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  1. never did a hippy drumcircle, but i did work as soundtechnician for a south korean show on tour in Europe called "dulsori binari". Which is all about drums, big drum, small drum, all sizes and shapes...so i´m pretty experienced when it comes to mic´ing drums. Give each drum a seperate mic, i like the SM57 for Djembe´s, dont point the mic towards the center, position it on a stand next to the djembe and aim for the border of the drum, there the soundwaves roll off. Place it as close as possible (yet min 2cm) so you dont have to give the mic too much gain and to prevent reverb and harmo
  2. Is there an official fanclub? i´d like to sign up!
  3. There is something very poetic about the way you wrote that...
  4. I suggest a good ol´fashioned fistfight, mano a mano. That will solve it... last man standing gets my appreciation.
  5. Its an ok track but somehow the overall concept feels too obvious and minimalistic to me. I like this kind of psy rock more
  6. I love this EP, Its my fav in my collection!!! thanks for reminding me to listen to it....NOW, hehe
  7. Always really liked Sun project, i think my first psy CD was SUN project. And ive seen them 3 times live, that drummer is crazy! I dont understand how he can keep up with that tempo... I really respect artists that bring goa trance in a live band, this is something very unique in goatrance yet some of the best names in goa are bands: juno reactor SUN project Dark soho The experience of a live performance is something completely different than a preproduced liveset. There is a stronger connection between artist & public.
  8. Daniël


    some more: old one, made in 2003, never finished itmyself , a friend finished it last week work in progress
  9. you re right, i would be suprised if you cared, just wanted to share my experiences. I dont really care too if you play CDs. hehe
  10. just percussion samples, if you want to check it out in fruity here is a zip with samples and project, external VSTs used: nexus & edirol orchetral clicky to download
  11. oh my god!!! thank you :posford: :posford: :posford: That will be very usefull. You have any more of these kind of diagrams???
  12. Made in fruityfloops on a bored moment: Aquanomaly - blue electric storm play download It resonates with a painting i made in the same period, also called blue electric storm:
  13. Thank you, it can go on my psynews wall of "weird quotes"-fame. Id like to collect my prize now! seriously, you should come and hang around with me for a week, ill show you every weak spot of the CD. a small example(true story, very annoying): imagine you have to play 20 tracks of around 15 sec in a period of 3 hours. IN this period is a gap of 35 minutes between 2 tracks. Any CD-player has a moment where the pauzed CD goes to sleep modus, this is mostly 10, 20 or 30 minutes. It cant be longer cause, a longer pause than 30 minutes can damage the gear or CD(and im talking about DEN
  14. From a professional point of view the CD is the work of the devil. Its vulnerable, it needs a rotating engine that uses alot of power and is vulnerable too, the player has a response time, it doesnt play directly, once a CD is broken its just garbage, very annoying and polluting garbage by the way. And a USbstick plays the moment you plug it, no response time...at all , no rotating engines, less power usage. You can put extras on the stick, its very easy to back up, its compatible with anything that has a usb port. The USB sticks simply have alot more endurability, flexibility and re
  15. hehe, give me 5 minutes and a lighter and ill show you how inerasable your CDs are. remember? I bought one this week, Pink ployd - dark side of the moon on SACD, costed 18 euro, it plays a different soundquality depending on which player you use. So it is backwardscompatible with all CD players, but off course it sounds best on an SACD player, but i dont have one, haha.
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