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  1. Artist: Various Title: BGF Chronicles Label: Neogoa Records Date: July, 2017 Part One: 01 - Aerosis - Whole New Beginning 02 - Ephedra - Fanatic's Tribute 03 - Triquetra - Headphone Zombie 04 - Siam - Bizarre Sunrise 05 - E-Mantra - Valley Of The Kings (Fiery Dawn Remix) 06 - Kurandini - Celestial Death Of Yama 07 - Griffin - Dark Frequencies (BGF Version) 08 - Mania - Cosmic Flux 09 - Omnivox - Beyond Dreams Part Two: 10 - E-Mantra - Distant Signals (Early Version) 11 - Journey Into Sound - 42 12 - Zopmanika - Subconscious Whispers 13 - Sky Technology - It Is Alive 14 - Mindfield vs. Lunar Asylum - Exposed 15 - Omneon - Transform Last 16 - Veasna - Silent Spring 17 - Syb Unity Nettwerk Experience - MorphoGenesis (Live Studio) 18 - Third Eye Channel - Once Upon Heard the party was epic! Our favorite (well my favorite, I can't speak for all you guys) goa trance netlabel is at it again with a large digital compilation mastered by sonic impresario Deimos and cool as f*ck artwork by label head Ivan himself. Most people don't know this but BGF stands for Big Girls For Ivan because I've heard he likes a little meat on the bone. Fine that's not what it means. It stands for Balkan Goa Fanatics which is a bunch of far East Europeans who seem to really like this goa music. This release nicely coincides with the label's 7th birthday so hopefully Ivan got a nice plump stripper for the celebrations. So inside is a who's who of European goa artists beginning with blast from the past Aerosis, laying down a warm, progressive style that feels comfortable like the ass groove in the couch that takes years to construct. Flavor of the month Triquetra deliver a track that grew on me especially when the second half became a twirlers paradise. Like most of you I like my goa with a heaping helping of forest and Dark Frequencies has more in common with North Sweden than India. Disappointed in the Omnivox track though. Has to be one of his weakest ever. A few others... Subconscious Whispers...wow! Transform Last...double wow! Exposed...not so wow. Stevo you know that doesn't belong here. Morphogenesis was a classic from 20 years ago, but I don't know if this is updated or he recorded what he played live. Don't really care, but I'll say it is deliciously old school. Overall a great release from these crazy Balkans. Quality always comes before quantity so when you come across a label that delivers both it's really rare. Neogoa Bandcamp
  2. Artist: Various Title: Psychedelic Goa Core Vol. 2 Label: Javelin Date: February, 1997 1. Inifinity Project - Overwind 2. S.U.N. Project - The Suburbs 3. ManMadeMan - Elevator 4. Prana - Alien Pets 5. Infernal Machine - The Loin King (F*ck you Disney) 6. Shakta & Ping Pong - Between The Nothing 7. Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance 8. MFG - Magnetic Activity (Remix) 9. Taiyo - Taiyo (Chakra Remix) 10. Psyko Disko - Pho Rue Yang Sometimes you are just in the mood for some thumping, screaming old school goa trance. Can't believe I had to create a review for this (you know how f*cking lazy I am), but it gave me the opportunity to share how good this is. And it is so damn good. It's a mix CD and I don't know about you, but usually I only like mix Cd's in the car. This one hit me in the right spot though. There are a couple of outstanding goa tracks here and it is a banging good time.
  3. Artist: Ex-Gen Title: Extreme Genetics 0.2 Ep Label: 3D Vision Date: July, 2014 1. Closer 2. Prometheus (feat. Absolum) 3. Retreat Man they don't make 'em like dis no more. Acid heavy, blasting psytrance. Ex-Gen Soundcloud
  4. I know everyone here has been waiting on pins and needles for my opinion on this Neogoa release. We all know this label is the leader in releasing quality goa trance for it's liberation, allowing the world to enjoy the hypnotic sounds for free most of the time. Can't beat that. This is Lukáš Bartošek from somewhere probably cold with his full length debut and he goes a bit dark with pretty good results. People evaluate music in different ways and one of my favorite ways is in the car. There is something magical about moving at high speed enclosed in a steel rocket as the sounds pan from front driver's side to back right passenger. And if it's night time? A simple trip to pick up some bread might take over an hour. "But shouldn't you just focus on the road?" I'm sorry, what? His kicks are thunderous and the growling synths advance slowly in tracks like Vader leaving broken bodies in its wake. Sure the sample is a little corny, but I'll allow it with all the f*cking Star Wars hysteria going around. Damned has a chip on its shoulder that dares you to knock it off. No Time To Waste gets back to the thumping style he employed at the start and is the only track with a Middle Eastern flair. Hide and Clap has a little M-run boogie swatter and will elicit head bobbing from even the most resistant, closing out the album nicely. The middle of the album is where I think it loses its way. Labyrinth goes a little light and ditches the goa in favor of a more psytrance feel. And a minimal one at that. To be honest I found it boring as hell. The title track disappoints with its bland action and tooth grinding key changes. Cell Connections was better, but I'm not interested in better. I want best. All in all it's a good album that ticks a lot of the boxes even with a few stumbles. As such it has my endorsement for a game of real life tag with people taking too f*cking long in the crosswalk. Wait, don't do that.
