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  1. i'm glad we don't have that much coke over here. that shit really turns some people into complete assholes. if you hear of violence at parties (also tekno, where it is not quite as rare as at psy events) most of the time coke is involved. good thing they have it under control like that. i imagine they have to know the scene pretty good to keep out the troublemakers and that there will still be stress at the doors now and then? in the early to mid 00s (where parties often took place at underground venues) there often was no one at the door at all. now that the underground clubs have pretty much all died or switched to literature readings or hipster events (apparently the younger generations are rather staying at home with instagram rather than going out...) most parties happen in (bigger/less underground) clubs there are just your typical club bouncers.
  2. what about bridging the gap between house and psy with some trance and proggy? a progression from something like petar dundov - tenth plateau to union jack (pylon pigs album) to robert elster to ticon's latest to fullon could do the trick? if you hover around 130 for a few tracks the transition will be less shocking.
  3. please don't. i recently went with two colleages to their first psy (goa is the usual umbrella term over here) party. there were reluctant to go and very surprised about the music (proggy, uk psy, some forest). "so you'd say this is goa"? "really?!?" "i thought i didn't like goa at all, but this is acutally good" "i always thought goa was that slow boring stuff, kinda like reggea" i bet that someone showed them shpongle as example for psy in the past
  4. try these: they might not be full albums of that energetic hard-hitting, sometimes a bit fullon-like prog, but they're well produced and a bit more varied than 2000 years ahead. tbh i found that album a bit samey. a nice style — energetic and melodic, similar to e-clip — but still rather forgettable. no tracks really stood out for me.
  5. i always hate it when i have mixtapes without a tracklist. so let's try to fill in the gaps! what we have right now is: 1. Human Blue - Sandal Wood 2. BPC - Crystal 3. Noma - Another Time 4. ? 5. Funker Vogt - Traumatic Event (DJ Bim Rmx) 6. ? 7. ? 8. Deviant Electronics - When Then Is Now 9. ? 10. ? 11. ? 12. HUVA Network - Cobalt 13. ? there are at least wo other tracks in there that i know from somewhere else, but cannot pinpoint atm.
  6. i don't care too much about bypass unit, colour box or ubar tmar, but slinky wizard would be a treat. the only act i always seem to miss (despite being at the parties where he played) is shakta. he has evaded me twice already. there's still nitzho in greece, even with dedicated events? the most nitzho i've heard at a party was goalien or agneton as part of an oldschool goa set.
  7. skipping through the samples is... interesting. every single track i chose had the same lead sound playing very similar melodies. now i know how they can fill 12 hours.
  8. you lost it again! but as dolmot says, it's still im my dropbox
  9. that's interesting. so forest is generally rising while hi-tech is falling out of favour. a welcome change imho over here it's not so much a dominant bassline. a dominant kick (think trance africa express or deep space 5d) is just as fine. i was actually surprised how well the crowd took tracks that lack the typical psy bassline. it seems, as long as there's enough hard-hitting bass content, people are very forgiving. but yeah, complex or too melodic stuff doesn't work so well. partly because most club sound systems cannot reproduce it faithfully (you end up with kick and bass sounding more dirty and the melodies turning into a mess where you cannot make out anything), and partly because so many of the djs turn up the volume until the limiter makes it even worse. just last time, for half a track a was thinking where i know it from, then i hear melodies i recognise at some break, think it must be imba and then before i can tell which track it is everything turns to mush again as the kick an bass come back. all the dense wall-of-sound goa sounds great with the expensive speakers and headphones we have at home (and also at the sound systems of the pure goa festivals i've been at — great job balkan goa fanatics and connection festival), but just doesn't cut it at a club. also at festivals that just have a little goa it just doesn't sound as detailed as it should be heard to be enjoyed fully. i'd guess artists like oforia, blackstarrfinale, skizologic or hypnoxock should work fine (as well as quite a few oldschool artists) while ra, mindsphere, or median project, psy-h project, skarma, celestial intelligence or morphic resonance sadly are no-gos because they're not focused enough on the low end or just too complicated/multi-layered for club systems. wtf, stabbings at psy parties?!? it's years ago but i remember people gossiping for weeks about one guy slapping another's face after he had too much cocaine. so violence of any kind is really unusual at psy events here (but maybe that's also because the scene is rather small in a 300k city). if there are any troublemakers they're rather at events with a more mixed crowd (more techno/tekno/whatever people and less psy heads).
