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  1. Superb compilation. The first disc is just classic after classic goa trance. I thought disc 2 was going to be terrible, but it had some belters in its own right. Micronesia of course, but Rebel Without a Cause was a long burn. The Voodoo remix of Trommelmachine was nice also. Even though they aren't the most names in the genre, the second disc was a pleasant surprise. Love me some Corn Baked! That 303 gets me everytime.
  2. It's funny how that happens. For years I have slammed Mugen by Prana, but now I don't find it repulsive!
  3. Artist: E-Clip Title: Biointegrated Design Label: Iono Music Date: April, 2017 1. E-clip & Zen Mechanics - Sundowning 2. E-Clip & Mickey Noise - The One 3. Chemical Bond 4. E-clip & Subliminal Codes - Apex 5. E-clip & Avalon - Isotonic Tuning 6. Radio Entelechy 7. Semifluid Substances 8. Occult Lore 9. Welkin And the award for the most disappointing follow up album goes to...E-clip! "First and foremost I'd like to thank God for without whom nothing is possible. I'd like to thank my family. Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all the expensive software that I used to pump out generic progressive trance tracks. They said we couldn't do it, but I believed! I'd like to thank the label Iono for getting fooled and believing in me after my successful debut album. I realize this is a step backwards with tracks that sound like all other progressive music, but sometimes you have to put in minimal effort and throw creativity out the window if you want to make a mediocre album." I'm exaggerating of course, but really this is not a positive step for this artist. The tracks themselves are decent, but they sound like everyone else. When you set the bar high with a superb debut and compilation tracks, not reaching it has to be disappointment. The lush details and atmosphere of his debut Shuma are noticeably absent as he seemed to move in a more minimal direction. Melodies are not as apparent in a series of tracks that fail to capture the imagination. I would blame it on excessive collaborations, but one, that's never stopped him before, and two, even if that was so most of the tracks are just his. Let me be clear it's not a bad album, but he has shown that he has produced much better stuff than this. Iono Bandcamp Digital Psyshop Beatspace
  4. Artist: Witch Freak Title: Freakazoid Ep Label: Banyan Records Date: November, 2016 1. Illogical Journey 2. An Infected Tale 3. Freakazoid I was so impressed with the darkness and detail of this label's release Arborum Susurri that I decided to check out some of their other stuff. First I would like to say that's an awesome cover by Shiva Om. Great detail. This is Alexander Tacconi and if you look at his Discogs page he's only had one other EP release. The dark forest vibes continue with this 3 track digital ep which is pretty good. Bubbling along with hammering bass lines are the course of the day. The last track has a female vocal that doesn't belong, but that adds to the eerieness. Banyan Bandcamp
  5. Artist: Hypnoxock Title: Sounds From Another Time Label: Self Released Date: July, 2017 1. Wormhole (Remastered 2002) 2. The Final Passenger (Nocturnal Mix 2015) 3. Mismo Plastico (Virtualmismo Tribute Remix) 2011 4. Dr. Livingstone (Unreleased 1999) 5. Progresion Ecliptica (Special Edit Ozora 2013) 6. Deluxaflex (Unreleased 2004) 7. Blue Monday (Tribute Remix to New Order) I have always liked this project. Imagine South African psytrance loaded with goa elements. Victor Solsona may not be one of the premier names in psy, but he always delivers the goods. I'm still working my way through his most recent album Eurythmia, but this came along not soon after. It's a name your price wav download of unreleased and remixed tracks dating all the way back to 1999. I believe his strength is the constant evolution of his tracks. His current style is never a stagnant 4/4 full-on borefest, but he interjects new melodies and rhythm patterns. He takes tracks in different directions and is very good at adding atmosphere to provide a more lush sound. And that's what you get here for the most part even though some of the tracks are pretty old. One other thing he excels at is really good break work. Even the uber cheesy remix of New Order's Blue Monday wasn't as bad as it could've been. Usually when an artist releases something like this there's a reason it was never given a proper release in the first place. Not so here. Wormhole is a rollicking good goa track and The Final Passenger changes enough to keep it fresh. Mismo Plastico keeps the goa vibe going, while Dr. Livingstone is a slow burner full of darkness. Tracks five and six are more of what you would expect from an album like this and even they aren't bad. Bottom line this is a great release that doesn't behave like a bunch of older, re-imagined tracks. Oh by the way...can someone explain to me the Japanese fascination with tentacles? Bandcamp
