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  1. Total Eclipse just made their full digital discography (12 releases) available on Bandcamp for €55.58 EUR (a 35% discount). https://totaleclipse.bandcamp.com/album/dmt-express#buyFullDiscography
  2. Too lazy to type stuff out so here are some random screen caps from 2020 playlist
  3. I dont know if anyone has ever heard of this guy but he released an album this year "The Best of Remote Sensing". Seems to be basically all "not on label" stuff. It's pretty good, even some top tracks. It seems original and his best tracks from 2002 on. He says he also does ethnic doom metal. It's worth a listen for goa fans I think. https://www.discogs.com/Remote-Sensing-The-Best-Of-Remote-Sensing/release/15893156 http://www.eresh.net/
  4. All of these files are still up. Got them last night and listened to them all today. Great music. Hopefully they can find him. Maybe try a background report on one of the websites. One website says he’s from Israel, not Switzerland. Cygnetic Records was in Switzerland but Ken Da Lyud is from Israel it says
  5. Parallel 303, 604 Freaks, and Shiva Mudra Records are new labels that are focusing on goa: https://pr303.bandcamp.com/music https://604freaksrecords.bandcamp.com https://shivamudra.bandcamp.com Others that may have been missed: https://goagalaxy.bandcamp.com https://arabdigital-goahunterrecordings.bandcamp.com https://chronicleofmysteryrecords.bandcamp.com/music https://stoneagerecords1.bandcamp.com https://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com
  6. lol, this thread is a joke. The ‘expert’ chimes in with such sage advice as “be unique” and “lower your bpm”
  7. My opinion is it’s mainly the “appeal to past” or “appeal to tradition” fallacy which makes people say what is older is better. The new music coming out to me is just as good as it was. I think because it’s produced with modern equipment it lacks the nostalgia factor of a grungier production sound maybe. It’s like the people who yearn for vinyl and don’t like cd’s. To me the only thing missing is maybe more of the Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru, Kuru & Charm - Japanese Vibrations, Battle of the Future Buddhas style where it’s lower tempo and more subdued. Some uptempo style songs c
  8. 1. Merr0w - Odysseus 2. Katedra - We Are Not Alone 3. Psylent Buddhi - Secrets of the Atom 4. GoaD - Hypnotic Mirage 5. E-Mantra - Tartarus 6. Jaraluca - The Prologue 7. K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations 8. Sykespico - Perspective 9. Psychogen - Psychogenius 10. Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming —————————————————————- 11. Miranda - Cosmic Treasure Best of 1995-2000 Remastered 12. Median Project- Constellation 13. Battle of the Future Buddhas - The Light Behind the Sun 14. The Maniac - A Treatise on Acid 15. Pleia
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