believe that if you can't make your tracks sound good enough yourself, then mastering is not the thing that's going to help you.
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