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  1. has not set their status

  2. http://www.discogs.com/label/21-3+Records
  3. You can find the vol 2 here : http://www.amazon.fr/gp/offer-listing/B000...5855&sr=1-2
  4. Ganja Beats - Paradise & Tranquility maybe ? or the first one ?
  5. I saw Electric Universe live saturday in Switzerland and it was very good live act but...please guys, dont put guitar riffs (the same riffs from 10 years now..) on the best moments of the tracks, especially when beautiful melody kiks in :-( The people seemed to enjoy it a lot so I think it's a matter of tastes. A part from that, the music was hypnotic, I liked it.
  6. You can go there blindly, just expect some strange vocals in one or two tracks....but acid sounds with real TB's, it's rare nowadays to find liveact who perform like this, it will be for sure not a laptop live act...the party is in a mythical place for the switzerland freaks, if I remember well, he was called traxx before, there is a lot of place to dance and very good atmosphere !!! But if decide to go, be there early...
  7. Thanks for this thread, good memories came back... I've seen Hardfloor live one month ago in Switzerland, wooOOooww, I was very impressive what they played with...3xTB303 aligned and a Nord modular to play some melodies...and acid lines all the way !!! Some vocals I didnt like but anyway, very good to see it live if you can attend...
  8. mad professor va-planet dub
  9. msanland

    DNA - Virtual Jungle

    I've seen sometimes ago that saikosounds sell it, so go buy
  10. www.undergroundtown.com They sell it there Bye
  11. Thanks for this beautiful album !! I love it so much...
  12. Hello, I've found it here: http://www.gemm.com/ddc/search.pl?&disp_ad...tle=VACUUM+TUBE Enjoy
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