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  1. HAHAHAHAHAH nice cinos !!!!!!!
  2. Guys, i have one also (photosmanip. raja ram) where can i upload?
  3. are you shpongle is the best album ever IMO
  4. So much hate on this forum ;P Thought someone was interested actually haha
  5. Damn... I didnt know that until NOW But every artists get "inspired" from someone, and.. seriously i dont care (and in this case they stole the melody) So long i enjoy listening to it, i'm fine I remember when people told me shpongle uses samples i got alittle sad... But what the fuck, ENJOY it anyway ;P who ever did it...
  6. What did you take? Mushrooms?
  7. Ok sorry i informed everybody.. I think infected suck nowadays.. and i was on Sonica too, INFECTED WAS THE WORSE SET EVER i heard ppl yelling "boooouu!!"
  8. Streched CD Single release : September 19 (2005-09-19) 1. Shakawkaw Live with Mayumana (from the supervisor launch party) 2. Streched (Album Version) 3. Cities of the future (Time lock remix!) 4. The Beauty and the Beat (Mastered Version) ( Infected mushroom website )
  9. Its nothing new that infected mushroom "steals" stuff... (or get "VERY MUCH INSPIRATED") compare these : Shpongle - Divine moments of truth * 3:12 Infected mushroom - Disco mushroom * 1:02 almost the same "sounds"
  10. I can appreciate much music, but this is too gay.. i listen to alot actually
  11. Shpångul


    Yeah, Couldnt said it much better myself
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