  10. just yesterday after coming home from a party i realised that the music played has changed dramatically for the better in my area. they started with half an hour of neelix-style progressive (short enough to endure), followed by proper progressive, lots of uk psytrance, a some forest and closed with a set of newschool goa and fullon from the early 00s. and that was not just a one-off event. the the last year most of the parties featured a similar selection of music. it seems goa trance has finally arrived in the psy "mainstream" here and is well accepted by the people. and they did go wild when the old school by talamasca was played. gone are the days when you could only choose between psycore/hitech-only parties and those with ultra-commercial proggy all night long. so how is it in your area? do you see a similar trend or am i just lucky to have local organisers with a good taste at the moment?
  11. it sounds a lot cleaner and nicer if they're the same note. if that's not quite possible (for instance because your key and bass notes are so high or low that the kick sounds weird) a fifth is fine too. i wouldn't use any other relationship between the two (except when the bassline is moving around following the chord progression, then it sometimes sounds better when the kick doesn't move as much or stays put). btw: it's also fine to have them play the same note if they overlap. just cut the low end of the bass when they're playing at the same time (in a psy context this is most likely just the first bass note of a kbbb)
  12. i'm relatively new to the forest thing but my top 3 compilations are the dark side of dawn, under the moss 4 and theatre of freaks 2. i've seen people despute the forest categorisation of the album but arjuna - primal contact deservs a top spot in this list none the less.
  13. i did study this, but any substance that affects the brain is especially interesting so i try to keep up with the scientific literature, even when the job demands just the most basic understanding.
  14. delete? why did you dig it up anyway? for justin bieber?
  15. paracelsus also liked to "treat" people with hefty doses mercury. and unsurprisingly, he died of mercury poisoning. he was also a proponent of the completely ludicrous "signaturenlehre" (if a plant looks like an organ, it's god's hint for us to use it against diseases of the organ). he also did advance medicine at his time (before the scientific method), but thankfully we now have a few more hundred years of medical trial and error to look back on now. taking st. john's wort regularly does increase your serotonin receptor density (of subtype 2, which is also what psychedelics bind to). some subtypes of these receptors are also anxiogenic (if overactive you can get nervous/panic attacks). so while i have never heard of panic attacks from st. john's wort before it's not too surprising. but the exact mechanisms of st. john's wort and why it helps against depression is still not fully clear. raising serotonin lowers dopamine? that's so simplistic that it's most likely completely false. however if you have a good reference i'd like to see it. but generally, stimulating serotonin release by a specific population of neurons will affect different populations of other neurons differently. some might release more dopamine, other will release less dopamine, others will release less acetylchole, or more gaba, ... the brain in insanely complicated and even if we had the tools to stimulate brain regions accurately enough to study the thing in detail we still don't have the tools to measure the effects precisely enough to make any sense of it. any simplistic hypothesis that includes "too little serotonin" (for depression) or "too much dopamine" (for psychosis) or whatnot has been proven to be false. they are just repeated by the media and even doctors because they are easy to explain and we haven't come up with something that's a lot better yet. "it will make you feel better because it raises serotonin" sounds better than "we have no idea why it works for some but a third of the people getting this drug will feel better eventually".
  16. the expiry date gives you an estimate when there will be a guaranteed 90% of the active ingredient left in the tablet (if they aren't exposed to excessive light or heat). some medicines will generate less pleasant degradation products (if you like your stomach don't take expired aspirin), others like benzos should in theory simply get less effective (if they're not extremely old). for some drugs (amphetmine and probably mdma, and who knows what else) there will actually be a sensitisation at low doses (not homeopathic doses). so you'd actually be even more susceptible to the effects, which is the opposite of what you're looking for (with salvinorin even regular doses lead to sensitisation). homeopathy has been disproven time and time again. every good study shows it to be equal with placebo. placebo can be a powerful tool sometimes, and a good way to treat minor illnesses with minimal side effects in willing people. but in all honesty, the body does not detect homeopathic doses because in the highly diluted (=strong according to homeopathy) dilutions there is not a single molecule left to do anything. we have no way, neither advanced analytical instruments nor people taking it as a medicine, to distinguish one homeopathic "medicine" from the other — or from simple sugar pellets. as long as you take higher potencies than D6 or C3 (with very few exceptions like the ultra-potent botulinum toxin) you cannot harm yourself using homeopathy.
  17. for the typical recommended vaccines, your chances for contracting long term issues (or serious short term complications) from a vaccine is about 1/1000 of your chances for contracting the same thing by the disease. the data is very clear. if you don't do your part in eliminating diseases we could actually eradicate in a few years (such as measles), i wish you would have been born in a time when you had the choice to accept or decline the smallpox shot. msc in biochem and pharmaceutical chemistry here.
