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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Koan Title: Leap of Faith Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: March, 2018 1. My Personal Dark Knight 2. Reflection 3. Margin Call 4. Manifesto 5. Mayda 6. Gabriel's Trump Card 7. Jinn's Keeper 8. The Die is Cast 9. Vendetta 10. Entangled Threads (Roeth and Grey Version) 11. Syndicate (Roeth and Grey Version) 12. Esbat (Witch Arrow Mix) 13. At the Sunset of Red Moon (Witch Arrow Mix) 14. Mayferien Nights (New Orlean Mix) 15. Abendreiterin "There's no use praying my friend. Even your God knows better than to come here." This Russian duo is nothing if not prolific. Like the vast majority of their output this is a digital release sounding like a solid piece of progressive trance firmly entrenched in the Blue Tunes vein. Dreamy, uplifting, and bouncy trance that more than flirts with a techno vibe. It's a pretty varied cross section of the progressive genre, sometimes sounding cold and clinical. On the other hand it can also be warm and precise with tracks like the Witch and Arrow mix of Esbat and the New Orlean mix of Mayferien Nights bringing a smile to my face the whole way through. Far from perfect it is still quite enjoyable and shows that this duo isn't afraid to move in different directions. Psyshop Download
  2. Artist: Various Title: Freak the Tune Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: June, 2008 1. Midimal - Secrets of Beauty 2. Dualnok - Wave Out 3. Earsugar - Womanizer (Quantize Remix) 4. Martin - Intoxicated 5. Infinity & Meander - Rollercoaster 6. Liquid Soul - 6.15 am (Jay Selway Remix) 7. Progenitor - Visions 8. Manuel Duego - Deception (Symphonix Remix) 9. Dream Donor - Dancing Knobs "People think they came here to take over the planet." This German progressive trance label has been around for a very long time releasing a lot of great music. I tend to like the progressive trance that paints a lush picture with tons of layers rather than the more minimal, bare boned approach. With their 19th CD this was an enjoyable, smooth progressive ride. Most of the songs had layers to get lost in as well as being head nodding bounce worthy. This is almost a decade old, but it holds up surprisingly well. They didn't reinvent the wheel (to be honest I really don't know what that would look like at this point), but if you're in the mood for some groovy tunes that put a smile on your face, this will do nicely. Psyshop
  3. Artist: Various Title: Music From Heaven - The Remixes Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: November, 2010 1. Music From Heaven (original mix) 2-8. Sh*tty copycat progressive mixes Blood...f*cking boiling... Why in the hell does this continue to occur? A remix album with multiple versions of the same track. Although that is misleading because versions implies that there is something different. It's the same. F*cking. Track. Let's start with the original which sucked in its own right, but that's ok. It's better that way because a talented artist can turn water into wine. Worked out well for Jesus. But I guess all these people are happy drinking from the toilet because it's nothing but boring clones, using the same tricks that have been beaten to death. This isn't a remix album... It's a professional low point. At least I hope it is. I left the room whilst this was in full swing just to see if I missed anything. I did not. Ritmo is Dubi Dagan, a gentleman who has shown he has awesome ability in the progressive trance genre, but unless he's a total Nazi demanding all the remixes sound just like the original, the artists who participated should be ashamed of themselves. I'm no lawyer, but I think with the word remixes in the title this may be a test case for fraud. The awesome sauce was clearly left off this sh*t sandwich. Seven almost identical mixes plus the original or explosive diarrhea? What a choice, it's like a f*cking Chinese finger trap. Do yourself a favor and avoid this limp dicked effort at all costs. Music from Heaven? Think you're going the wrong way pal. Beatport Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Sunday Vol. 2 Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: January, 2012 1. Summer Good Bye OSHER 2. Ilite POP ART 3. Desire (Osher rmx) LIQUID SOUL 4. Dimension ZYCE AND FLEGMA 5. Dusty Groove EGORYTHMIA 6. Shuttle SIDEFORM 7. Flashlight DOUBLE CLICK AND NUMB 8. Ein Tag in Hamburg HANZO AND CLUFE 9. Your Eyes (Time in Motion and Flexus rmx) SVEN SNUG 10. Messed Up (Haldolium rmx) NOK Sunday is typically a day of rest so I thought it would be apropos for me to take a look at the 2nd installment of the Sunday series by Blue Tunes Recordings. Add to the fact that it was compiled by the Creator and I might not even have to go to church today. As is the case these days you have a mix of savvy veterans and some fairly new names to discover. Summer Good-Bye- Osher Swissa really impressed me with his change in style when he released the 2011 progressive smash Twilight (oh, the irony). The opener is rather harmless with none of the eye opening tricks that made me smile with his debut. It's as if Blue Tunes said "We have a formula here hippie, so take your good time funky music elsewhere if you can't play ball." Guess he played ball. Ilite- After being part of the group that ran full-on into the ground Oshri Krispin (Indra) jumped on the progressive bandwagon faster than you can say cut and paste and has thrown out a bunch of EP's to get a lay of the land. Same style as the previous track with extended percussive warblings. The break though is deep and takes its time careful not to rush things. Better, but room for improvement. Desire (Osher Remix)- Osher again with a remix that may have the execs at the label a little sore. This is the wide open melodic stuff I expect from him. Oscillating synth waves and a very expansive break make this a dreamy floating track. There's still some time where the bass runs a little long without company, but