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    I traveled to Korcula island this summer from the US to meet some family from the UK. I had never thought to visit Croatia before but now I can't stop thinking about going back, I really enjoyed it. And you're right about the rakija, I was only able to bring back a small bottle as a gift but now I'm scouring the internet to find a fifth of Travarica (with no luck so far). Unfortunately I couldnt make it to any trance parties or festivals but I basically had the time of my life.
  2. Just listened to Sykespico, really great stuff there. Favorites were Trancologia and Spacestation
  3. CD arrived very quickly to the US and as always the music is top shelf. That Horrorgram remix is killer.
  4. Ive never been able to access psynews by T-Mobile data either; I never (and still don't) see the banned screen just 'You do not have permission to view this site". I would get this when I would tether my LTE data to my laptop as well.
  5. Yeah 6th Floor is fantastic, really unique sound IMO. I found him completely by accident when DI.com was playing one of his live sets
  6. I have to agree about Maia, it didn't do it for me at all, but Alcyone and Moon in you window had me headbanging on the bus to work this morning
  7. I accidentally found this guy on soundcloud last year (I'm pretty out of the loop usually) and really like this guy and his labelmates's sound. It's very technical and intense without going into the ultra-ridiculous BPM territory of psycore/hitech/etc that I just cant deal with for some reason. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I play the bagpipes too, maybe I'll give this a shot as well...
  9. Bit off topic, but 6th Floor is awesome; really sounds unique to me.
  10. I love Jedi Mind Tricks, so I'll definitely be giving this a listen shortly.
  11. Having never really listened to him much, I figured I'd give For the People a listen today at work. I play traditional Irish music as a hobby, so imagine my surprise at recognizing a Chieftans (semi-popular Irish folk band from the 70s) sample at the beginning of Angel Jonathan (a real banger of a track too).
  12. I live in the US, and for a long time the midwestern US at that, so I'll take what I can get... Edit: also I completely misinterpreted the topic. Oops
  13. Not a huge list but definitely not a bad one at all IMO: Penta Psysex Hux Flux Neuromotor OOOD Tron Mubali (twice) Onnomon
  14. holy crap i didnt realize the global goa party was also based in seattle
  15. i never saw it until i was around 15; i was always nervous about it b/c my dad said when he saw it in the theater back in 79 it gave him nightmares for weeks. although it turns out he saw it right after smoking several joints (the first time he ever got stoned apparently); he hasnt smoked pot since and that might be why. for me though, the scariest moment of the alien movies was in the second one, where the family of prospectors stumbles on the wrecked egg-ship and the dude staggers out with a facehugger attached. that scene just haunts me for some reason. i agree that if ridley scott and hr giger are involved they probably wont let it suck, and im interested to see what they can do with modern computer technology and filmmaking techniques.
  16. yeah, the ending was sweet. along the lines of what i was expecting, but still surprising
  17. ive always thought some irish traditional songs are extremely moving, particularly with a female vocalist. my favorite is triona ni domhniall of the bothy band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Qc4Cg5glY The Bothy Band: Out of the Wind and Into the Sun -- The Streets of Derry the youtube footage of city traffic might detract from the emotional impact, but thats the only vid i could find i also think this song is very melancholy, despite being towards the cheesy "new-age" end of the irish music spectrum http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1YxHZPcMaQ VA: Michael Collins OST -- Sinead O'Connor: She Moved Through the Fair Theres a psy remix of this one out there that i heard years ago. ive been trying to get an artist/track title ever since so if anyone knows, let me know!
  18. word. i saw him live last november, it was fucking awesome. np: distant system -- gravity vortices
  19. gallowglass


    just watched 'pandorum' on netflix last night. it drags in places, and some of the acting doesnt work too well, but overall its quite enjoyable. it owes a lot to alien and the set design reminds me a lot of 'event horizon'. definitely worth watching for any fan of dark/disturbing, horror-influenced sci-fi (which doesnt seem to get made much anymore). trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PItZ-qr9jG8 anyone else seen it?
  20. this is probably my favorite thread on psynews... the infected mushroom cover has the distinction of being one of the few bad covers in here that is both a.) an apparent attempt to design a cover that will appeal to a more 'mainstream' audience and b.) sloppily put together and totally half-assed! most of the covers in here seem to be one or the other of those...
  21. obviously this is completely off topic, but before the thread gets locked id like to say i remember when it went up in 1990 (i was 7) and was amazed then and still am amazed by this telescope. props to NASA for not allowing to reenter when it needed repairs (which im sure were, forgive the pun, astronomically expensive). i think ill make my desktop wallpaper a hubble image now!
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