  5. "Somewhere, deep down..." I knew this was going to be a rough road when I dug it up, but I didn't fathom the severity of pain this f*cking coaster would cause. Like an altar boy discovering a long suppressed memory of a weekend church getaway this was going to be a sore spot. Supposedly it's darker full-on with a bunch of lasers. While that's technically true its predictability and annoyance is off the charts. Stops and starts are just the tip of the spear (sorry former altar boys) and if it wasn't for Hydraglyph this sh*tshow would've been properly jettisoned from the hard drive with the quickness. Nah, f*ck it, it stil will be.
  6. Artist: Circle of Protection (Pssssst....It's Filipe) Title: Trinity Seven Ep Label: Goa '96 Records Date: June, 2017 1. Trinity Seven 2. Druid "Hmmmm...should I sh*t in Steadman's mouth tonight?" Ever heard anything by Filipe Santos? I mean, literally anything. Well, this is that. Sure the project name is different (isn't that the M.O. of one who wants to constantly reinvent?) much the same way food companies try to shoehorn artificial sweeteners into everything you eat. I mean how many f*cking words are there for sugar? If you're a fan of his music (I am) than you will won't have a problem bellying up to the table to suck this down. It's good, melodic, layered, power goa. Even though I'm sure I've heard it before. Filipe Santos Music
  7. Artist: Median Project Title: The Wanderer Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2017 1. The Wanderer 2. Made On Earth 3. Nuclear Reactor 4. The Lonely Mountain With the newly announced upcoming album from the Median Project on Goa Trance powerhouse Global Sect Records I thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at some previously released material. Sergei Petrenko from mother Russia delivers a digital ep on Timewarp (have they gone full digital?) which I believe to be a gem for lovers of straight forward space goa. While he didn't reinvent the wheel, the result is a decent journey across the cosmos with great effects and nice layering. My favorite was Nuclear Reactor. Sometimes I felt he lost his way and left the ship on autopilot a little too long, but I was never serious about hitting the airlock to try to escape. So good on you my friend, I can't wait to see if your debut album reaches epic status! Timewarp Records Bandcamp
  8. I usually employ this method when I'm having difficulty engaging with an album. This one is quite good and I think the 4/5 rating is fair.