that's a minor complaint. Dimension- These two artists need no introduction with Zyce showing up seemingly everywhere. I think he was at my kid's 3rd birthday party handing out EP's. They have crafted too many tracks to count and the vast majority of them have been quite good. Like the others before it, it leans toward the lighter side of progressive perfectly content to let the bass go as the effects unfold. It's hard to be upset at this style as it permits the mind to drift if at times feeling a tad empty. But if you give it a chance you'll hear quiet melodies filling the gaps as it all comes together. Best I've ever heard? Of course not, but competent. Dusty Groove- Boban Lazovski has been riding the EP and remix train for over 4 years and has produced great results for the most part. This one is even more wide open with an echoing sample that screams eternity. It's nicely cold with echoing effects clanging against a galloping bass line. Dark and matrix-y I like that it lets me render my own dream. Shuttle- Time for some Balkan brilliance! To date I have never heard a bad track from this duo and they keep it that way with this smooth criminal. Bounce is there and spaces are filled with melody hits and sounds on delay that give it some lush appeal. It's got a soft touch as they experiment with some ryhthms in the break and gets all shimmery and euphoric at the end. Congratulations, you are my favorite of the compilation. Flashlight- This is Patrick Star. He's an idiot. How the f*ck did this make the cut? Was the compilation building too much momentum and getting real good that it scared you? Annoying sample manipulation the whole way through made the guy who eats his belly button lint walk away from your track. Somehow I made it to the break and thought the worst was behind me, but it turns out I was in a cul de sac so...yeah no escape. Ein Tag In Hamburg- Here are two more projects I'm unfamiliar with and they have the luck to follow what was one of the worst tracks I've listened to in a long time. So, nowhere to go but up correct? And they do go up with a melody that reminds me of Sixteen Candles with its sound. Remember when Jake pulled up to the church and was leaning on his cherry red Porsche waiting for Samantha? You don't know what I'm talking about do you? It was a movie in the 80's ask your parents. "Open the door." "No way Jose! You punch my face!" "You grabbed my nuts." "That you?" "Yeah. Than me." Dude's a carpenter now doesn't even act anymore. The Jesus references just keep coming. Your Eyes (Time In Motion & Flexus Remix)- Flexus recently released the uber soft The Beginning EP and Time in Motion has quickly gained my attention with his vast soundscapes. I don't know who Sven Snug is and haven't heard the original track, but damnit if that lead melody doesn't sound familiar. More soft melodies are present, but it doesn't really go anywhere. Far from terrible, but it seems as if the knockout blow from Flashlight might be too much to recover from. "Quick what's your name?" "Thursday." Oh boy. Messed Up (Haldolium Remix)- Last track and while I've never been a fan of Haldolium's tunes, I don't hate them either. True to form this has a light touch like all the other tracks, but there is something about it that conveys a bad ass attitude. There isn't a lot here, but what they do give you...I dunno, something about it that I like. You've got a pretty good progressive trance compilation with an average opener that sees the tracks getting better and better until the head on collision that was flashlight. But like a trooper it picked itself up and dusted itself off to finish fairly strongly. The music is gentle in style as if afraid to wake up your parents and probably good for winding down. While not the best comp out there you could do worse. "Patrick! Patrick come back! I'm done, I'm not gonna play it again, I promise!" Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Amarasya Vol. 2 Label: Blue Tunes Recordings Date: February, 2006 1. Run away ODISEO VS JAKA 2. Tane (XV Killist Rmx) ANTIX VS BITMONX 3. Laughing guys with titts HUMAN TRAFFIC 4. Confused LIQUID SOUL 5. Rebirth ACE VENTURA 6. Born in a new world (Symphonix rmx) LIQUID SOUL 7. Electro express FABIO AND DAY-DIN 8. Default TRUE LIES "Listen to me...what are we talking about really? We're talking about a journey...a subconscious safari." Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeee!!!!! You guessed it! In the quest to go through music I haven't listened to in awhile, we have the next installment of Montagu Vs. Golkonda in the Amarasya series. And immediately I attempted to run away from the first track. Boring with a house feel. Spirits dashed I'm then dragged kicking and screaming into an 11 minute XV Kilist remix. Hold up...this is gonna take a little medication. Nope...need more drugs. Oy. The same loop over and over and I wasn't even halfway through. Laughing Guys With Tits is a great title but all I remember is the sample of Vincent Price laughing. Yep, the same one in Michael Jackson's Thriller. Jeez, what a snoozefest so far. The Liquid Soul track was a little better. Subtle with good effects, yet still managed to be boring. Ace Ventura wields a pretty cool sample and aside from a few boring bits it was by far the best yet. Good usage of effects I must say. Symphonix (which includes Mr. Golkonda) slows things down with a track that makes me feel I'm in a far away dream. It's atmospheric with a less is more take on progressive. Effective. With Electro Express you can actually sing YMCA to its rhythm. It totally works. Electro hits give it a percussive funkiness that has some appeal. "Young man...there's no need to feel down..." It got better as it went along, but it felt like work. Like I had to work to get into it and really like it. There is too much good music out there where that isn't necessary. And never forget...I'm pretty lazy. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
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