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Artifact303 - From The Stars (Global Sect, 2021)

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Cosmonauts, we are pleased to present to you the long-awaited, second album of the project Artifact303. You will find ten stunning and varied musical works from the producer Zsolt Peter. Just press the PLAY button and go on a space adventure towards beautiful melody and the light of distant Stars.


Listen one track and pre-order merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/artifact303-from-the-stars

Artwork is designed by our eternal master of visual arts Ahankara Art.



W&P by: Zsolt Peter
Cover Art: Ahankara Art
Mastering: 4CN-Studios
Label: Global Sect

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I have been waiting this for years. Back to Space is still my n#1 album.

This is huge news. And of course, it's on Global Sect. It had to.


Thank you GS and Mr. Zsolt.

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Fantastic news.. Back to Space was really good. Can't wait to hear more. This is definitely my album for 2021.

Ah, I knew you were listening to Goa trance. I hope you'll make some one day !

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back to space was okay, but his body of work on compilations makes him legendary. And his sound is so stellar and enjoyable. Finally it happened, another album. Hope theres some real classic tunes on there, as unfortunately many of the tunes from back to space were not that classic.

Even still, he is definitely in the top 3 of new school goa trance artists. top 2 even.

artwork is beautiful as always, and global sect just has that "vibe".. i hope you guys will flourish for decades to come

the sample track sounds gorgeous!

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Hey guys
I don't post very often, was surprised that my account is still working since 2008
I just wanted to say that Back to space from Artifact303 is still to this date my #1 all time favorite album.
all genre included
I've listened to this masterpiece probably a thousand time.
I'm, as you can imagine, very much looking foward to this one. 
Don't think that anything could come closer though to Back to space. 50% as good would be already excellent to me.
Thanks Mr Peter.

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