  9. Artist: WOTE (Worms of the Earth) Title: Sekhem-A-Kheftiu Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2017 1. Umes (Opening the Hidden Doors) 2. Sekhem-A-Kheftiu 3. Tesert-Baiu "You know you cannot escape death, but immortality can be obtained." This movie looks awesome! I always appreciate artists asking me to write reviews because most of the time it means that they have read my work and find that it has some value. Writing reviews is a time consuming process so getting asked to write one helps me continue to want to do it. This is the solo project of Dan Barrett from DC...wait, you're from DC? I'm not saying I have a lot of rotten fruit and pungent dog feces lying around, but if I did... do you think you could make a delivery to a certain bloated douchebag? His address is 1600 Pennsylvania something or other. You can't miss him. Just follow the trail of lies and stupidity. Anyway Dan Barrett's Discogs page describes him as a dark electronic project with a few releases. I've never heard any of his material, but like a diligent detective I thought it proper to educate myself. Listening to some of his earlier material reveals his industrial side sounding oftentimes like an early more primitive version of FLA with tribal affects. As a fan of FLA this is appealing to me. So with high hopes I gave his latest effort a listen through. Unfortunately this doesn't have a tenth of the raw industrial feel or the layered detail of the older stuff. This is a three track digital ep that was mainly full-on with some psychedelic touches and goa flavor which mainly comes off as bland and uninteresting. The production is quite good sounding very professional so for that he should be commended. The only track that held any interest for me was the opener which sounded akin to something from Zion604. I find his strength so far to be his dark ambient work. While not Cold Meat Industry material it's dark and moody (Thagirion - Mired In A River Of Drowned Bodies is a sample of a track title) with chants and whispered recitations that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Check out Sitra Achra if that's more your thing. Timewarp Records
  10. Artist: Schizoid Bears Title: Dictator of Silence Label: Forest Freaks Date: July, 2017 1. Shimmy Ye 2. Kito Visato 3. Analogue Woods 4. Man / Robot 5. Spacecake 6. Dropout 7. Kuelveerstuk 8. Keep It In My Heart 9. Parabulock P. Tale and C. Monster are back with their third release offered freely by our friends at Ektoplazm. Lithuanian Forest Freaks has been making some noise (get it?) in this genre with compilations like the Under the Moss series. This project does forest right with dark and uncertain atmospheres that bring to mind those places we are loathe to tread. There is a lot of twists and turns with new sounds lurking around every tree making for a very saturated aural experience. It can be harsh and electrically abrasive yet continuously lends itself to deep hallucination. Tracks like Man / Robot and Drop Out seem to have a perfect mix of power and psychedelia. In truth it's a lot to take in and like a lot of releases in this genre the sound sometimes tends to get bogged down with its equivalence. That said, I really liked it and while it isn't something I would listen to everyday, it gave me a sense of unease throughout. Free at Ektoplazm
  11. Artist: Senang Title: Connection With Nature Ep Label: Banyan Records 1. Owl Lights 2. Sacret Agni 3. Alive Source (with Umber Vamber) 4. Connection With Nature This label is pretty cool and for my money (even though some of their releases are freely offered) they are one of the highlights in the niche genre of forest trance. Check this one out for your night time pleasure. Forest oftentimes falls into the same pitfall as darkpsy does with the lack of a discernible melody and incessant, constant hammering of the bassline. There's nothing really to grab onto until the artist begins to pay attention to the details. And you'll find that here in this short digital ep beginning with the psychedelic cover. Sure that hammering bass line is there, but he broadens the track with some eerie atmosphere and those delicious, swampy bubbles. It's pull your collar tighter and start looking at your surroundings a little closer type music. And it's free, so that makes it even sweeter! Free at Banyan Records
  12. Artist: Toires Title: Oued - Sanäti Label: Dakini Records Date: September, 2002 Track listing: CD 1 01. Haytama 02. Kamoun Soufi 03. Ma Wa'l Hob 04. Sanati 05. Market Beach 06. Mustahil 07. Nabab 08. Sidi'h Bibi 09. Toinet 10. Bessma 11. Layoun Lokdhor CD 2 01. Lelital 02. Barmanu 03. Honeymoon In Africa III 04. Azif Laile 05. Smoking Gun 06. Tali 07. Kia 08. Menara 09. Nafas Al Ayat First thing, hats off the the quality review above. Its genius is its simplicity. It reminds me of those restaurants where you get this huge white plate and the entree is super tiny and perfectly centered. And the waiter looks at you like a barbarian when you give him the "What the f*ck, that's all there is look?" This is Frenchman Florian Seriot whom I am familiar thanks to the Fahrenheit Project compilations from Ultimae. This is a 2-CD set which is just two of this albums in one package. Within you'll find a very laid back compendium of melancholy middle eastern or Indian vocals, chants, and smooth beats. Think of an ancient Middle Eastern LSD jam session. I like the combination of the breakbeats and worldly samples mixed in with the electronica. Kinda like if the Beatles got a little funky during their...ahem, experimental phase. He throws some interludes in here as well to further cement the atmosphere that you are a long way from home white boy. It's all very chill and mysterious if quite a bit samey, but it does get to be a little much. I mean two discs of really similar sounds...
  13. This is such a floating, melodic masterpiece. I will acquiesce that there aren't dramatic shifts in direction, but the bubbly, trance inducing goodness found within is pure gold. So lush. Last update we had from them was that they were working on the second album (back in 2009) so who knows where that is. But seriously, how hard could it be to get a reprint of this album done?