  6. Artist: Ovnimoon Title: Voyage Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: May, 2017 1. Mystica (feat. Moon Tripper) 2. Be Human (feat. Spiritual Mode) 3. Asension (Ovnimoon album Mix) 4. Voyage 5. This Makes Sense To Me 6. The Honest Meditation 7. Tranceport 8. Universal Healing Transmission (feat. Spirit Architect) 9. Dance With The Creator (feat. The Digital Blonde) Hector Stuardo just keeps chugging along doesn't he? Since 2006 he has released an album every year or every other year not to mention all his compilation work. Dude's a machine. And it wouldn't be such a big deal if half of them were sh*tty, but he puts out quality music each and every time. This album comes on the heels of his last two (Holistic, Trancemutation of the Mind) that have been firmly planted on goa soil. Sure his bass lines aren't very varied, but to me that's the only minor flaw located within. He has this ability to slowly carry you into goa bliss with his melodies, turning the cutoff knob ever so slowly. While he doesn't overload you with melodies he does more with less, building layers around that bass line. The sound is always immaculate and with both the upper and bottom end represented well. Another home run for me. Ovnimoon Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  7. Artist: Schallusion Title: Morphologic Tales Label: Self Released Date: March, 2012 1. Shaman 2. The Aborigine 3. Transcendance 4. Harmonic Tales 5. Crossover 6. Collaborator 7. Future Stomp Wow if you believe what the announcement thread says sounds like these guys hit a home run. Let's start with this. If you open your debut with a 17 minute track you better know what you're doing. Yeah they did. Luckily this German project seems to have a pretty good handle on this whole psychedelic thing. Coming out of nowhere they dropped this hot potato right into our eager laps. For free. 5 years ago. This album is loaded with long tracks that reside in a variety of psychedelic genres. As others have said that opener was quite spectacular. Very lush and not boring for any of those 17 minutes. Aborigine only has one way to go and unfortunately doesn't come close to the depth or scope of Shaman. Just 11 minutes of noodling. Transcendance is a bit better, but again it fails to maintain the high hopes brought about by the opener. Harmonic Tales is better still with a haunting vibe and more of an alien flare. It's futuristic and heavy. Crossover charges full steam ahead for a pretty good track. Collaborator goes full goa with some glitch riding shotgun. Future Stomp closes it out with some more alien goa. When you make an album that only has long tracks you walk a fine line between overload and boredom. For the most part I think they straddled it pretty well. The album was psychedelic and sounded great even if some tracks went on too long. Is it a classic? Nah, but several tracks kick some ass. As I mentioned this came out 5 years ago so they're due to release some more music. Schallusion Soundcloud
  8. Artist: Rayavana Title: Exit Human Perception Ep Label: Neogoa Date: June, 2017 01 - Secrets Of Time (155 BPM) 02 - Back From The Future (157 BPM) 03 - Perennial Journey Through The Mind (158 BPM) 04 - Tetra Zod (160 BPM) Neogoa has released their first foray into the high speed niche of nitzhogoa. I'll come right out and level with you that I don't care for this type of music. It's oftentimes cheesy and all the time mentally exhausting. But even though I don't like it I can appreciate it and the fact that a lot of people do like it. And if you're a fan of this particular style then this is a must download. The melodies are typically fast and furious with great sound. I didn't find it particularly deep, but I did like his use of layers. There is a lot of energy here. I think the holy grail for goa freaks who are hesitant to give this music a chance is a nice balance between Nitzho and goa trance. As Antic mentioned the debut album from Agneton fit squarely in this category. This leans more towards the frenetic Nitzho side so hardcore goa heads will probably give it a pass, but it does nitzhogoa very well. Neogoa Bandcamp
  9. This is decent with some chunky psytrance tracks. You can hear the progressive Ticon blossoming amidst the goa touches. Wish there was more goa and less long progressive stretches, but still worth a listen.
