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  1. yeah in general it will be diverse results, yes... but the primary question, if that specific person can notice the difference of mp3 and wav in his own system, is still answerable by this test... I guess I will have to trust on you for this one yeah I bet it doesnt have to do with psychology.. but its the technical part I would be after anyways.. I was always bad at maths but loved physics, and music/vibrations being an integral part of my ideas, I would like to learn the patterns in their workings and make sense out of some things I need to know my displ
  2. yeah I guessed the whole process of compressing would be more complex, but appart from all that, mp3s in the end do only keep the 20-20k hz range of frequencies, right? btw.. ´psychoacoustic model´ seems interesting.. learning music theory is in my ´to do´ list for sure get your ass on msn.. I will choose some cd here. maybe someone else who argued they can notice the difference between mp3 should volunteer too, and prove themselves
  3. true, I have that one too.. once I started doing the review but stopped and never continued its been almost a year since I heard it... I left my case in brazil (bad move, dont know why I did it).. will do that once I get back in august.. btw.. I like this cd´s digipack quite classy
  4. why not? I mean, its not testing the differences between the files, but the ability of the listener to distinguish those differences.. I dont see why a blind test would not work.. I mean, sure, if by ´quick´ you mean using some 10 sec samples to compare and not a few whole tracks, then you could be right... but making blind tests with a few whole tracks I guess is effective enough, no?
  5. afaik, the default of mp3 is to cut off all frequencies above 20khz and below 20hz, which supposedly are the limits to the human hearing too.... So whether they cut more bass than high frequencies depends if the original file had much information lower to 20hz or above 20khz.. that being said... I dont know if I could notice the difference between a high quality mp3 file and a wav or flac. Probably not.. if someone is willing to set up a blind test, that would be interesting... pavel maybe? (though I dont want to test myself with some full on track with billions of sounds at the
  6. Its an old language, biblical times and shit... but he wrote it to show in a funny way that these girls have this ´trying to be alternative´ side, which is quite typical
  7. a friend sent me a Link in portuguese, from a brazilian dj about some type of people in the parties.. Its really really great, but its in portuguese, so I translated myself (lost some jokes but still daaaaaaaaaamn funny) ´Pop´ freak Already went to many parties around the world. Doesn´t work and doesn´t pretend either. Is inscribed in some weird art university somewhere. Spend a lot of time going to places with a big trance scene, and complains that ´voov is too commercial´. Ohm tatoo is a must, but doesn´t know what´s bhagavad gita, and for him, siddartha is just the name
  8. its been a while since I bought some cd, but I bought mostly in saikosounds, sometimes in psyshop, and sometimes chill music in backroadsmusic.. in terms of deliver speed and price, psyshop and saikosounds were similar to me, but saikosounds´ very good costumer service, readyness to answer emails and freebies once in a while (stickers and stuff) made it a more attractive place to buy.. psyshop is effective but they got a bad attitude imo...
  9. I thought the same thing let´s see.... I will wait for to hear them live in 2 weeks and not hear the album before
  10. yeah I was also very into these artists.. afaik steve from Double dragon still produces downtempo as puff dragon fabel, or Alhad, had moved to brazil a few years back and was playing/djing more housy (and reallly good) stuff in some parties.. he was suppose to release some tracks as chris melchior, but its been a while since i´ve heard of him..
  11. the ´PLAY SOMETHING FASTER` candy raver Usually standing just in front of the dj, going nuts when the cheesiest 150bpm psy is playing, with a lollypop in the mouth to relieve his jaw tension from the 5 ecstasy pills (or from the first ecstasy pill in his/her life, or from the rectum-introduced x pill) Whenever some slower music, specially if a prog dj comes, no matter if everyone is enjoying, this person will keep raising up his/her arms and saying ´fasteeeeeeeeeer!!! ´ .. this person is usually in the first year of knowing about trance The post-goa ´mass´ Israelis You rec
  12. there are some more new prog to check out... Vibrasphere, antix, haldolium, lime light 3 (and maybe suncontrolspecies) Im still deciding whether I will check them out, or wait to be surprised by the music this summer
  13. great but I think I will avoid listening to it and have a complete surprise with their live in fullmoon... same with new haldolium cd
  14. or to quote nofx: "my vagina has lots of extra skin"
  15. I hope so too, because I dont want to listen to good music in a shitty set up (like in tshitraka, blargh)
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