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  1. what? i'll definitely agree with ormion here. psyprog and psygressive (the latter of which is seldom used anyway) both mostly just refer to either the more fullon-like prog or prog in general. i wouldn't see either of them is seperate genres and much less as distinct from each other. kob is psytrancey goa or goa-y psytrance. weird stuff but imho definitely not forest.
  2. four carry nuts - mechanical age is psytek in my library. just as like most of the delta stuff, x-dream's irritant or planet ben's silver album, spirallianz' stereopark+blast food, organic noise's vacuum tube… it's definitely not darkpsy. you're right about that industrial aesthetic, but it shares that with the other psytek releases. goadelic is a term i only know from compiltion names. in my perception it was more of a fashionable label (in the early 00s) for all psy rather than standing for a specific style. neurotrance imho is just another synonym for darkpsy or to be more specific for the less-dark (= more weird than evil sounding) darkpsy. so a hybrid between neurotrance (non-evil normal-bpm darkpsy) and psycore (evil high-bpm darkpsy) could either be non-evil high-bpm darkpsy (aka hitech) or evil normal-bpm darkpsy (aka just darkpsy). psykovsky is definitely high-bpm so normal darkpsy is out ;). that album would be hitech (sometimes bordering on psycore) to me.
  3. i find this one pretty decent to say at least:
  4. you do need a valid driving licence to rent a car. as far as i remember you're from north america and at least u.s. driving licences (because they require way less lessions and practical experience to obtain) are not accepted in all countries (at least for here i know they are not accepted, you might want to check for portugal).
  5. i just (re)discovered geoglyph - geolinguistic. it's a psydub album that bandcamp suggested to me after i bought globular and they were damn right with that suggestion. but somehow i forgot about it and had the files sitting on my hard drive until now. what a pleasant surprise — i'm now for the first time listeing to the full album and it's definitely one of the top downtempo albums of last year — probably even better than globular.
  6. now for the last two albums we can agree :). portamento was really good back then, now it's just ok. nothing i'd seek out anymore. and m-run was never my cup of tea.
  7. this really is a release i don't get at all. there was so much praise for erta ale and apparenlty there still is, but the only track i find good is e-mantra's. i'd almost call it the weakest release on cronomi records
  8. i've also discovered a a few more obscure good releases on bandcamp. sadly the free ones do not show up in the collection, so there are definitely a few more albums i'm missing right now because i don't remember getting them from bandcamp. forest: va - under the moss 4 — https://forestfreaks.bandcamp.com/album/va-under-the-moss-vol-4 psydub/chill: advanced suite - drifting — https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/drifting acid trance/techno: va - everyone on acid 2 — https://everyoneonacid.bandcamp.com/album/everyone-on-acid-volume-2
  9. i remembered it. it's gms - jaws.
  10. i know that one! nice acid stormer. but i cannot think of the title right now. i know it's on anoebis' acidtrance^2, so he will surely know.
  11. this sounds exactly like that slowed down full-on kind of progressive. but that's a good thing in my opinion. ;). the samples sound pretty nice. it's nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary (the comparison with pleiadians is way off), but just good prog. what comes to my mind are rather e-clip or ovnimoon.
  12. hey, thanks for your master of my latest track. nice work. also hearing it after it's been put through a mastering chain and having a second set of ears really helps in judging what's holding the mix back.
  13. his new album should be released pretty soon. i've heard a preview in some radio show linked here on psynews some time ago. it's not quite as much goa as the previous albums but still pretty good from what i've heard.