  10. Okay...this guy loves the darkness. But does he push his goth image too far? Is it now comical? Or is he an actual vampire? 14 years old and things don't shock us like they used to. I mean I just watched a movie called Human Centipede where this crazy surgeon sewed three people together linking their digestive tract. Use your imagination. There are moments where he puts scary second rate direct to video horror samples over a monotonous beat. Did I miss anything? Sounds of torture and supernatural possession. Prophecy forshadowing? How old are we? Isn't this the kid that smoked cigarettes in the high school bathroom and put pentagrams all over his textbook covers. Covers by the way adorned with Slayer and Pantera logos. But then there are tracks like Tzelmavet where regurgitative sound effects are used well. Dark track that one. Tree of Death also is one of the better ones. As entertaining as this was it's a novelty. It is. It overly relies on horror movie samples to the detriment of the tracks because musically it really isn't that special. Too much. You can't blast this in your car without feeling a little self conscious. Got a whole South Park goth thing going on. But for home listening when you're in that mood...? I can see it. P.S. If he made an album of dark ambient a la the title track I'd be into it.
  11. Artist: Trancient Title: Energetic Flow Label: Flatlife Psy Global Date: February, 2013 1. Investigating My Consciousness 2. Ajja Ojjo 3. Before Time 4. Mood Morning Magic 5. Resinating 6. Shamaans Passings 7. Xmind 8. Space Cosmonaut 9. Magier I'll be totally honest with you here...I'm not 100% sure where I got this from. Sure I linked to Beatport, but it could just as easily been shoe horned into some malware after someone who definitely wasn't me visited all those porn sites. Damn shame. Originally I was attracted to the psychedelic cover art and that's how they get you isn't it? Please it's how thousands of horror movies exist on Netflix. I'd actually been meaning to review this for a couple of years, but it's so vanilla that I simply could not make it through to the end. Every time I would try I would ask myself what the f*ck I was doing and feel shame. Like my mom caught me masturbating. Track after track of non-distinguishable sounds and psytrance stereotypes. If the track was 8 minutes long then it was...about 7 and a half more than I could take. And it's not even terrible it's just...generic. It's like looking at the face of that Lego guy. The label had a short shelf life so maybe it's for the best. "Hi. I'm Trancient."
  12. While not as interesting as his earlier stuff (let's be honest, some of his earlier releases was ridiculously barren) the later phase of Space Tribe is the acid laden full-on dance floor smashers. Some of these tracks are blistering even today. A Pinch of Psychedelic and Astral Body Surfing? 12 years old and still scorchers. For me it's like a nice walk down memory lane with this later version of Olli's music because I wasn't around for his goa days. Now I will agree that a rut he is surely in because he's been making the same music since 2004, but these efforts bring a smile to my face for nostalgia purposes alone. Still, this release has a lot of great tracks and at the time of this writing is itself almost 7 years old.
  13. Artist: Robert Elster Title: Still Breathing Label: Joof Mantra Date: July, 2016 1. Deanimation 2. Antenna 3. Dilated 4. Marmelade 5. Dream Projector 6. Recrystallization 7. Straight To Base 8. Apollo 303 9. Trails 10. 2SC945P Hmmm....Once again proof you cannot judge a book by its cover. I could've sworn this was going to be something along the lines of an Ultimae Records release. Nope. This is Robert Elster (half of legendary Swedish trance act Vibrasphere) and even though that fabulous act is no longer active he is here to let you know he is still f*cking breathing. This is an album that screams from the rooftops that he is doing his thing and will not go gently into the good night. Seriously, he's doing his best Hardfloor impersonation. The tracks are f*cking loaded with warm kicks and growling 303's. Strong progressive drive with tracks like Antenna and Dilated is what Talpa would sound like with 303 usage. he understands how to plant the seed and watch a track thrive as it flourishes with layers on Recrystalization and the haunting Straight to Base. While most albums are looking for the door with the final track he slays with some funky, bubbly spice. Beautiful stuff that I feel went waaaaay under the radar. Don't miss it. Beatport