  18. exactly. i always have a benzo ready but haven't used one in many years. the most important effect of benzos is that if you know you have a safety net to fall back on, you can relax and don't need to actually use it.
  19. totally. and that reminds me of another great kick from the same time period:
  20. now that i'm listening to the track, protoculture - silicon sunrise would also be a perfect introduction. it has more and a bit easier melodies than asia tribe.
  21. depends on the situation, person and what i want to show. i've got good reactions from progressive from colleagues overhearing my music at work. one even asked for the album and came back for more recommendations :). the albums in question were e-clip - shuma and protonica - search. i guess my go to track for a random person would be e-clip - asia tribe. to give an interested person an overview of the variety of psytrance in one track, i'd take something like electric universe - morning star or dimension 5 - moon cake. if they're not into easy listening music at all when braincell - there is more on this world would be an option too. otherwise it totally depends on what they usually listen to. but generally astral projection (mahadeva, let there be light, dancing galaxy) would also be near the top of the list. for listeners of 90s hard trance i have a mixtape that slowly transitions into goa classics and was very well received.
  22. agreed. it starts out ok with fiery dawn, but gets better with track 2 and stays that way until the end. we get a new goasia track (long time no hear, and i'm glad this one is better than the last ones released), solid tracks from mindsphere, centavra and median project. astrancer (again, long time no hear) fits very well onto here. he often likes to dance on both sides of the cheese border, but stays well on the right side this time. the surprise here is zopmanika (which i had filed under "average goa trance" up to now) with a modern bassline, well crafted melodies and of course the mantra samples in the end. if you're looking for a tasteful transition from "big room psytrance" (the stuff with mantra/eastern-singing samples, kick/bass and not much else) to goa this is your track. as criticism you could say that it's yet another typical global sect compilation and you'd be right. but just as with the latest e-mantra, i will gladly listen to a lot of music in a style i like. so, all in all, this is nothing groundbreaking but instead more of a good thing. if you enjoyed previous global sect compilations you will enjoy this one too. it's a bit shorter, but to compensate there are no filler tracks here.
  23. newer research shows that dopamine is (when looking at what it does to the psyche; otherwise we're very clear how it is important for movement and why parkinson's disease has the symptoms it has) mainly responsible for motivation. if a substance releases dopamine, it's not necessarily pleasurable but rather something you'll be motivated to repeat. if you're low on dopamine, or on an antipsychotic drug, you won't find motivation and energy to get your ass up and do something. parkinson's patients who take dopamine agonists to make up for the dopamin lost by the disease, can sometimes get uncontrollable urges — some may start a gambling career, others may pursue inappropriate sexual relations. but i know it's not about dopamine. your body produces it's own substances that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. of course there might be individual differences in how sensitive the receptors are or how fast anandamide (the endogenous cannabinoid) is degraded after use, but your brain has gotten used to how it functions for your whole life. it has set a sort of level it considers normal and will try to regulate accordingly if you add substances to throw it off balance. if you're on opioids (or any other addictive drug) all the time you will need them to just feel normal. there are substances that block your cannabinoid receptors, and they are very effective at for losing weight, but they were withdrawn from the market because of the side effects. the prototypical anti-cannabinoid, rimonabant, can cause depression (in at least 10% of the people; 1% of the people who take it even ponder suicide), insomnia, anxiety, nausea, flu-like symptoms, spasms and seizures. it's really not something you'd want to take. also, you can only speculate why you compare your normal state to that of someone else on cannabis. there are hundreds of reasons and we do not yet have the technology to identify the true cause (in most cases) and much less the medicines to counteract the imbalance. the brain is extremely complicated and we're still lighyears away from understanding how it really works. even for "simple" diseases that don't involve the brain, and that are well understood for decades (such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or infections with rabies or even herpes) cannot be treated adequately. with the tools we have at hand right now, psychiatry is like trying to put out a fire by either hitting it with a hammer or a wooden stick. so in short: no, it's not advisable to experiment in this direction. there is a possibility to make yourself less susceptible to the effects of cannabis. if you smoke a lot you'll get a tolerance. but i doubt that's effective at what you really want to achieve.
  24. silicon sound is always top. not only the production but also musically. so it's really sad that he probably won't make another psy lp. his latest "psy" was more like techtrance and his newest release is house. it doesn't look good for another silicon sound album.
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