  14. Artist: Various Title: Portal of Perceptions Label: Celestial Dragon Records Date: May, 2005 1. Ishq - Aphrodite 2. Makyo - Jasmine 3. Adham Shaikh - Ohm (Transfix Mix) 4. Aes Dana - Haze (Celestial Mix) 5. Androcell - Caribbeyond 6. Cell - Twisted Sun 7. Androcell - Fungus Garden (Acoustic Mix) 8. H.U.V.A. Network - Rain Geometries (Solar Fields Remix) 9. Ishq - El Morya What an rich and satisfying compilation. Mixed by Vincent Villuis himself it's 12 years old and still hitting all the right notes. All the projects are established in the downtempo genre and they are doing some heavy lifting. Lots of tribal percussion here with ethereal chants, breakbeats, and trance inducing dreams. Special mention goes to the sublime Ohm (Transfix Mix) which is everything you could want in a dreamy, mystical downtempo piece. I don't believe this sub label of Sonic Dragon Records is around any longer which is a shame because it certainly delivered the goods! Beatspace Digital
  15. One of the baddest motherf*ckers ever to mangle some presets. This album is a consistent brain scrambler of the first order. The world definitely needs more of this right now. At this point I believe that Barry is the only one who can save my country. Help us Barry, you're our only hope.
  16. Artist: Morphonix Title: Off the Grid Label: Vaporvent Date: March, 2008 1. Fur Bot 2. Off the Grid 3. Dig Deep 4. Kismet Kabob 5. Bright Destinations 6. Island Sanctuary 7. Hasp Clasp 8. Fuzz Machine "Can you dig it?" I think you know that I can. This is the same mind behind the psytrance project Chromatone. It's one of my favorite psychill releases and I wonder why he only made one album under this alias. Breakbeat and glitchy it is replete with juicy basses and funk by the trunkload. Dubby basses and well placed transitions abound as he even displays some house-like swagger on Kismet Kabob. The only way this could get better for me is if he incorporated some 303 into it. But then it would be Hardfloor. This isn't music you can zone out too and I would expect nothing less from a guy like Chromatone. The only negative would be that it's no longer sold in the usual go to shops. But if you can find it, I highly recommend purchasing it. Your booty will thank you.
  17. Artist: Tetrium Title: Lose Your Senses Label: Limitspace Records Date: June, 2010 1. The Road To Happiness 2. A Way To The North (with Gothica) 3. Start To Beginning (with Uno Serpental) 4. Chipser (with Color Space) 5. Mahamodra Vs. White Noise - Sexy Body Move (Tetrium Remix) 6. Salvardo (Remix) 7. Mid Night (Vs. Uno Serpental) 8. Purple Heaven 9. Kafir 10. Salvardo (Dragon Boyz Remix) I'll explain. This was a throw in from I think Beatspace when I placed an order with them a while back. Would you call that a pity CD or a get the f*ck out of my inventory CD? Now normally when someone gives you something for free like that you can almost bet you get what you pay for. However I went into this with an open mind. Tetrium is Gadi Aviv and I used to own his debut Speed of Light waaaay back in '04, but have since outgrown his brand of simplistic full-on. Has he? Did he discover depth and dynamics or is this going to be the ear bleeding, vomit inducing, retina shearing, steaming pile of rhinoceros excrement I imagine it to be? No. No it is not. Full-on yes loaded with more galloping than a 1950's Western and its fair share of cheese. Also present is almost every imaginable cliche particular to this part of the genre. Yet...it is not unlistenable. Well you can imagine Sexy Body Move is unlistenable and it truly is. But hell there are portions that are...good decent. Those portions are usually small and at the end of the tracks after all the nonsense is over, but they are there. Chipser and Mid Night has some juicy bits and a harder edge while the Dragon Boyz remix of Salvardo is an acid drenched bomb that I would expect from the good old days of Timecode. So where am I on this? I can't recommend this because it's full-on and loaded with sh*t I despise, but I'll admit that it surpasses the low bar the genre sets for itself. Look all I'm saying is I would rather listen to this again then go back and spin just half of The Jury from Nexus Media. That really sounded like blasphemy. Ugh...I think I need a shower. Psyshop