  14. Artist: Various Title: Locomotion Label: Hado Records Date: June, 2015 1. Chronos - Urban Life 2. MentalImage - Somewhere Between Worlds 3. E-mantra - Minimal Butterfly 4. Spectrum Vision - Inox (Chronos Remix) 5. JBC Arkadii & Konstantin Zhirov - Meteor Fall 6. G-light feat. M. Mayborn - Mysteries of Light 7. SynSUN - Mechanical 8. JBC Arkadii - Aquanautica 9. Harax - Rill 10. Filteria - Lyva Chill music that...isn't that chill? Where offerings from Ultimae are usually a relaxing and calm ride all the way through, this is psytrance with low bpms. The broad umbrella of psychill is varied indeed and I would say if you want to float away to music this would not be the vehicle. The label itself calls this compilation eccentric. And they are absolutely correct. That said this collection of music from some very well known artists will find a foothold. Tracks range from noisy and harsh (SynSUN) to smooth deep space exploration. It's music by artists that you know are straying from their comfort zone. Hell E-mantra has been making psychill for years now, but are you ready for some deep space ambient from Filteria? How about the re-emergence of G-light with a very rewarding offering? How about the 80's-esque guitar solos on Meteor Fall by JBC Arkadii? As I mentioned there won't be any shut eye being had listening to this, but it's cool to see different ground being tread upon. This one grows on me every time I listen to it. Hado Records Psyshop Beatspace
  15. Artist: Scann-Tec Title: Unyt Label: Ultimae Records Date: June, 2016 1. Snova I Snova 2. Unyt 3. Quantum Evo 4. Ne Viden 5. Svet 6. Kinostat 7. Parsec 8. Delta-V 9. Nadezhd 10. Turgenev Russian artist Vladislav Isaev has released his third album and if you read his Discogs blurb the man loves sounds. All sounds. Any sounds. He'd probably record the conversation between you and your mother telling you to visit more. And what he's done with his sound collection is quintessential Ultimae. The booming bass contrasted with the twinkling highs on Snova I Snova is a magnificent contrast and what you can expect to hear throughout the album. The 24 bit sound is incredible filling the room with glorious imagery. Unyt lopes along in a dreamy haze while Quantum Evo drops the slow hammer while a melancholy vocal soars above. The juicy and sneaky bass amidst the high, puffy clouds of Svet is the stuff of dreams. Parsec may be the pinnacle of lush, vibrant downtempo with its driving yet calming sound. Delta-V is the most uptempo track here and has a long ambient buildup before the thumping kick arrives with authority. None of the tracks are in any hurry to get where they're going. Matter of fact it's life in slow motion. This truly is an example of the journey being more important than the destination. Each sound is crystal clear with many layers and works well whether you're looking for a deep, meaningful trip or just some background music. The whole thing is floaty and relaxing and isn't that what this type of music is supposed to do? Nailed it. Ultimae Bandcamp
  16. Artist: Saluberrimae Title: Time Is A Flat Circle Label: Neogoa Records Date: March, 2017 01 - Trapped Inside (95 BPM) 02 - Jesenné Prebúdzanie Do Letného Rána (80 BPM) 03 - Jennifer Connelly (80 BPM) 04 - Time Is A Flat Circle (70 BPM) 05 - Loophole (70 BPM) 06 - The Abyss (95 BPM) 07 - Čiernobiela (70 BPM) 08 - Frozen (110 BPM) 09 - Večerná Ciga Na Balkóne (80 BPM) 10 - Gestonkenflapped (70/140 BPM) "I had a dream last night when I woke up, I remembered it but...just a moment ago...huh. It's gone" The downtempo/psychill side project of Lukáš Bartošek (Goatree) is a nice mix of dub, chill, and ethnic music with real instruments. There is so much to unpack here with a bunch of great ideas. A lot of the tracks have a repetitive phrase which brings a sci-fi feel as if big brother is watching. Very mechanical and sets the stage well. The title track is a pensive thinker that exhibits a slow, hypnotic burn. Loophole has a slow awakening like a beast being preparing for a strike. Čiernobiela has a post apocalyptic feel with a ponderous hip-hop beat. Reminded me of NIN Reptilian. Frozen turned into an industrial influenced crawl with a very throaty 303. Was that a bit of Southern guitar licks on track 9? Felt like a hot summer day on the Mississippi delta. So what it does, it does well. While I liked the ideas unfortunately a few did not realize their potential. Either there wasn't enough evolution or the great bits didn't last long enough. The jazzy elements in tracks 2 and 3 just weren't for me. It's good music and I like where he's going, but for the above reasons it misses greatness. But just.
