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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Planetary Nation 001 Label: Planet B.E.N. Records Date: December, 2004 1. Rinkadink Vs. Gataka - Lost Laundry 2. D-Tek - Liquid Interface 3. Talamasca feat. Schyzotrop - Action 4. Electric Universe - Murphy's Law 5. Xerox & Illumination - Tribal Metal 6. Nomad - Fantasy 7. Tim Schuldt - Stand & Drift 8. Planet B.E.N. - Your Own Reality 9. Organic Noise - Factor X 10. X-Dream - Fall Out (Remix) Ah f*ck, look what you did...you upset the gay. What in the holy f*ck is going on with that atrocious album cover? Someone decide to raid granny's attic? A dime store Indian, a Pikachu looking motherf*cker with a bullhorn, a monkey with his fingers in his ears. Hell that'll tell you all you need to know about this travesty. Remember when Planet B.E.N. made good music? Seems like an eternity ago. Anyway this music is top notch, grade A, sh*t. I'm sorry if you're offended, I don't have time to hold your hand and pat you on the back and say everything will be all right. Cause it won't as long as you keep producing excrement of this magnitude. Hell I think you have to go back two decades to find a track from Talamasca that doesn't make me wanna stick sharp pencils in my ears. The samples in Action followed by the guitar solo felt like I got a paper cut on my dick and stuck it in a jug of lemon juice. But hey let's keep the guitar train rolling with Tribal Metal. Ugh...I wanna puke. Anyone think that Nomad's Fantasy was to annoy anyone who heard this track? Cause he did. I honestly cannot comprehend how you could manage to assemble so much sh*tty guitar trance in one place. And f*ck those who say it was made 11 years ago, I'm sure there was good music made 11 years ago. This was a conscious decision to lower the bar for some quick cash. You would think that a compilation comprised of artists that made some of the most psychedelic tracks in history could not reach this master level of suckitude. Surprise! I think this album just gave my computer herpes. See that? Brian just pissed all over your legacy. I'm not linking to this garbage. F*ck that.
  2. Artist: Various Title: Antenna Vol. 1 Label: Stargate Recordings Date: December, 2004 1. Ice Flow VIBRASPHERE 2. Twin Soul KAYA PROJECT 3. Iris Rotation AES DANA 4. Shimmer (piano version) PUFF DRAGON 5. Unhold from a renegade UNEXPLODED 6. Forest Bump DIGITAL MYSTERY TOUR 7. Observer OMNIMOTION 8. DevaBhanda (Tantric Laswell rmx) MAKYO 9. Velvet reptile SOLAR FIELDS Don't let the sh*tty and unimaginative cover fool you. Talk about mailing it in. There are some quality tracks here. Of course a few have been released before. For example Ice Flow by Vibrasphere was released on Selected Downbeats Vol. 1. I can't believe that project is no more. But I suppose they did about all you could do with their music. Iris Rotation by Aes Dana is of course on the Memory Shell album. But I knew I already had those. I wanted to see what the other tracks were like. Seb Taylor's Kaya Project had a female Indian vocal all the way through that annoyed the crap outta me. Puff Dragon is Steve Good also known as Double Dragon who gave us the Continuum album (as well as compiling this one). Shimmer is a slow dreamy crawl with piano because this is the piano version. It hums and oscillates so good luck getting me off this cloud. De-licious! Untold From a Renegade has a lengthy eerie opening before switching to a break beat style. It's smooth with long pads and a dark undercurrent. Nice Forest Bump was a bit of a clanky mess. Observer has a haunting guitar over a mid tempo beat. Just wish there was a little bit more to it. Still not bad. Devabhanda has all the world instruments you would expect with a nice break beat. Soothing for sure. A wonderful exotic combination. Like traveling to the Himalayas without leaving the house. This was a Solar Fields track I had never heard. There's a soft and gentle quality to the Ambient style dub that sounds very organic. Obviously not essential because the well known tracks are elsewhere, but there are plenty of really good ones here to suit your ambient/downtempo needs. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
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