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  1. No problem! I figured regular bandcamp people here would want to know as soon as possible
  2. Just a heads up to all go aheads, Zopmanika, yes the legendary Zopmanika put up a new bandcamp page and better yet uploaded NEW TRACKS! Everybody knows how rare zopmanika tracks can be. I’m not affiliated with zopmanika himself just stumbled across it and thought Id let people know https://zopmanikahimself.bandcamp.com/album/inaya
  3. There’s a lot but if I had to pick one I’d go with E-Mantra for goa https://youtu.be/u_US-KmV7fg
  4. Thanks! It means a lot to me that the producers like to hear feedback. Goa is maybe not as popular as other genres of music so unfortunately they don’t hear as much feedback and maybe it feels like they’re doing everything for nothing Or, they rack and crush their brain for years trying to rework the music to get it right and all they hear is “well, it’s not good” or something like that Im terrible at it, but I experimented with caustic and cubasis and I know you have to crush and rack your brain to get it right. One note that is out of place that you can’t get right no matter what you do And then an album someone spent three years crushing their brain to make comes out and someone just says “it’s not good”, when really the music is very good but there were one or two bars that you couldn’t get right no matter whatever way you reworked it I know nothing about the technical aspects to make any intelligent or in depth review of music and it would be basically “this is good” or “I really like this” every time, so thats why I dont really ever comment on it But I see very good music come out and there’s absolutely no feedback or someone just says “it’s ok” or something like that Thats maybe somewhat demoralizing so that’s why I had to say something this time I guess Yes! If you want to post my comment in the review section I would feel good about contributing something
  5. I don’t usually comment here because I don’t want to create disturbance plus it weighs on me putting anything on the internet at all. Bob Dylan said everything he created is a curse because it haunts him and follows him around. I think that’s also why Filipe Santos puts music up and then takes it down on bandcamp. I feel that way too so I try not to say much But I just wanted to say that the first time I heard this I was utterly blown away by this all-time classic. As I’m listening I’m thinking this is up there with the all time great goa trance albums from Etnica, The Infinity Project, and Pleiadeans. The last Battle Buddhas album from suntrip was very good, this is an utter masterpiece. I listened a second time and still had the same feeling Ive heard just about everything relevant (not bragging) since the 90s, and I would say it’s at least top 5 all time. I know some others here have heard a lot more than me but usually anything very good finds its way up and you hear it so I doubt I’ve missed anything outside previously unreleased stuff like Tranquence or Psylent Buddhi that comes out I think it was great idea to add Pitchbend also to this since every other track also is an all time great classic From Nothing stands out and maybe the top track on this but all the other tracks are just as good Maybe I’m in the heat of the moment but at times I’m thinking to myself, “I’ve been listening to goa since the 90s, and quite possibly this is the best album I’ve ever heard” So anyway, I know very little about the technical aspects of making goa or music theory. I did fiddle recently with caustic and cubasis making goa but I don’t think I have that type of natural expertise to be able to make it or understand it very well This is why I don’t really comment much. I used to live at a Buddhist monastery and I have studied and practiced Buddhism, and I can do that, but (sadly) I doubt I could ever understand the technical aspects of making music to comment intelligently on it, or make music I don’t know if this makes everyone cringe or if they like the feedback but I thought I’d put it out there anyway. I usually see most music (that isn’t terrible) as “all good” in its own unique way and obviously each person has their own preferences Now off to worry about what type of impact or disturbance posting this makes on people or on goa
  6. Ankrosado comes to mind for this https://ankrosado.bandcamp.com There’s also somnesia and celestial twins. A lot of what timewarp puts out is this type
  7. This is a great album loaded with all time great tracks but someone should tell him to tag it “goa”, “goatrance”, and “goa trance” on bandcamp I missed it for a while until the discogs listing was uploaded It is listed as “psychedelic goa trance” and “psychedelic goa trance music”. That’s great, but most people probably just put in goa or goa trance or goatrance I don’t know if it really matters but if he wants to sell all the cd’s, pay the artists, and recoup the money the tags will help
  8. Just got this in the mail today and Im on the Slinky Wizard track
  9. Step aside for the real Go_A professionals
  10. Any debut of it on http://globalsect.ru/blog/radio today or no?
  11. That album is loaded with all time great tracks. Gate to Happiness, Stormbringer, No Unexpected Errors, Homunculus, Starbirth, Chosen By the Gods Its rare I take 6 songs off a single album and put them into a separate playlist of the best tracks Like a lot of other albums because of its subtlety it takes a few listens to really get into it
  12. 1. Triquetra - Human Control 2. Atlantis - Cosmic Waves 3. Fiery Dawn - Lost Astronaut 4. V/A The Call of Goa Vol 4 5. Toxeed - Versus 6. Tranquence - A.S. We Were 7. The Maniac - Into Madness 8. V/A The Sound of Belgoa 9. Clementz - Kretslop 10. VA - Gamma Draconis
  13. I have everything loaded onto iTunes and into one playlist. 1,626 albums and 9,839 songs. I usually just hit shuffle and see what comes up. I usually listen about 5 hours a day with Bose 700 NC as I get stuff done around the city. The whole thing is downloaded on to my iPhone and is up to 164 GB now. It took me *a ton* of work to build the playlist. If I listened every day for 10 years I’d probably start to learn most of it. But then I’m also adding about 1000 new songs per year to it depending on what comes out I know AAC is not as good quality but I still load some flacs into the phone for better quality. I remember the days when I had a 6 cd shuffle player but the ability to shuffle 9,839 songs on an iphone that you carry around is pretty incredible. Last week I had it on shuffle and Chi-AD’s Eye Am the I and Pandemicus’ Out of Space came up. Both incredible tracks. Eye am the I is one of the all time greatest tracks I think
  14. Outside the obvious (Tsuyoshi Suzuki) the only ones that are still making Goa that I can recall are 01-N and Tomocomo. I’m sure there’s more but I haven’t come across it. 01-N is mainly psytrance but he has some very good Goa songs here and there. Ubar Tmar, Jikooha, and Kuro are other Japanese Goa artists I’m sure most people know about One day I came across this album on bandcamp from Rajas Records, an I guess now defunct Japanese Goa trance label. I haven’t researched it but this seems pretty rare and ‘hard to find’ with tracks from cosmosis (imba remix), Kuro, jikooha, Uber tmar and other artists. https://rajasrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-integration-in-the-cave
  15. Total Eclipse just made their full digital discography (12 releases) available on Bandcamp for €55.58 EUR (a 35% discount). https://totaleclipse.bandcamp.com/album/dmt-express#buyFullDiscography
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