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Artifact303 - From The Stars (Global Sect, 2021)

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Cosmonauts, we are pleased to present to you the long-awaited, second album of the project Artifact303. You will find ten stunning and varied musical works from the producer Zsolt Peter. Just press the PLAY button and go on a space adventure towards beautiful melody and the light of distant Stars.


Listen one track and pre-order merch: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/artifact303-from-the-stars

Artwork is designed by our eternal master of visual arts Ahankara Art.



W&P by: Zsolt Peter
Cover Art: Ahankara Art
Mastering: 4CN-Studios
Label: Global Sect

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back to space was okay, but his body of work on compilations makes him legendary. And his sound is so stellar and enjoyable. Finally it happened, another album. Hope theres some real classic tunes on there, as unfortunately many of the tunes from back to space were not that classic.

Even still, he is definitely in the top 3 of new school goa trance artists. top 2 even.

artwork is beautiful as always, and global sect just has that "vibe".. i hope you guys will flourish for decades to come

the sample track sounds gorgeous!

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Hey guys
I don't post very often, was surprised that my account is still working since 2008
I just wanted to say that Back to space from Artifact303 is still to this date my #1 all time favorite album.
all genre included
I've listened to this masterpiece probably a thousand time.
I'm, as you can imagine, very much looking foward to this one. 
Don't think that anything could come closer though to Back to space. 50% as good would be already excellent to me.
Thanks Mr Peter.

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Listening right now to the preview track on bandcamp "Solar Warden". Great stuff! Takes me back to around 2007 in all the best ways.

The style on offer is of the same euphoric variety as Trip To The Sun on VA Human Hyperactivation and Levitation Device on VA People Walk Funny.

The intensity and swirly solar drenched layering is absolutely stellar.  :) He used to post his demo tracks here on psynews back in the days. This track reminds me a lot of those good times. Keep up the great work Peter if you're still around here reading. ;)


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Hello guys, sorry for long feedback, here all info:

Today is the day!
The new album by Artifact303 is landing 

Don't miss the premiere on our radio http://globalsect.ru/radio at 20h CET tonight, and after that at 21h CET we will have the streaming at MrLemilica YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrLemilica1


Also here you can check final concept of uv t-shirts:


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Just checked it out a few times on youtube. Really dreamy and 5th dimensional album. Gonna need to have several listens to appreciate this in full, for sure.

General sound quality seems to be on par with Back To Space although its hard to compare through youtube, but Back to space seems to have a touch more depth and a bit more pleasing highs than this at first few listens.. 

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The Album is just amazing and is currently running in continuous loop! Just the right thing for a sci-fi racing games. My Favs. Apex, Dreamland, Secret Space & Devine Plan. Keep it up Artifact!

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pretty hard to chose a favorite, they all sound very similar and im trying to find those that pop out, but so far its not been really that. (they all seem to sound pretty good) but Apex and Summer storm are really nice jams

edit: haha noticed above scandinasia said the same two tracks.  Yeah those are really really nice. :)

i have to say though, im missing alot of depth and "larger than life" feel. they sound a bit .. thin, and when I a/b with Back To space, that one definitely has more depth.  Anyway, I suppose thats just nitpicking. Its a really nice album either way :)


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Yea! What a blast!

I Haven't written here in Psynews for couple of years now :) This is surely a great opportunity to break silence.  

This album deserves huge respect. Awesome job with the production of this Astral-Pleiadian journey.

I love this album. No doubt this guy knows the roots of GoaTrance and has managed to emerge this genre long lost presence back with a new approach.

Thank you Peter Zsolt. You have my deepest gratitude for doing what you do and doing what we goaheadz love :)


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Hmm. I think the current Neogoa is not my taste. I beginn to listen to the tracks and i think wow, cool sounds, high energy, good productions, but later my ears are tired of the wall of sounds without break. Its to overloaded for me, alot of good ideas and espiecally climaxes going under, because the volume is almost the whole track at maximum.

Then i reflected, because i like overloaded music. Example: Filteria. I listen to "Navigate", one of his older tracks. He dont used a lot of sounds, he worked with one big synthline, which demands alot of the frequency spectrum. And also he worked with small parts (only 1-2 seconds) with pure silence or parts with only bass, kick and drums maybe with solos of acid. So my ears can recover and are ready for the next climax.

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40 minutes ago, Psychedelic Superbeast said:

If you are talking about Newschool all in all then you are maybe right but i dont think that "From the Stars" is overloaded or too wild. I mean ofcourse there are some tracks on that album that feels like pure XTC like "Secret Space" but there are also more proggy and mellow tunes with chilled passages. I for myselfe dont like breaks in Goa Trance...also i dont like big risising effects. Dont get me wrong, i love climaxes and Goa Trance should be a 7 min long Climax with a climax or multiple... but i hate this small tricks producer use to build up fake tension. Tension, contrast, mood and energy level should be done by intelligent changing melodies and not the volume/effects.

Interesting that you mention this, I have been listening/analyzing some old school stuff lately. And when importing the tracks for example from Hallucinogen into Logic. What’s immediately visible is that the track waveform contains no breaks. It’s a very solid waveform in that sense. :D Not saying one approach is better/worse than another, simply an observation.

And this becomes apparent just by listening to the tracks as well. But it became a lot more obvious for me visually. For DJ’s who spin old and new school this is nothing new. And there are probably examples of old school with more breaks as well dunno? :) It’s interesting to note as well that in the case of Simon Posfords old school tracks, he relied on utilizing manually made LFO effects/bubbles/stingers/filter sweeps instead of todays approach in which it’s more common to use samples of for example noise sweeps and so on.

He used some noise sweep as well I think in some track if my memory serves me right. I gotta go back and double check. But if he did it was a manual sweep for sure or at least a clocked LFO sweep.

Anyways I’m open-minded when it comes to music and I think it’s cool with different approaches/visions for how Goa Trance could develop. Goa can be strictly old school/a replica/hommage to the past and of course also some new interpretation. And anything in-between. :) As long as it captures my attention and manages to convey some emotions or interesting concept. 

Regarding the new Artifact303 album I haven’t got around to hear it yet so I can’t really say much yet :) Looking forwards to more in-depth discussions in the review section later on.

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