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  1. Ya personally I really enjoyed Forest! Give it a try
  2. Thanks Malevol3nt for listening
  3. Heya Just "finished" this dark track, and I would love to hear some thoughts about it. It's a 147 bpm forest sort of inspirated thingy URL (right click -> save as): http://nockebyfamiljedaghem.se/blacklux/Bl...ry%20Circle.mp3 Thanks!
  4. I realize I'm a bit late but damn this is awesome
  5. Nice work as always I really like the length and detail in this track. Wonderful soundscapes through the whole piece, and the goa/dark mix works really nice! Maybe add some classic rubber synths moaning here and there? If done right that can amplify a melodic soundscape a lot, and this seems like the perfect song for that, with the genre blend in mind I also wouldn't mind some variations in the percussion, like some nice snares flying around or so. The beat is really nice though, and I really like the parts where you play with the bassline pattern. Overall, great song.
  6. This one is really growing on me. Para Halu's first album is one of my all time favorites, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed by this at first... but it gets better each time. I really enjoy the techno influences that pop up every now and then
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