  18. Still holds up very well 6 years on. Like this much better than his follow up efforts.
  19. Artist: Easily Embarrassed Title: Different Dimensions Label: EE Records Date: December, 2012 01 - Marble Shower (70 BPM) 02 - The Odds (92 BPM) 03 - Jester's Escape (130 BPM) 04 - Mushroom Fever (106 BPM) 05 - Different Dimensions (Continuous Mix) 06 - Jester's Escape (DJ Edit) (130 BPM) Planet Discovery and Tales of the Coin Spinner were quite enjoyable, so I decided to check out some earlier work from this Dutch trio. Marble Shower is a hodgepodge of sounds that shouldn't go together yet they do. The Odds is like an ambient dream. But an eerie ambient dream as if I was wandering though a haunted amusement park. Jester's Escape brings back memories of the Artifakt and his thumping techno while Mushroom Fever has that Infected style and big beat. Further goodies include a DJ mix of Jester's Escape and a continuous mix of the EP. It's all super varied and if that's how you like your psychill then step right up my friend. The fact that it's free from Ektoplazm is icing on the cake. Free at Ektoplazm
  20. Artist: PharaOm & Somnesia Title: Santorin Label: Space Baby Records Date: July, 2013 1. Message From Heaven 2. Zophina 3. Elytra 4. Toxic Kiss 5. God's Tears (Nova Fractal Remix) 6. Radioactivity 7. Neilos 8. Havoc 9. Frogs 10. Darkness 11. Hell-Heaven 12. Road To Exodus I miss complete sentences. 2013. Back to a time when I could wake up in the morning and not immediately wonder what the bloated pumpkin in chief had done to sh*t on my country. Got poor? F*ck 'em corporations are people too and they need your money. Any new p*ssies to grab? Remember, nazis are good people too. Mary and Joseph it's only been less than a year and I'm literally exhausted from his constant buffoonery. But thankfully this isn't about him, it's about a digital collaboration that I feel flew way under the radar. Two well known artists who got together and released a storming, melodic goa trance album. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but c'mon. Hello, rule...exception. It looks like Egypt threw up all over Ra with this cover, so you know what type of goa trance is found within. That aside these are two accomplished producers who probably understand that a certain amount of exploitation occurs when doing a concept album like this. They take it tongue in cheek, realizing that goa trance music can be full of tropes and stereotypes. Hell in one track they even have a sample that says, "OK guys it was just a joke." So yeah this is the type of goa you think it is, but it is very well done. Throw out the useless intro and outro and mostly what you have is rapid, twirling melodies sometimes hovering close to the nitzhonot line. But fear not intrepid listener, because And I love it. Fast and furious mostly, but it's not always just four on the floor. The breaks are well placed to allow the compositions to breathe. The sound quality is great which really comes out when listening to all the layers. This is one of those releases the collector in me would love to have in physical form. Beatspace Digital
  21. Artist: Unusual Cosmic Process Title: Aquatic Label: Uxmal Records Date: June, 2014 1. Under the Water 2. Transformation 3. Cosmic Blue (Phase 1) 4. Sanctuary 5. Aquatic 6. Whales 7. Cosmic Blue (Phase II) 8. Tardigrate Take a deep dive and submerse yourself into this aquatic wonderland and you shan't be disappointed. Unusual Cosmic Process is the project of Ukrainian Armen Akopov and I've heard a couple of his releases previously. Unfamiliar with this artist? Check out his track Legend on the Neogoa release Turlitava from 2011. If varied psychill is your thing this one hits all the right notes. The tracks are lush and fully packed with a very dynamic sound. Those sounds echo off each other as if leagues beneath the sea in tracks like Cosmic Blue (Phase I) which transitions from a smooth ambient to a bouncy breakbeat. And those transitions recur frequently in a track like Whales where he combines a whole bunch of styles it can't even really be put into a box. The second part of Cosmic Blue is one of my favorites with it's progressive march. He weaves real instruments with electronica and effects to give the album a floaty yet organic feel. Hell, at times this reminded me of a Jan Hammer production minus the cheese. The tracks are long for maximum immersion and I think he shines when he focuses more on the ambient production. The breakbeat stuff is really good too, but with the length of the tracks being what they are it tends to sound a little generic. Still all in all this was a great release from a great musician. Psyshop