  17. Artist: Various Title: The Jury Label: Nexus Media Date: August, 2016 1. Technicolor - Plastik 2. Orca - Unleashed 3. Mad Science - War is Law 4. CoRupt Vs. Shift - Voice of Reason 5. Shift - Kapitol (Deliriant vs Iliuchina Remix) 6. Aptitude - The Aliens 7. Dissy - Never Give Up 8. Xatrik - Space Invaders 9. Iliuchina - After Infinity V2.0 (Rabdom L Remix) 10. Demosys - Shameless 11. Abomination - Fallen (Brain Attack Remix) 12. Alienn - Gaming Time 13. The Commercial Hippies - The Belly Of The Beast" (Shift Remix) 14. Stereopanic Vs. Shameless - Mayhem 15. Zion Linguist - Prisoner 16. Cybernetix - The Grid 17. Dyce - Neverland You are not alone. What was once a titan in the South African psytrance scene with releases like the Midnight Storm series and numerous other stellar compilations and albums has been reduced to a minute Facebook/Beatport presence. As my country's bloated, verbally challenged, orange dictator would say...sad. And it is sad, because at one time this label was the end all and be all of hard rockin, minor key melodic bombastic psytrance. Now just because the label doesn't have a dominating web presence doesn't mean they cannot deliver the psychedelic goods. And with that spirit I wanted to check out this release. Reality slapped me in the face pretty quickly. First off it's digital only and that's fine. Save the planet and sh*t. Second there are seventeen tracks so it's a large one. Back in their prime I would've bet the mortgage that the lion's share of them would be brain melting blasters. Alas times change and it is simply not the case. None of the tracks have the storytelling gravitas of the old days. Most are masquerading as "night time" full-on complete with stops, starts, build ups, and annoying melodies. This is a watered down neutering of what was once a dominant label, but we'll always have Midnight Storm. $16.99 for this digital disappointment? GTFOH
  18. Aritst: Various Title: Arborum Susurri Label: Banyan Records Date: 2017 1. Space Alien - Magic Moments 2. Senang - Free Your Soul 3. Noize Bug - Askeladden's Ferd 4. Etlainen - Rite of Passage 5. Ra Root - Dizzy Walk 6. Mandari - Cognitive Toilet Flush 7. Chudl & Vermo - Dark Side of Us 8. Raschka - Never 9. Praheya - Electro Angelic Wave Pulse 10. The Third Eye of Monkey - Menani "Isn't anybody here? Should we go inside?" Actual gif of me trying to escape whatever the hell is in this forest nightmare. I have never heard of this label nor any of the artists which are found on the track listing. The title I believe means "Forest Whispers" and this lush release lives up to that title. Everything about this release is dark from the trippy cover art to the music within. Bubbling sounds, eerie noises from every corner, and hallucination inducing atmosphere. Layer upon layer of delicious supernatural terror with psychedelic trees in motion all the while reaching for you with skeletal fingers. The music in each track refuses to remain stationary, constantly evolving with ever darker soundscapes. Each layer washing over you like a fresh nightmare. On the surface melodies would appear absent, but closer inspection will find them lurking underneath rumbling bass and kick. There are nine tracks, but if you buy the CD you get an extra one from the label. This is a very deep release which I enjoy discovering and separating each component. This is one of the best forest releases I have ever heard. Bravo. Psyshop Beatspace
  19. Artist: Various Title: Freak the Tune Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: June, 2008 1. Midimal - Secrets of Beauty 2. Dualnok - Wave Out 3. Earsugar - Womanizer (Quantize Remix) 4. Martin - Intoxicated 5. Infinity & Meander - Rollercoaster 6. Liquid Soul - 6.15 am (Jay Selway Remix) 7. Progenitor - Visions 8. Manuel Duego - Deception (Symphonix Remix) 9. Dream Donor - Dancing Knobs "People think they came here to take over the planet." This German progressive trance label has been around for a very long time releasing a lot of great music. I tend to like the progressive trance that paints a lush picture with tons of layers rather than the more minimal, bare boned approach. With their 19th CD this was an enjoyable, smooth progressive ride. Most of the songs had layers to get lost in as well as being head nodding bounce worthy. This is almost a decade old, but it holds up surprisingly well. They didn't reinvent the wheel (to be honest I really don't know what that would look like at this point), but if you're in the mood for some groovy tunes that put a smile on your face, this will do nicely. Psyshop