  14. Uptempo: 1. Abraxas - Inner Worlds (Future Music) 2. Cosmosis - Retrofuturism (Digital Reprints) 3. E-Mantra- Stapanii Timpului (Suntrip) 4. Median Project - In The Depths of Space (Global Sect) 5. VA - Under the Moss 4 (Forest Freaks) 6. VA - Shambhala (Global Sect) 7. Overdream - Redux (self-released) 8. Smuds - For Fuld Musik (Real Vision Music) 9. Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry (Suntrip) 10. VA - The Call of Goa 3: New Horizons (Timewarp) Downtempo: 1. Kaya Project - Up from the Dust (Tribal Shift) 2. Geoglyph - Geolinguistic (Psychedelic Jelly) 3. Entheogenic - Kykeon (Universal Symbiosis) 4. Globular - Entangled Everything (self-released) 5. Youth & Gaudi - Astronaut Alchemists (Liquid Sound Design) 6. Akshan - World of Duality (Altar) 7. Advanced Suite - Drifting (self-released) 8. Seamoon - Archaic Mind (Merkaba) 9. VA - Vision Quest (Visionary Shamanics) 10. Nibana - Earth From Above (self-released)
  15. only three top artists? wtf, how could i ever limit myself like that? ;) everything i'll list here might change on a day to day basis. Dimension 5: 1. Moon Cake 2. Deep Space 5D 3. Caprica Pleiadians/Etnica: 1. Maia 2. Plastic 3. Asterope Logic Bomb: 1. Sonic Algebra (High Octane Rmx) 2. Drop Out 3. The Third Revelation Protoculture: (fuck rules, they are made to be broken ) 1. Silicon Sunrise 2. Dawn Razor 3. Big Blue (yes i know, it's rather cheesy but i still can't resist)
  16. transdimensional. maia and asterope are better than any single track on transdimensional, but ifo is just three great tracks and a few good ones. transdimensional is not quite as exceptional as maia but just consistently great from start to finish. also ifo like most etnica stuff from that era is quite picky about what you use to listen to it. the album sounds sharp and thin on some systems while transdimensional always sounds warm and fluid.
  17. the first is a bit too much like ambient for me but i really like the second one. trance with a techno beat (or techno with trance melodies maybe; but still totally different that "techtrance")
  18. very nice track by aoud! i can hardly believe it's from 2016. this one comes straight from 1995.
  19. i agree that goa trance is sometimes a bit too hectic when you need to focus. but in such a situation i normally simply switch to fullon or prog
  20. it's been a while since someone recommended john 00 fleming's healing in this forum. has anyone run into other new non-cheesy trance such as that one since? meanwhile i'll leave you with another classic: this is by far the best version. don't try to convince me otherwise
  21. as someone who, whenever possible, presses play as the first thing when i get up and presses pause as the last thing before i go to bed, i must confess that i do get irritable when i don't get listen to any psytrance for a day. also, when i haven't listened to music for a few days and then put on headphones i trip out a lot more than usual. so we have withdrawals and tolerance development. two clear indicators of addiction
  22. after a little playtime i am a little disappointed. contary to popular opinion i loved the grid and had high hopes when i saw there was a new release. while the grid was an equal mixture of great and good/soso tracks, this seems more consistent. namely, the great tracks are missing. however it's still unmistakably logic bomb, so there's hope that the new album will, like all the previous ones, get better with repeated listening.
  23. what's up with you guys? is everyone sleeping? there's a new logic bomb album out since july this year and no one has said anything…? we're discussing astral's never-coming album but this one doesn't get a mention? just today youtube suggests some new tracks to me and that's the first i hear of it. i would have expected heated discussions including everything between "complete shit, they betrayed everything they once stood for", "well, it's far from headware but still a lot better than vini vici" and "it's just as good as grid, best album this year". so what's your opinion? great, boring, not worth noticing or have you been oblivious to its existance just as i have?
  24. i just returned from a party early, because the main act materia was playing neelix-style music (i remember him as playing good fullon, but apparently that's a thing of years past). mostly breaks and lots of singing . air quality was better than the last time (less people this time), but it's never an issue for me. if you don't want to notice the cigarette smoke the simplest remedy is smoking a cigarette . it still works if you, like me, only smoke at parties. but the thing about not being able to go outside because i'm sweating like a pig and our shitty cold climate is a problem i share. i always thought the thing about menthol or vapo rub is something americans do because it apparently feels great on mdma. so i guess it's not a viable option here. you can buy dust- or flu masks in every pharmacy but i have no idea if that would help against the bad air quality in clubs (probably not) and you'd definitely look a bit silly.
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