  22. Artist: James Murray Title: Eyes To The Height Label: Ultimae Records Date: December, 2016 1. The Black and The Grey 2. Holloways 3. What Can Be Done 4. Particles (Part 1) 5. Eyes To The Height 6. Ghostwalking 7. Passing Places 8. Laterisers 9. Particles (Part 2) 10. Copestone Ultimae has had a long history of quality downtempo and ambient releases and one could argue also defined the sound itself. Their albums are often dreamy, melancholy dances with the spirit world. Sometimes warm, but often cold and dreary they rarely fail to evoke strong emotions. I've been out of the Ultimae loop for awhile, but thought I would jump in with this release from James Murray. I have to say it ticks all the boxes on the checklist with it's slow, ponderous drift. And even though the album is of short length it is a slow plod. Not necessarily a bad thing yet I find it rather boring and uneventful without any drama. It's more a soundtrack to someone's personal loss or wilderness through which they must journey. It's ethereal without being overly melodic, but it does have that pensive, retrospective feel. It's not until the title track that it wakes from it's catatonia and shows a little motion and positivity. The tracks are relatively short which helps, but I cannot label this a standout by any means. I liked it but feel it works better as a full listen through rather than cherry picking tracks. I get the sense that it can be a grower because of this as it doesn't wow right out of the box. In fact I am warming up to it on multiple listens. Yeah, but I'm sure there's something else out there. Ultimae Bandcamp Ultimae Bandcamp (24 bit) Psyshop
  23. Artist: Hypnoxock Title: Mental Conversations Ep Label: Goa Trance Music Date: April, 2017 1. Transformation 2. Pecadus Nocturnis Hypnoxock (pronounced Hip-no-shock) is Victor Solsana's baby now and he's been on quite the f*cking roll. I haven't heard his latest Eurythmia yet, but I hear great things. And even before his latest this project has consistently put the psychedelia back into psytrance. From way back in 2009 with the night time trance of Logic Evolution to the more recent Sounds From Another Time this project has not disappointed. With their more recent turn towards goa we have even more reason to celebrate! Discogs says this is from 2015, but their bandcamp says 2016 so forgive me if I have placed this incorrectly. This digital ep has two tracks. Transformation builds well and it's not until more than halfway through that a goa melody finally unwinds. The end is the hammer and it's worth the wait. Pecadus Nocturnis twists and turns and even though it has a galloping bass line it brings a smile. Almost halfway through the break sprouts a new tributary in which to travel. And that new way...is a goa one. Well done. Super danceable and worth adding to your hopefully large Hypnoxock collection. Hypnoxock Bandcamp
  24. Artist: Nostromosis Title: My Way Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: August, 2017 1. Psychedelic Space Mom and Baby (First Breath) 2. Old ROM 3. Sirena Cosm 4. Monomakh (Second Breath) 5. New Life (with Sonic Elysium) Timewarp keeps chugging along and I for one am grateful for that. That said when you produce a lot of material it's fair to say that not all of them will be home runs. Nostromosis is Igor Sidorov from Mother Russia and I've always felt that his is on the lower tier of today's goa producers. Nothing personal, but his sound isn't as polished and seamless as other artists. His sound choice at times borders on annoying and none of his tracks have really impressed. Unfortunately for me with this Ep he still seems to be stuck in this rut. The second half of Sirena Cosm brings hope, but ultimately his tracks contain no drama or dynamism. They're just...there. Sorry, but this one's a pass from me. Timewarp Bandcamp Psyshop
  25. Artist: Side Effects Title: Next Destination Label: Tech Safari Records Date: September, 2017 1. Next Destination 2. Space Travel (with Sonic Sense) 3. What Is Real (with IIai) 4. Burning Man 5. Eruption 6. Waves of Sound 7. Electro Magnetic (with Helber Gun) 8. We Are Not Alone 9. Storm 10. Human Archetyp (with Seamoon) I know what you're thinking. He hasn't posted a review in months and he comes with this obscure nonsense? Yeah I know, but I don't control the mood that strikes me. You never know what's going to hit you or where the review... *38 minutes later* Sorry, I was watching an episode of Modern Family. What were we talking about? Ah, this digital album by an Israeli duo. Last I heard of them was the disastrous City On Mars album. Since I deleted that album from the hard drive and have no desire to waste my time I cannot compare the two. What I can tell you is that this is a triplet lovers paradise with a style that has been beaten to death. I enjoy their breaks and use of effects, but the music just doesn't stand out or separate itself from the countless other artists that traffic in the same style. I've started asking myself when reviewing an album if it was good enough that I would want to listen to it again. *2 hours later* You're still here? What album were we talking about? Psyshop
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