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  1. then 1. is protoculture - out of reality. two to go.
  2. yup. just like freetekno: these two just have a certain trashy aesthetic — that's completely absent in goa/psy — that goes well with punk.
  3. you mean the long beatless strech that seems to last forever where you get bored and cannot dance but finally decide to leave the dancefloor to get some chai?
  4. seratonin sunrise is not punk (the only thing about it that's not just goa trance is the horrible vocal that ruins the track), and thankfully i don't know any other punk-psy either.
  5. it's not as if the vinyl posts get lost huge flood of content we get in the general artist news and label announcements forum. i'd say if anything we should rather do away with the subforums of our categories altogether. i often miss posts in the crowd funding, cultural zone or party talk subforums because i don't specifically click on these (or notice that they contain unread posts).
  6. i guess the most sensible answers would be now and yes. now because it's already rather late and the thread isn't seeing many new additions anymore. yes because rotwang has a script that does the counting (almost?) automatically and all the data is in here.
  7. agreed. and while i find the faithhealer's remix so-so, genesis is really good. so i cannot complain at all here.
  8. a very strong contender for the album of the year 2019. and that's true even when you don't count the tracks previously released as lazarus rising. there is nothing standard about this album, it's not just a psytrance release, it is a piece of art. while i don't like everything (temple of love with the singing is too much gothic and too little psy for me), this is a matter of taste and not of quality. the only downside i see is that the way this album is mixed makes it sound better on speakers (even cheaper ones) than on my headphones. it's the exact opposite for 99% of the music i ever listen to. i guess it'd sound great on a festival rig tough. i'd love to hear jezebel at the dancefloor on a big system.
  9. it's even better than holobiont, but magnitudes of order is still my favourite. too bad i missed the kickstarter for magnitudes of order and only got alhold of the two newer albums.
  10. no idea yet . i got the feeling it must be some darkish 1999-style goa track…
  11. nice one, and it should definitely be easier. i know the sample well, but atm i have no idea where it's from.
  12. it says video unavailable now in the post you quoted. but if the track in question is indeed morphem - magma, i'd be very interested to hear the other version.
  13. try an easier one? (and hope for more activity in the forum )
  14. i totally agree with proxeeus. the focus is different. in psytrance you have lots of space in the mix (which also allows for delays and reverbs to have their full effect). but for this to sound good and professional every single element have to sound good on its own. for goatrance you can get away with some elements sounding so-so, because there are many different ones that also demand the attention of the listener. on the other hand you have to get all those layers to sit together nicely in the mix, which ime is A LOT more difficult. you have to compromise between the leads sounding thin and tinny and the leads clashing with each other and the bassline. there is simply not enough space in the audio spectrum to make too many of these elements sound huge. since i find it a lot easier to get psytrance to sound more-or-less professional compared to goa trance i have huge respect for artists like artifact303, filteria, e-mantra, hypnoxock, median project, … who achieve such a good sound with goa trance.
  15. i don't have an issue with "goa" being the umbrella-term for all psy here as well. what is "goa trance" in english is "oldschool" in german. in my hometown we have maybe one or two parties with oldschool goa (one set, not a whole evening) per year and the crowd is enjoying that sound. that's a huge improvement over the situation 5 years ago. yeah, proggy and darkpsy are the dominant subgenres today. but it's not specific to germany, but rather an (almost) worldwide phenomenon. if you're lucky the local crews play proggy like e-clip and forest, if you're unlucky they play neelix and psycore ;). thankfully where i live the psycore/hitech hype is more of less over here and wet get a nice dose of forest. proggy is a mixed bag; they often play the good kind but we still get our share of stop-and-go offbeat bullshit. what i'm missing (apart from a little more goa trance) is fullon. they do play some fullon, but now that the cheesefest-fullon has thankfully been dead for a decade now, there are so many good releases which get comparatively little playtime. what i really find curious is that good psy is represented much better in the relatively small city where i live (ca. 200 000 inhabitants) compared to our capital city. when i was living in vienna almost all parties were either huge events with the worst of prog (absurd prices and sometimes an hour of waiting in the queue) or good psy in pretty small clubs with shitty sound systems…
  16. global sect is often an insta-buy for me, but i passed this time after listening to the samples. exactly because the sound quality imho isn't up to standard with this release. though i don't think that the mastering is necessarily at fault here. even the best mastering cannot fix a bad mix. it's a shame because the music is probably pretty good.
  17. an end to such absurd speculations would be fine. we all know that it will not bei either. i am anticipating the announcement that it will be a gamelan album soon.
  18. everything speedsound posts is spam. don't expect an answere here.
  19. now that's a surprise. i was thinking of talamsca - the flow. but that cypher albums sounds good too your turn now.
  20. do we count votes in this thread this year?
  21. while looking for the track containing a particular sample my best hit on google turned up this thread on psynews. and it actually answered my question. nowhere else did i find any hints. if, in times where psydb is not updated anymore, a forum game is all it takes to preserve information about samples in psy music, then let's start another round! i'll give you a sample, whoever guesses the track containing the sample correctly, gets to name the next sample. let's not make it too easy by choosing samples that are not found in psydb, while revealing the source after a week if there are no answers in order to keep the whole thing going. the first sample is: "there is no light, but there is sound. it fills him in great sluggish waves"
  22. can it be used to make the cops less fascist? btw: what are those half-moon and neogoa symbols supposed to do? when i click on either of them the whole website flickers briefly and the background takes on a slightly lighter or darker hue.
  23. then ishkur's guide was equally illegal. and for just psytrance it's even less likely that one of the psy labels will object to anyone using short samples of one of their tracks as examples for a subgenre. if i were to own the rights to one of those tracks i'd be glad for the promotion but yeah, youtube links would be good too.
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