  20. Artist: Various Title: Cryptographic Label: Medusa Records Date: June, 2006 1. Inner Action - Drops of Sunshine 2. Beyondecliptica - Medusa Pt. 1 3. Painkiller - Electrical Charge 4. Xenzodiak - The Seed Of Etzab13 5. Bio Genesis - Harmonic Chaos 6. Horus - Telepathic Power 7. Earthling Vs. DJ Torry - Far, Far Away 8. System Brothers - Fresh Memory 9. JP - Power Mesh No. Just...no. This release isn't so terrible that I can start making coaster or frisbee jokes, but it may be one of the most vanilla full-on releases I've heard in a while. Not a single track distinguishes itself and that's rare. Usually even the craptacular compilations hitch their wagon to one outstanding track. It has all the stops and starts, build ups, and triplets that you expect any mid 2000's release to have without being mind-numbingly terrible. But this...nothing. Bland music that could've come in a brown paper bag. It's not at Psyshop, Beatspace, Beatport, or Juno. Public service I suppose.
  21. Artist: Various Title: Goa Files Vol. 1 Label: Code Vision Records Date: May, 2017 1. Ultimate Xperience - The Night Creatures (III) 2. OOOD - Silence (2017 Reboot) 3. Goasia - Analog Steroids 4. M-Run - Alien Brain Train 2017 5. Celestial Intelligence - Phantom Dancer 6. Joyfull Natives - Gate Of Aliens 7. Miranda - Svarg 8. Omnivox - We Are Infinity 9. California Sunshine - Wonderland (2011 Edit) "It's so weird I've never forgot it." Well, repetition is a good way to remember things. But we'll address that later. This digital compilation arrived out of nowhere from a label that most would be hard pressed to say they had heard of. Regardless of that fact they seem to have gathered an impressive artist list. UX does what he's been doing lately and that's making long, epic tracks that straddle the psytrance goa line. This has a futuristic vibe with an ethereal voice and driving rhythm. Pretty good even if it ran a little long. I wasn't a fan of this reboot of the OOOD track. I don't know if the original artist was behind the reboot, but gone are the gravitas and melodic momentum that made the original such a bad ass. No offense to the artist, but this comes off as a weak Talamasca-esque full-on "ing" of a goa trance classic. The Goasia project fits into an alternative niche in the goa genre. Often people love them or hate 'em. They are definitely different then most of the goa producers today and this track is no exception. It swarms like a uh, swarm waging galactic warfare with a myriad of color. Outside of the lead melody though it's a little thin. Nice, but I would've liked more detail. M-Run has only one album to his credit (still waiting), but what a doozy it was. With that spirit this track is unmistakable M-run. Groove intact with sparkly goa madness throughout. One of my favorites here. Phantom Stormer blasts right out of the gate with an imminently danceable sound. Relentless in your face goa trance. Joyfull Nature is the sole unknown artist represented and this track starts off...well, joyfully. Not long after it assumes the mystical sound of goa beaches with a gentle flowing motion. Like a smooth introduction to the goa producers club. Not bad. Miranda is back (always a good thing) with a decent if not unremarkable effort. I liked the weird voice in the background, gave it an air of mystery. Omnivox absolutely slays with We Are Infinity a track with a boisterous bottom end. Closing things out is an older remake of Wonderland by California Sunshine. Never been a fan of this project and repeating the sample 12 times isn't going to help. The same sample. 12 times. That means on average every 43 seconds you hear this sample. Nephew please. The background sounds added to the alien feel (if you're in the mood to be funny and I always am it could also sound like cats) and this had the potential to be a creepy success. Had. It's a decent comp with 3 or 4 really good tracks and the rest are decent minus the two I obviously had problems with. Bandcamp Beatport
  22. Spanky says get to the f*cking point. Was there an epidemic of too many awake people in the world? Man this is night night music. It's not until Colbalt and Fade Away that this pillow reveals it has a pulse. That said this project at its worst is better than most at their best. The track that kept me upright was Something Heavens with its violent guitar crunch. Someone said that they prefer the artists as their solo projects and I agree with that. This is an example of an album where listening to individual tracks doesn't work. To get the full narcoleptic experience you have to listen to it all the way through. If you can make it that is.
