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  1. thanks for that list. some really nice suggestions in there that'll most likely find their way into my top ten.
  2. i'm still in the process of compiling and actually listening to the albums of last year. so the following draft is subject to change. Uptempo: 1. UX - The Realm of a New Dawn 2. Median Project - Constellation 3. Shadow Chronicles - Arcadia 4. VA - Order Odonata: Metamorphosis 5. Mechanimal - Digital Nature 6. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom 7. Lunarave - Transmigration 8. Braincell - Gaia 9. Pleiadians - Pyramid 10. Protonica - Symmetry i already notice two trends here. first that there's a conspicious absence of goa trance (i'm not really a fan of that chaotic melodic sound such as celestial intelligence, sykespico, morphic resonance, ...) and second that albums i have listened to more appear higher on the list Downtempo: 1. Advanced Suite - Shapes of Nothing 2. Lauge - Dawn 3. Globular - Untangled Everything 4. Tengri - Tengri and Friends 5. Astronaut Ape - Deep 6. Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes 7. Unknown Reality - Gaia 8. VA - Temple of Dub 9. Distant System - Infinite Continuum 10. Proxxeus - Celephais
  3. imho lateralus is still their best album. not a single track that's just ok there, but reflection and the title track are just masterpieces. nice one there. i would have loved this back then. it has a definite black sabbath vibe. too bad that it's released in 2019 and the sound quality is at best 70s.
  4. the thread reminds me of this track: hypnotic, loop based and highly psychedelic. it has all the same qualities without being trance. this music is probably what's to blame for me making the switch to electronic music later on.
  5. now i'm really intrigued what sort of keyboard play we would have seen in this thread.
  6. you're right, it depends on how you define "commercial". i totally believe that afgin produces the music because it's what he likes, but to me it is way more commercial music than before. if you just listen to music you can't necessarily tell the intention of the producer behind it (does protoculture make trance now because his music preferences shifted towards trance or because he gets more money from it?), so i do find my definition more useful lack of complexity also isn't something i'd associate with either commercial-sounding or easy-listening music either. there is music played on the radio with complex chord progressions and complex rhytms, but it still sounds horribly "commerical" and cheesy, while some underground techno or even psytrance is damn simple, but great and not easy-listening at all. now that iv'e mentioned the word, maybe our defintions are different because my native language has no other word to describe cheesy music other than "commercial"? btw: nitzho is more commerical than goa for me, even if it doesn't make you any money nowadays. of course that doesn't mean that i wouldn't enjoy another album from you, so i second astralprojection's question!
  7. darkstep is high-pitched, scremy and not dark at all? music can be dark and fast/hard as well as dark and slow/depressing relating to this, the darkest darkpsy i know is still this one: hard and fast (for the time), but not just weird and chaotic but really with a dark atmosphere (just like mfg - on mars).
  8. trance scandinavian express? interesting. i only knew it from the original spiral trax compilation.
  9. even if it was not only less popular than psytrance but also less popular than goa trance (which i highly doubt), i'd still call it commercial if someone makes way more easy-listening music than before ;). music doesn't have to actually make you money to sound commercial.
  10. interesting. shine on indeed sounds pretty much like his earlier stuff. i guess i just dismissed the release when i heard other tracks like feels like heaven. yeah. his change in style seems to coincide with the time he cut his hair the new stuff is not overly cheesy for trance standards but it's no goa trance either…
  11. duke nukem forever eventually got released. i'm not quite sure for the ap album. but the game took 20 years in development, so with the new astral album they've still got 2 years left to beat duke nukem
  12. not at all. i've been convinced that s-range is great since i've heard test tones for the first time. even though i find the chromosome remix of test tones to still be the best s-range track
  13. he has gone commercial i.e. he does regular trance now. on his discogs (https://www.discogs.com/artist/659162-Afgin) you'll see a few newer releases but they got no attention here because they're not psy anymore. as much as i loved old is gold when it came out i don't miss him terribly. his tracks sounded great when new but imho don't have too much replay value (similar to gms, alien project or goasia in that respect).
  14. Padmapani


    not enough singing and limiting. also nhjo at least made the perfect tracks for the season. may i remind you of this masterpiece:
  15. i couldn't agree more. i don't think we'll ever see a new album by vibrasphere or silicon sound again, but mwnn apprently has a new album almost ready to release for some time now. let's hope it doesn't go the way of astral's new album
  16. if we can get some people to commit to this idea, i'd glady contribute something. at least sharing big files should be easier now than it was for the last attempt
  17. a limiter on top of already limited music? i would expect sound crews already do some loudness normalisation between sets manually. i think the problem doesn't really lie in big festivals but rather your average club. the sound systems there don't have any sort of levelling and with the most popular stuff that draws the biggest crowds sounding louder than the rest i don't see much interest in the people responsible to make any change. -8 would be quite an ok standard (if you're talking about fullon or similar. goa trance would ideally have a little more room still). the usual -6 or so does take away a bit off the transients already. -2.8 is definitely just insanity, but still people are asking "how do i get my tracks as loud as that". if we continue down that road, ending up with pure square waves to max out what is possible loudness wise isn't far away the limiter for home use is an interesting proposition (with the upside surely being that we'd then only get unlimited music to play though, so no more great tracks ruined by atrocious overlimiting), but if that some day becomes the norm (though i doubt it with the majority of people caring so little that they listen to any crappy music that happens to be played on the radio now through crappy speakers), we still have a long way to go. having to re-adjust the settings for every track you listen to would be quite a hassle and even modern automated mastering systems like landr often enough butcher a mix quite badly.
  18. for home listening the loudness wars have pretty much come to an end with so many people using streaming services that normalise loudness. but for parties (and we're talking about edm here) i don't see any change yet or not even a solution on the horizon. pa's are not infinitely powerful and as long as there's a loudness limit (also enforced by a limiter to protect the equipment or maybe to conform to government regulations?), tracks with less dynamic range sound louder and therefore more powerful before they become so squashed that every single element gets lost in a world of mush. in most clubs "modern" progressive sounds infinitely clearer and fatter than goa trance for that reason. to make matters even worse i recently had a conversation elsewhere (not psy-focused site), where some producers (!) said they prefer hard limited clipping tracks for their harsh aggressive sound. they gave an example of a dubstep track mastered to a whopping -2.8 lufs. if you match the loudness to any properly mastered track it sounds extremely wimpy and flat, just like pure garbage (a term that i'd also use to describe the track musically btw ), in comparison.
  19. imho we've already been there. pleiadians - ifo or hallucinogen is to early techno (take something like interactive - dildo or chimo bayo - asi me gusta mi) as pink floyd is to rocknroll.
  20. both globular and geoglyph, this is going to be good! sadly no cd release, i would have liked to add this to my small collection. i have no way to play a vinyl record. btw, here's the link to the kickstarter that's apparently missing in the first post: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8616209/globular-and-geoglyph-a-new-collab-album-straight-to-vinyl/description
  21. making your first post here is a step towards giving psynews the kick in the butt it needs. welcome
  22. i actually had a slow down phase where i started to appreciate progressive in addition to goa and fullon many years ago, but the most recent change in taste is that i started to also enjoy forest some time ago. so no slow down here either the best bpm range is still 140-150. i do also have a little higher tolerance for cheese nowadays, but that only goes so far as to include more fullon and trance classics rather than any pop music from the last few decades. absolutely. the gems from the past have never lost their status.
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