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  1. Is it possible to make a track like the music done by Dimension 5 totally made on an iPad? With the release of Audiobus inputs can be put through Fx, and to outputs, which include multitrack recorders ( such as Multitrack Daw, Auria ). There are also many great synths, which include Sunrizer, iPolysix, iMS 20, iElectribe, iMPC, Arctic Keys, Animoog, Magellan, NLog Pro, PPG Wavegenerator, Cassini, DrumJam, iMS 20, Yamaha Synth and Dr Drum.....and many others. In the new year Live FX will be released also. what do you think? Are all the required tec present to make a complete mix?
  2. Just listened to the samples. SUPERB! They take me to Trance Heaven...
  3. Purchased digital release on iTunes. ACE music!!!
  4. Having listened to the clips this sounds awsome. Great cover design too.
  5. I am enjoying listening to Future Architecture very much
  6. I like a balance between all the frequency spectrum (no bias towards bass, mid-range or high end):- Sennheiser PX 100.
  7. Another nice piece of music. As Above, So Below
  8. Thanks for the input mars, & draeke i now have this great music on cd.
  9. WOW those landscapes with fractals....they look so real. So much variety in artworks....Fantastic creations
  10. Just listened...this sounds ace...there is just so much good psy / goa music about
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