  23. Artist: Gataka Title: In Trance We Trust Label: Phonokol Date: October, 2005 1. Deeper Level 2. Blast From the Past 3. Night Becomes Day 4. Viva La Mexico 5. How To Create A Monster 6. Experience 7. Down To Earth 8. The Mind Twister 9. One Day Ticket 10. Israelizer No. Seriously, just...no. For the longest time I've been calling this label Oh No kol just to remind me of the crap they put out on a consistent basis. What was once a proud label has devolved into fluffy, full-on eye rolls. Every single trope is represented here and this confection is about as deep as a petri dish. Pretty sure this information is already known by this community, but just in case any newbie stumbles upon this review, do not put your trust in this.
  24. Artist: Etnica Title: Equator Label: Spirit Zone Recordings Date: March, 1999 01. 10'03" Be On Go 02. 05'39" Patricia ... Our Happy 03. 06'49" Mad Crickets 04. 06'00" Trip In Transkei 05. 10'13" History 06. 11'29" Vibra 07. 08'40" Resistance 08. 08'59" Funkadelia 09. 06'48" Baraka "My God...they're really from another world." I think we can all agree that this project is legendary and may very well be from another world. Their album Alien Protein is one of the greatest goa trance albums of all time. Flawless, screaming goa trance. You know it and I know it. This is their second (technically third if you count Juggeling Alchemists) album and when it came out in 1999 the melodic days of Protein were in the rearview. Gone, but not forgotten as they still used their goa mastery while exploring different areas of psychedelia. Be On Go is a thumping downtempo goa opener that is filled with layers. Patricia isn't their best, but it's a pure tribal track with great percussion work. Mad Crickets has a saunter and also shows how samples can be used effectively to enhance the groove. Indicative of the time there is a techno influence in Trip In Transkeii which reminded me of the material in the FLA album Flavour of the Weak. History took a little bit to get going, but to my ears sounded like M-run. Good movement that doesn't stop. Vibra gets on some serious Cydonia atmosphere with the eerie lead and industrial chunkiness. Resistance continues the industrial atmosphere, but unlike Jon I don't feel this really goes anywhere. The music at 5'36" just stops and any momentum it had (I was a tad bored by then) vanished. Look, if you're naked with someone sitting backward on your head screaming "Woot woot!" while trying to push a shopping cart full of pharmaceutical sludge uphill on an inclined tile floor, any momentum you had will vanish. Don't believe me? Well, this track never recovers. Funkadelia is a breakbeat journey with tribal elements as well as some goa flair. I really liked the percussion in this one and the samples from Independence Day added a futuristic touch. Baraka is eerie and mysterious downtempo with chopped vocals and more tribal percussion. The beat was funky and had me wanting more. If you are looking for Alien Protein II you're gonna start breaking sh*t. This is entirely different yet still deep and moving. This album is full of styles while continuing to keep the goa spirit alive. I'll defend this album as my third favorite Etnica release due to its sound and variability. Since I don't go to festivals I don't know how this would work on a dance floor, but I can tell you that it's great for home listening. You wanna sh*t all over Chrome, I'm right there with you, but this one is worth the time.
  25. Masterp...? I think you spelled sleep aid wrong. Considering this was made in 2002 near the height of boring minimal trance take it for what it's worth. Holding up well is not its strong suit. It's very minimal and treats melodies like I do a drooling man on the subway. I liked their samples and the sneaky quality of some of the sounds that would emanate from the background. Dervish, Liquid Forms and Are We Safe seems to be the most aggressive tracks here, but the last three tracks sound like they took a nap, but didn't turn off the sequencer. There ain't a whole lot to chew on.
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