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  1. communities are truly an amazing resource. Thank you for knowing that, for being here, for sharing it.
  2. found in a DJ ruhl mix "molecular thinking" from the old biofatrance website no amount of googling has found a tracklist for the mix I emailed DJ Ruhl and asked for a tracklist, he sent me rapidshare links to the mixes, might’ve been some failure of communication there vocal sample in it is from X-files: Flight the Future, as revealed by a wiki, but couldn’t find any connections from the quote to the track… http://soundcloud.com/van-the-man/unknown-full-on would be great to know what this song is, thanks
  3. Yes, time is an illusion Reality is just a vibration in the mind of love perceiving is creating ....so what?
  4. it's the middle of 2010 now this is still in my top 5 (though I haven't really organized a top 5, I'm just saying it's among the best for me) I love the song Light Beams for it's wonderful articulation of the bass and Dreamer for its epic buildup And yes, someone already mentioned that lost confused "I don't know where I am" feeling that pervades the album, that's an aspect of it that I feel too
  5. a bad sample can ruin a good track a great sample can make a great track even better but... we've also mentioned through the posts in the topic a great sample does what to a bad track? it doesn't save it a terrible sample can ruin even the best of tracks, and it's heartbreaking edit(hopefully before anyone has read the post) : And even more on the line of ambiguity, what does a mediocre sample do for a mediocre track? Your answer to that shows how you feel about samples
  6. Fit and flow, yes. Sometimes I'm a total purist, but I can deal with all the iRobot samples in Life Style - High Technology. It probably even makes that song a bit better for me. Overlap - Lost Connection wouldn't be the song that it is without those vocals either. Full-on, uplifting morning full-on, is what I enjoy most. And yet it's the genre most full of problems, like Quadra and Gataka and Ananda Shake that follow "the formula" to the point that it completely lacks enjoyability, and Electro Sun's Double Trouble with the speech in the middle of it(oh but how I love floating out and secret sequence). Darkpsy has a lot of words I can't really deal with as well. Ork Monk's Speaking Stones release was an amazing listen, but turned out I only really enjoyed one of the tracks, because of the garbage floating at the top of rest of it. "For good measure" most of the time, yet it's so whimsical and thoughtless that it's usually stupid, not creative. It's clearly done because it's a trend - it's a meme of the genre - and not because it's a good addition to the music. I really don't jizz over quantum physics either. I watched "what the bleep do we know" while getting stoned years and years ago, and I was quite fascinated by it, but by the next day I was over it. Spoken words also create language barriers - Alternative Control's remix of "Breath" is a great sound, but I have to wonder what the goddess voice is chanting. Non-english speakers probably wonder about most of the crap in psytrance. And social barriers - drugs are a lifestyle choice - Maybe the genre wants to be pushing out people who aren't into that sort of thing, it's a "counter culture" so I guess exclusivity is part of it, and it wants to stay out of mainstream eyes, but I can't help but think opium of the masses - freedom of mind would be enjoyable to a much wider audience if it didn't drop those words in the middle.
  7. Hello psynews forums! I joined this with one main purpose - to discuss a particular topic. I am a DJ for myself. I mix stuff for myself with audacity, timeline editing and fades and such, and do it to simply enjoy listening to this music further. This stuff sounds better mixed. But I want to choose what I'm hearing. I have dance parties of one in my bedroom, and I don't even do drugs(anymore). So maybe I'm different from the typical listener of this stuff. I'm not "for real", I'm not "part of the scene" or whatever, I'm just some douchebag in the corner, but I've been listening to psytrance about 90% of the time that I've spent listening to music in the past 5 or 6 years. I have one big problem with the "psy trance" genre as a whole. Spoken words. Pieces of language floating in the sea of sound. I don't fucking care. I don't care what terrence mckenna has to say about DMT. I don't care what some random scientist voice has to say about quantum theory or perception or ANYTHING. I don't want to hear Neo, Morpheus, or the Oracle. And I most definitely don't want to hear an accountant type of guy talking about net cash. It stops my brain. It interrupts my thoughts. I don't tolerate it. If I hear it, that means the song is going to be left out of my listening space, if it's too far from the beginning or end to be cropped out with the mixing. The sound communicates by itself. Words aren't needed. Some chanting or sensual vocal sound is okay - nah, that type of thing makes it more enjoyable for me. I'll put up with some "om shanti shanti" if it's tastefully used(which is my opinion). A lot of times I'm left feeling like I'm really listening to the wrong genre. I think psytrance sounds amazing - I don't want to listen to any other music because nothing else sounds like this - but when at the top of a buildup you have to slap in some "blah bluh blah" it ruins my whole world. I'm a visual artist. I don't make psytrance. If I'm unhappy, my choices are change myself or change the world - unless I'm going to start making psytrance someday, I really don't have much choice but to eventually give up fighting through the sea of "ruined good music" to find the stuff I like. I'll go listen to jazz or something. At least there, when they use vocals, the people actually SING... instead of just non-musical talking. Some of the artists I think are better seem to avoid that stuff. Anahata and Artha, for example. And Toward the Castle definitely doesn't center itself around a mckenna sample. My elitism reminds me of typographers complaining about text that isn't kerned right. I'm absurd. I know. Am I the only one that feels this way though? Maybe it's a matter of taste. I think Explicit's album is really cool. Maybe it's the fact that most of psytrance out there is some terribly uncreative wank, and vocals themselves aren't a bad thing, it's just that they're tastelessly used across the board. So says the douchebag in the corner - "you guys are doing it wrong!"
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