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  1. I'll trade you 2 goats, 1 camel, and the rights to Pavel's anus for the CDs.
  2. Well I'd rather listen to 10 "commercial" sets a year than nothing at all. Thank god i actually have a little, but very tight scene in Boston which enjoys good music. A little too much on the dark side for me, but hey, who's complaining.
  3. Up here in Boston we have monthly events in addition to the few times we party in NYC... Nothing too too exciting in comparison to abroad though... Anybody else in New England haha
  4. Riton

    Bio Tonic - On The Rox

    Can't believe there hasn't been a new post on this in like 6 years... Fantastic fullon, good memories!
  5. Again, not my favorite style, but definitely a good piece in its genre!
  6. great album, but definitely mood dependent for me. needs more reviewing
  7. Nothing gets me going like GOOD fullon. I'm taking it back motherfuckers! Fullon is NOT an insult haha
  8. Yeah i'm not a big fan of a lot of the psy played in the US... from what i hear in quebec it's more fullon than over here in boston... I dunno but either way i miss israeli fullon (something i never thought id say before i left)
  9. Riton

    Lish - Dejavoodoo

    nearly 7 years later, still a fantastic album!
  10. Riton

    Cosma - Nonstop

    man that's it only like 8 posts on this? wtf... This is a must!
  11. it's funny cuz i forgot i had already posted on this
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